Should I Have Put a Restraining Order On My Abusive, Addict Mom?

Monica took a stand to protect her and her siblings from her abusive, addict mom. Dawson advises her to hold her ground.

Abusive, Addict Mom


Monica: I’m scared when I get older and I have a family of my own, I won’t be able to love. My mom has taken so much out of me. I have 3 little sisters that are 10 years younger than me, and I’m just scared they are going to have to go through the same things. Recently, we put a restraining order on her so she would have to leave. Right now, she’s staying with my grandmother. I’m getting a lot of pressure from my family and they’re making me feel like I betrayed her.


Dawson: She’s an alcoholic. She’s a drug addict, and an abusive mother. You’ve covered over your anger for so long. You say you feel numb but it’s there. Anger turned inward turns to depression, so you’re depressed. You did one of the most courageous things you can do and get that woman kicked out of the house before she tries to destroy anybody else (not saying you are destroyed). Whatever side of the family is acting up is as sick as she is. Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t let a woman that sick have 3 children under her and the state agrees. Hold your ground, stay strong, and you will be okay!

For more help with verbally abusive parents, check out my podcast: EP 25: How to Deal with Verbally Abusive Parents

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