Dear Bully...Thank you.

An Open Letter to My Bully

Dear Bully,

How are you doing? I want to thank you.

Thank you, my dear, for helping me become a strong person by pointing out my best and worst personality and physical traits. Even though I am now thanking you, I am not going to let your opinions about me change me. You told me I am fat; I’m not going to lose weight for you. You told me that I’m weird, well, I’m just going to embrace that. You told me that I’m ugly; I don’t put makeup on for you every day. I put makeup on because I enjoy doing it and love playing with different colors. You told me that I’m stupid; I’m smart in my own ways. Your words won’t change me, but instead they will strengthen me.

Hurt People Hurt Others

It is obvious that you, yourself, are hurting, and you find it easier to bring others down then lift them up. You are insecure, have low self-esteem, and have probably been hurt yourself by someone else. I feel sorry for you. While I make a choice not to hurt others because you hurt me, you did not make that same decision. I want you to know that you are precious in God’s sight and that I’m praying for you.

I also know that I will not purposely surround myself around people who bully me because I’m tired of being hurt. I am tired of the little comments, and the rumors.

Choose Love

We both have been hurt by different people and we both have a choice. We can choose to continue to hurt others, or we can lift others up. Both of us are doing one of those options.

In the end, no one will remember who was the smartest, funniest, made the varsity team, or had the cutest outfit.  We will be remembered by how we treat others and how you treat yourself.

Lama Leah is a blogger, and supporter of the arts, social change, and God’s chosen people. Read more from her on her blog: Lama-Leah!

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