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put the phone down I wanted to talk with you about texting and driving, but if you listen to my radio show you know by now that
I don’t text. Period. Which is why I’ve invited my DMLive and DMLateNights co-host, Jessica McVay, to weigh in on this topic.
Buckle your seatbelts folks. I’m about to unleash the Kraken.

Your friend,

Hey guys! Speaking out and encouraging people to not drive distracted is something I do find myself being passionate about. When you think about it, a distracted driver is just as deadly as a drunk driver. You may think you can multi-task your life from behind the wheel, but you’re not in control of those you’re sharing the road with. If you’re more concerned about what’s happening on your phone than what’s happening on the road around you, how do you expect to be able to react safely to the other distracted, drunk, or just plain baddrivers on the road?
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First things first¦YES, you are important and people are waiting to read what you have to say. You have texts to respond to, emails to read, comments to tweet, Facebook stalking to do, and your Instagram and Snapchat followers are waiting….but, PUT. THE. PHONE. DOWN. There is nothing on that phone that will help you drive better or react to another bad driver or obstacle on the road. Keep your phone tucked away, even out of sight, until you’ve reached a stopping point and your car is safely shifted into park. I’ve actually witnessed, on multiple occasions, a driver stopped at a red light messing with their phone only to not realize their foot has slightly lifted off the breaks….causing their car (that they don’t even realize is now moving) to hit the car in front of them. MULTIPLE TIMES I’ve seen this!
put the phone down
If the temptation to play with your phone is too great, silence your phone. If you don’t hear pings, dings, and dongs with every notification that comes in, you won’t be tempted to reach for your phone to see what’s going on. Whatever comes through on your phone will still be there when your car is safely shifted in Park.

If you have someone else in the car, designate them to be your text responder. You’ll keep your eyes on the road, and not suffer from the fear of missing out. If you’re a passenger in the car of a distracted driver, take their phone and offer to respond to anything that comes in. Friends don’t let friends text and drive.

There are also Apps you can download to your phone that will let others know you are currently driving and cannot respond at the moment. Some apps lock your phone when you reach a certain speed, making it impossible to tinker with until you’re stopped.

Here are some APPS and you can also look in your APP store in Google or iTunes:
AT&T DriveMode (Free)
Drive Safely (Free)
Safe Drive “ No Texting While Driving ($0.99)
No Text and Drive ($2.99)
iTextGuard ($4.99)
Don’t Text and Drive: GPS with Reminder ($5.99)

I truly believe your friends and family love you, cherish you, and care about your safety and well-being enough to prefer you respond when it’s safe¦instead of learning you never made it to your destination because you were busy playing with your phone.

Did you know that even reaching for your phone to plug it into a charger is just as dangerous as texting? All types of distracted driving are dangerous. My friend’s husband learned this the hard way. He drove a truck for a company and would never even think of playing with his phone while he was driving for work. Except for that one time he noticed his phone’s battery was almost dead, so he went to plug it in. As he reached for the charger, and looked down just for a secondto plug his phone in. His truck veered off the road. He over-corrected, sending him across 4 lanes and into oncoming traffic¦.killing a college freshman who was on her way home for a quick weekend visit.

If you have a texting and driving story to share that would help encourage people to put the phone down, please share it below.
· Jessica is passionate about Texting and Driving. What cause is close to your heart that we can raise awareness for?
· What keeps you from texting and driving? Please share your tips in the comments below.


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  • Pammy Anders

    Thank you for this SO much! Texting and driving and phone distractions are such a problem – so many lives endangered so needlessly. I’ve seen the results of this behaviour impact my own family more than once so please help keep up the awareness.