I'm Happier Now That I found Help for My Eating Disorder

"I feel happier!"  I was just going to say, thank all of ya'll for the help. Now, I'm not starving myself anymore, I've been eating more. Unfortunately, I haven't gained any weight, but I feel better and have tons of energy. I've gotten my depression and anxiety under control, without drugs. I haven't been suicidal anymore. 

I Found Help for My Eating Disorder at TheHopeLine

I have opened up more to my parents and been telling the truth. I have a better relationship with my parents, siblings, and to God. I have given God my problems now and I've been reading my Bible and praying daily and more to God. And, I've been clean from cutting for two days now.

I feel happier now and like my life is back on track. Thank you for all of the help šŸ™‚

If you struggle with self-harm, depression, or an eating disorder, TheHopeLineĀ® is here to help. Check out TheHopeLine's eBooks and chat with a HopeCoach.

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