Sexual Abuse: Scared to Tell My Story

When I found your site I was skeptical at first, I never told anyone about my dilemma. I was scared to tell my story, but knew I needed help.

My Story of Sexual Abuse

Before I was even five years old my half-brother, who is ten years older than me, started abusing me. He would make me do sexual things to him and do things back to me that I didn't want. He repeatedly did things to me that were very wrong. As a little girl I was scared to tell anyone because he threatened to kill me and my mom (we shared the same father). I was so afraid of being hurt by him. When I was five, he went too far and took my virginity. When I was five! That was the line for me.  I somehow found the courage to tell my parents and he was sent to jail.

Healing is Hard, but possible.

I blocked the specific memories and images out of my mind until a year ago. Then suddenly the memories flooded back and I couldn't control myself. I started self-harming as a way to cope with my pain. When I found out he had been allowed out of prison, I was so scared that I tried to commit suicide.

Then I found this website. I was in a lot of pain, but telling my story and not being judged by my HopeCoach, but only loved, really helped me. I'm in a better place now and I know I'm not alone.
Thank you, you really helped me.
~ Lindsey

If you have been sexually abused, there is hope for you to move forward to a healthy outlook on life. Please read this post by Dawson McAllister for tips for moving forward - Hope for the Abused

If you have turned to self-harm to cope with hidden pain, Amanda has been where you are and shares her story here - Breaking Free from Self-Harm

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