Feelings of Depression

Are you suffering from depression?

If you are struggling with depression, I want you to know, I hear your pain…I know it’s real…I know you can’t just snap out of it…or choose to be happy.

I get it…this depression…well it stinks, and it’s not anything you’ve asked for.

So today – I want to share all the ways in which I’ve heard depression described by people who are suffering. If you see yourself in these words, please know that you are not alone.

All satisfaction is gone ~ Void ~ Empty ~ Nothingness ~ Cloudy ~ Darkness hovering ~ Can’t find joy in anything ~ Simple tasks painful ~ No purpose in life ~ Alone ~ No self-esteem ~ Unable to find meaning in life ~ Not able to get out of bed ~ Wondering what’s the point ~ Wear a social mask, until you can’t anymore ~ Shutting everyone out ~ Fear you won’t ever be happy again

  • To be totally 100 percent honest, to just get out of bed in the morning would be really nice.
  • To make it through an entire day (12 hours!) without wanting to go back to bed and hide from the world would give me ahuge sense of accomplishment as well.
  • Start to tell myself I am not a failure or a waste of space in the world.
  • Answer my phone when my mom calls to see how I’m doing so she doesn’t worry too much and show up unexpectedly at my house to see if I am still alive.
  • Accept that this is my battle and not resist it so much that it makes my suffering worse.
  • Choose to love myself.

So why do I share all this? Because I want you to know that a lot of people understand your struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. And the good news is that those who suffer from depression also describe how it feels to get to the other side. I’ve heard it described as leaving the winter season and moving into spring. So, hold on because there is always the other side!

Someone said, “I’m so thankful that I held onto the faith that on the other side of the pain is something good.”

Try to remind yourself of that thought in the dark times.

Also remember depression is treatable!  Sadly, many people do not recognize this, and the symptoms of depression keep them from seeking treatment. If you do nothing else, please:

  1. Talk to someone – a doctor, a trusted friend, a parent, a pastor. Share your feelings with someone. If you are feeling suicidal, reach out to suicide prevention services, such as the 24-hour suicide prevention hotline, immediately.
  2. Seek Treatment Treatment might include anti-depressants or “talk therapy” or a combination of both.
  3. Ask for prayer -  Sometimes you may not even know how to pray for yourself anymore, so then let others cover you in prayer. It is easy to ask for prayer on TheHopeLine prayer.

As you seek treatment, here are some other things you should consider:

  • Try to be active and exercise. Go to a movie, a ballgame, or another event or activity that you once enjoyed.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself (maybe like the ones Courtney set above.)
  • Break up large tasks into small ones, set some priorities, and do what you can as you can.
  • Expect your mood to improve gradually, not immediately. Do not expect to suddenly “snap out of” your depression. Often during treatment for depression, sleep and appetite will begin to improve before your depressed mood lifts.
  • Postpone important decisions, such as getting married or divorced or changing jobs, until you feel better. Discuss decisions with others who know you well and have a more objective view of your situation.
  • Continue to educate yourself about depression.

(Source: National Institute of Mental Health)

So we get it…we know it’s hard…and we want to be your listening ear if you need one.  Please don’t hesitate to chat with TheHopeLine.

For more verses of Hope: Verses for Hope When Struggling with Depression.

Did anything I suggested in this post help you or any other thoughts on dealing with depression? Let me know in the comments.

If you are struggling with depression, no matter the cause, to find out more and get help, check out our free eBook on Depression!

Dawson McAllister
Dawson McAllister, also known as America's youth pastor, was an author, radio host, speaker, and founder of TheHopeLine. McAllister attended Bethel College in Minnesota for undergraduate work where he graduated in 1968, began graduate studies at Talbot School of Theology in California, and received an honorary doctorate from Biola University.
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4 comments on “Feelings of Depression”

  1. No, we are not capable of loving ourselves but God is. When you can move he moves and when you feel like giving up he doesn't. Gods love is perfect and ours isn't. We are a product of a fallen broken world but God is more than capable of putting us back together. Don't give up and if you do God will never stop loving you and there is nothing on this earth that will ever stop him -led into his understanding.when you look at yourself in a mirror you may see everything that wrong with yourself but know that Christ has justified everything thing that you see. We are not our own when we believe and trust in Jesus we don't live by own (or anyone else's ) means anymore we live by his.

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