She Broke My Heart, Can I Heal Someday?

Hi my name is Mike, I met this girl and I wasn't at all expecting us to be anything more than a fling. Then I fell so deeply in love with her that I couldn't believe it myself. I knew that I was likely going to get hurt, but I couldn't stop myself. It has been six years since I loved this deeply.

I Knew I Would Get Hurt

But it's complicated. I accepted when she told me that she was with someone else. She said they probably wouldn't last so I should wait. I was suffering, but I kept smiling because of love. She never told me that she loved me until it was time for me to leave the state which was 2 and a half months after we met. I always got mad because I believed the love was one-sided and I was just hurting myself.

However, when I left town, we started talking on video and she started telling me how much she loves me and all that. Then for the second time she told me that she broke up with her boyfriend. I begged her not to go back to him as she did before. She promised.

Maybe I expected too much because I always wanted her to confess her emotions to me, but she told me that her love for me was on and off and not constant. I've tried to leave her but my heart bleeds and burns when I try, I cannot imagine a future without her.

I even got a book so I could be ready to ask her to marry me and what to expect in the marriage.

I'm suffering too much emotionally, and I wish that I never stepped in that room the night we met. Most of the time, I have no one around me and I just wallow in my thought alone. She has her friends with her, making her smile. She probably thinks less about me.

Finding Hope, After She Broke My Heart

After reading a story by Matt from your page, I now believe that whatever the outcome I will heal someday, and this will all just be a memory.  Thank you for the hope you've shown my way. I pray that I heal quickly as it is the worst period of my life in many years.

From TheHopeLine

Mike, we are so glad that you found hope that things can and will get better. Keep clinging to that hope. Love can be hard to navigate and a broken heart can hurt desperately, but there is always HOPE. Millions of people have experienced heartache, just think of all the sad love songs. And while that doesn't make it easy to go through, it is good to know that most people are able to move on and so often find something even better. This is especially true if you are seeking God and asking him to guide you. God has great plans for you! Just keep following him. If you would like to have others pray for you, please post a request at TheHopeLine Prayer.

For more thoughts on how to get over a broken heart read - How to Heal and Get Over a Broken Heart - 6 Steps or download our free eBook Understanding a Broken Heart:

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Dawson McAllister, also known as America's youth pastor, was an author, radio host, speaker, and founder of TheHopeLine. McAllister attended Bethel College in Minnesota for undergraduate work where he graduated in 1968, began graduate studies at Talbot School of Theology in California, and received an honorary doctorate from Biola University.
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One comment on “She Broke My Heart, Can I Heal Someday?”

  1. Yes you can heal . You just have to let the past go and bring your mind to the future what awaits you Is greater

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