How to Deal With the Pain I Feel From Being Bullied?

Amber’s now being homeschooled to keep her safe from bullies at school. But she’s got other issues…drinking and cutting.

Drinking and Cutting to Numb the Pain


Amber: I’ve been really depressed and stuff. Whenever I started to go back to school, I’ve been out since January, I’ve been made fun of just all throughout school. I’ve been called every name in the book. I’ve drunk alcohol for it. I used to cut. I used to be very suicidal. But I’m not now though. They just wouldn’t leave me alone and none of the teachers would do anything about it. They called it Mickey Mouse games.

Dawson: You’re no longer there, right?

Amber: Right.

Dawson: Are you homeschooling?

Amber: Trying to, but I haven’t been able to get started yet. We’ve been trying to get an application to put in for the books, and we haven’t been able to get it yet. We’ve been calling and calling, and we just haven’t been able to get it yet.


Dawson: Well, I’m sure you will. I know all this bullying that has gone on at your school, which is sad, has slowed everything down. It may cost you a year, but I’d rather you get homeschooled and be safe than you being bullied at school and not safe.

I’m worried about the cutting and alcohol. That’s a big issue. You’re falling back to false feel-goods, and those false feel goods won’t get you through school or life. I want to encourage you to talk with your mom. Does she know you’re into alcohol?

Amber: Yes, she does. I don’t drink a lot at all, but if I get it – I want to drink it.

Dawson: Your biggest issues are your alcohol and cutting. Now, your mother does not know your bent towards alcohol about your craving. Somebody better figure out before we end up out of school, not studying and working on our way to being an alcoholic.

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