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(Video) How to Disarm a Bully

Guest Video Blogger: Brooks Gibbs – Shares How to Disarm a Bully.

Brooks Gibbs is here yet again (you are awesome Brooks) to help us know how to disarm a bully.  Brooks is a youth crisis counselor, bullying expert, youth speaker, author of Love is Greater Than Hate, and friend of TheHopeLine.

Check out the video here:

Bottom Line: To disarm a bully, you have to understand what bullying is.  Bullying is an imbalance of power.  It’s one person (the bully) hurting the feelings of another (the victim).  End result – bully feels like a winner and the victim feels like a loser.  What is the solution?  Empower the victim.  If you are the victim, you can empower yourself and disarm a bully by: Number One – Don’t get upset!  Even if they insult your race, your looks, your mom…don’t get upset.  Second Thing – Be friendly to your bully!  No matter what, respond with kindness.  You can even tell them, “I’m going to be happy today, even if you hate me.”

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  • Teresa Chisolm

    hey. im Teresa. im n situation where I think i’m now bully my abuser?

  • Teresa Chisolm

    c at firist he done thgs that shld’nt of been forgivin and now that he doesn’t do half the stuff he did before,i still have resentment and resentment that I stayed instead of left to heal! I havn;t had a chance to heal cause he has made me feel bad bout what I do now! he has jump me and I have got hurt,alittle! why do I feel bad?