Sexual Abuse and Learning to Cope

 My Childhood was Full of Pain

I was born into a drug using family. My father has never been in my life. My mother used drugs up until last year. While living with my mother I went through plenty of traumatic events such as not having a father, being beaten, dragged by my hair, etc. I ran away several times at age 7.

Then I was Raped

I was also molested as a child.  I was raped by my mom's friend who was a cop and had a family of his own. I gave him my trust, and if I'm being honest, I gained feelings for this man. However, after the rape, I reported it because I knew what he was doing to me was wrong. I felt so much pain after I spoke up. I started having nightmares, and I didn't want to go to school.

I began acting out 2 months later. I got to the point where I was making irrational plans.  One plan was to run away or even better I would go to his house and maybe he would run away with me. My worst plan was to take a bottle of pills and end it all. I felt like I was going insane. Every time I closed my eyes I'd see him and hear his voice. I'd hear how he used to say my name and it hurt so much.

Learning to Cope with TheHopeLine

As of today I am waiting for trial still trying to cope with my feelings. But I know with TheHopeLine I always have someone to listen to me even if I have to wait 6 minutes or so. They've helped me so much. If it wasn't for them, I don't know if I would be here. ~Jodi

At TheHopeLine we talk to a lot of people that face extremely difficult circumstances in their lives. Some of you may read their stories and think, "I don't know if I'd be strong enough to endure all that." Others of you may feel that they are describing your life, and you are searching for how they held on despite their struggles.  What we can tell you is it is important that if you are feeling swallowed up by your pain to talk about it.  Whether you talk to a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine or a friend, counselor, pastor, or parent...TALK to someone about how you are feeling, just like Jodi did.

If you too have suffered sexual abuse, please read this post - Coping with Sexual Abuse. You may also be encouraged by this video ~Talleha's Story  This story shows that there is hope!

If you feel you may need to report abuse, please go here - Report Abuse

We understand how hard life can be and are here to help you. We are also here to share that God is with you in your pain. He loves you and wants to bring you peace. You just need to turn to him.

TheHopeLine Team
For over 30 years, TheHopeLine has been helping students and young adults in crisis. Our team is made up of writers and mental health professionals who care deeply about helping others.
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