Everyone is insecure over something. I’ve yet to find one person who loves everything about them self.

Unfortunately, my insecurities led me to develop anxiety and depression. Being a teenager makes your self appearance stand out insecuritymore and more. In 8th grade, I noticed how all of my friends had boyfriends and nice clothes and nice houses. And then I began to feel I wasn’t good enough because no guys “liked” me and they liked my friends.

I didn’t have brand name clothes because my parents just couldn’t afford it.  And my house is small and not the nicest. So I decided since I wasn’t perfect like my friends seemed to be.  I tried everything to be perfect. I began to plan out a diet which soon turned into a dangerous eating disorder. I had cuts all over my arms, stomach, and legs.

I felt hopeless.

My parents seemed as if nothing was wrong…like they were ashamed of me. That really sucked. I would come home and cry every single day and lock myself into my room and beg God to let me die.

But then I found this website. I talked to a HopeCoach and they said the right things. They made me feel like I wasn’t a mistake. They said I was perfect… just for being me. I cried tears of joy and thanked them. God answered my prayers.

If I hadn’t found this website…I would probably have tried to commit suicide.

Thank you! You changed my life tremendously.


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Don’t stay in that place of insecurity, it’s going to take time to change what you think about yourself but it’s possible. TheHopeLine’s eBook on self-worth gives practical advice on how to increase your self-esteem.

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  • Eva

    This @ john very meaning and quite sweet advice. I’m 24 and this still works for me.