How Do I Stop Having Sex With Every Guy That Asks? 

Christina’s been having sex with guys whenever they call her. She says, she’ll do it whenever, wherever, and however. Dawson finds she’s acting out to get back at her father.

Sex with Every Guy That Asks


ChristinaGuys just call me in the middle of the night, asking to hang out and I’d say yes. I’d go over and the next thing I know, I’m having sex. People would call me at 4 in the morning, I’d have class at 8. I’d get up and I’d go. I did it whenever, wherever, and however. If it was there, I did it. 

Dawson: Why? You’ve got to feel used and hate what you’re doing to yourself.  

ChristinaI do but it’s just… at the beginning I was just being rebellious because my parents are actually pastors and they never let me do anything. I was like, I want to do what I want to do.   


Dawson: Did you say they were ministers? And you became angry at your father because he was too strict? 

ChristinaSomewhat, I just felt he was holding me back from doing stuff. 

Dawson: So, you said, when I get away from him, watch me go. So, you started acting out sexually and the thing you were using to get back at your dad has turned on you. Your plan to get your father back isn’t working. 

Christina: I know better. I was just being stupid. My sister did this, and she turned into a bunch of junk and now I’m following in her footsteps when I didn’t want to. 

Dawson: Christina, this is a spiritual issue. I’m sure your father has a lot of problems, but the fact is you’re not hurting him much, but you’re sure doing a number on yourself. I’d say a lot of your sex addiction has to do with a broken relationship with your father. Until you get that relationship worked out, you’ll keep doing what you’re doing. Then comes the babies and the STD’s and the whole shebang. 

Christina: That’s what I’m afraid of with this last guy. I might be pregnant, and I don’t know. 

Dawson: I don’t know either. I will tell you if you keep living the lifestyle you’re living, it will go from bad to worse. 

If you see yourself in Christina’s story and want help, you can chat with a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine.  We are here to listen and help you find the support you need.

For additional answers to your questions about sex and relationships visit our sex addiction topic page for blogs, podcasts, eBooks and more. 

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