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Dating can be fun, but dating can end in heartache.

It’s just the way it is. Anytime you open yourself up to love, you might get hurt. It’s a risk we take and one that can be well worth the risk. However, we often open ourselves up to heartache that is avoidableAs I talked about last week, so many people fall for some major traps or lies when they enter a relationship. We talked about guarding your heart from believing you are only valuable if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, from believing you can change someone, and from believing sex isn’t a big deal. Learn the truth about those lies and then you will protect your heart.

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Today let’s visit a couple more lies we tend to fall for when we start dating someone and how we can guard our hearts from potential heartache.

shutterstock_122158012_broken heartAgain the main principle to guarding your heart is this:  Fill your heart with TRUTH and cling to that truth when the world tells you lies.

Lie #1 Being in a relationship with this person will fulfill me and bring me complete happiness.  So I will do whatever I need to in order to keep him/her loving me.

  • Truth Another person will never be able to fill the hole in your soul. Only God’s love is perfect. Only God can fill the hole. Therefore, never be so desperate to connect with another person that you are willing to lose who you are to keep them. It’s not worth it.
  • Heart Protection When you understand that your partner is never going to be able fill all your cravings for love, your expectations are more realistic and you will free yourself from desperately changing who you are in an attempt to keepthem. You are free to be yourself and put your identity in a God who loves you perfectly just the way you are.

Lie #2 It doesn’t matter if we have the same morals or spiritual beliefs, as long as we love each other that will be enough. We can agree to disagree.

  • Truth – There are no deeper thoughts or values than those that come from our spiritual being. What we believe spiritually will tell us a lot about our values and how we look at our world. Without agreeing on spiritual beliefs, most relationships will crumble.
  • Heart Protection If you make it a point to be sure you are on the same page about faith and values before you get too deep into your relationship, you will avoid future heartache. It is one thing to be friends with people who believe differently than you.  It is another thing entirely to try to build a life with someone who does not agree with how you see the world.

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The main TRUTH here is that you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve. Next up Protect your heart from this LIE: There is nothing good in my life. I hate my life. I have every right to be bitter.

Check out this video on Advice for a Dating Couple

Guard Your Heart

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  • Brendan

    Hi my names brendan and am a married man. I recently met a girl online and things quickly got heated by the two of us. I now know that I love her and she said the same. But I also love my wife so we decided to end it and know I can’t stop thinking about her she doesn’t live far from were i am and all I want is to be with her. my hearts in pieces

  • Gamer Gamer

    relationships are meant to make us evolve. staying married is not a goal in itself. it all depends if the marriage is worthy and our needs met.

  • Renae Miller Stephens

    I have been in a great relationship for 4 yrs. I’m 53 and he is 66. He is retired and has 2 homes and travels back n forth every 10 days to 2 weeks. Hard keeping up 2 homes and his kids/grandkids live in Atlanta. He has been trying to sell place in Atlanta for a while. He has also built on at his place here but its not finished and did it for me. I have my own home also to kerp up and I’m still working. This arrangement has worked well for us as we both have lots of responsibility. We have complete trust so that’s never been an issue. Yes it sucks he isn’t here all the time but ee make most of it when he is here. We rarely ever get mad at each other.
    Problem is that night before our 4th anniversary…..we ate dinner and was talking and I wss on a rant complaining about work etc and working on a basketball bracket entry. He said I smartrd off when he offered help (he took it the wrong way) and also said I must have come over with something on my mind as I was in a bad mood and should stay home when I’m like that…. (I wasn’t in a bad mood) he on the other hand is ocd and had one stressful event after another for the entire 2 week visit (none of it had anything to do with me personally) and I think he was in bad mood. When we went to bed I could tell something was wrong and asked and he just said he didn’t like the way the conversation had gone and I said whst do you mean? He said never mind he wss just tired.
    Next morning I could tell he was still upset and asked was he still mad at me and why?
    He said maybe we have run our course and ran out of things to talk about and have nothing in common….he said maybe i should find somebody my age who is here all the time bc he cant be and that the older he gets he doesnt have patience for drama???? I was blown away…I said seriously? He said yes and instead of arguong I just said wow and got ready for work while he stayed outside with our dogs. When I got ready to leave neither of us said anything. He left same day going to his other home. I gave him 4 days to chill and sent txt I would like to talk and have not hesrd one word. I sent another txt a few days after that and said I thought of you when I saw the moon…nothing
    He will not talk to me and I’m going CRAZY wondering what happened….out of blue
    My heart is broken. Help me understand

  • Linda

    Some guys just won’t take no for an answer! X won’t leave me alone ! I will take care of this on my own , my way and with Gods help answering this prayer I won’t have to live in fear . I never loved him but he’s obsessed over me still !