Relationship Issues

I was around 18 years old when I called in for some guidance. I was in a sexual relationship with my girlfriend for almost a year when we broke up. Because of a sexual relationship outside of marriage I had confused the feelings I had for true love. When we broke up, I did not think I would be able to move on, I had actually thought of hurting myself, that was 22 years ago.

I used TheHopeLine to reach out to someone. I could not share what I was feeling with my youth minister at that time. I did not want people at my church to know that I was going through those type of emotions, I guess I really hid it well. I also did not want anyone to know that I had violated my own beliefs on sex outside of marriage, I was really ashamed.

TheHopeLine helped me express all my feelings and emotions. I don't remember all the advice I received when I called in because I was very emotional. I remember feeling comfort and reassurance that God still had plans for me. I remember that I did feel better about myself after the call. Although I was still struggling with my feelings, TheHopeLine definitely helped.

It never occurred to me to ever call back and let them know that I was ok. I just happened to be surfing the web this morning and saw Dawson's name. I am thankful for Dawson McAllister and his ministry even 22 years later. I have attended several of his conferences and have learned valuable lessons about myself and God's plan for my life.

Thank you, Dawson McAllister, and TheHopeLine®!

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One comment on “Relationship Issues”

  1. I wish I found out about HopeLine before I talked to everyone I know at church about my issue. *sigh*. Hopefully, the man I was talking about can forgive me. I didn't know better at the time.

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