Having a tough time? Need a job? Don't Quit

Having a Tough Time? 

This young man called to talk to Dawson about having a tough time living with his dad and stepmom who threaten to hurt him. He can't live with his mom because she's a drug addict. Now he's staying with his aunt and uncle, and he can't find a job.  He's struggling and feels like giving up.

If you are going through a tough time, get encouraged by this exclusive 'PraiseUmentary' video, including the song, "Up Again" by Dan Bremnes intermixed with some Dawson McAllister wisdom.

Guy Caller: I’m having a really tough time right now. I used to live with my dad. Me and my stepmom couldn’t get along. We’d always fight and argue.

Up Again (Song): The other day, I was thinking to myself. Made a list of all my mistakes. Oh, I wish I could’ve run to you and tell you all about my heartbreak.

Guy Caller: They would always threaten to hurt me and stuff then I had to get away from there and my mom, I can’t deal with her because she’s real bad on drugs.

Up Again (Song): Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. You gotta get up, up again. Keep holding on, it's not the end. You gotta get up, up again. You can get up, up again.

Guy Caller: I’m staying with my aunt and uncle right now. I just feel like I’m not getting anywhere. They helped me get a car and everything, but I can’t find a job. I just don’t know what to do.

Dawson McAllister: Don’t quit. There’s more fight in you. There’s more potential than you think. Continue to be aggressive. What you say to yourself is, “It’s my job to find a job.” So, act like you’re going to work every day. Get up, say I’m going to do my job today. What is it? Find a job. Fill out applications every which way. If you do, one of them is going to show up. You will get a job.

If you are overwhelmed and need hope, chat with one of my HopeCoaches at TheHopeLine today! They will listen and help you with whatever you are struggling with. 

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