I'm Slowly Stopping After Cutting Since Fifth Grade

Overweight and Insecure I Started to Self-Harm

I have always been overweight and insecure.  In the fifth grade, I started cutting and I just couldn't stop.  It's an addiction and I did it all the time. One day in the bathroom, when I was washing my hands, one of my "friends" saw my cuts and she asked what they were and if I did them.  I told her I did them and she didn't even care, all she said was "oh, okay."  So that just made me feel even more worthless, invisible, and suicidal.

I Wanted to Die or Leave 

When I had gotten home that day I went for a walk around my neighborhood and I got taken and raped. I tried yelling for help but he covered my mouth.  I tried telling my dad but all he said was if someone did then you deserved it.  He tied me down to his bed and hit me until I started bleeding then he raped me. When I said I was going to tell my teacher he said if I did then it would just be worse tomorrow. By that time I did everything to die or leave, after a while I went to a hospital for 3 months but then I had to go back to my abusive dad.  No one would see me so I started sending dirty pictures to guys and girls to get attention.

A HopeCoach Told Me I Was Worth It

One day I found this website and started talking to someone, a HopeCoach, and they told me I was worth it and needed help to get better.  Since then I have slowly stopped cutting.

I am Whitney and that is my story.

If you are struggling with self-harm you can contact TheHopeLine HERE and check out our page of resources for self-harm to help you because scars don't have to last forever.

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