buzzed is drunk driving

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

Think you are “just buzzed”? It is called drunk driving. Sierra called me. She told me her best friend died right in front of her when a drunk driver hit them. Listen here: Sierra used this tragedy in her life as motivation to try to help others and keep them from experiencing the same type…

why addictions

Why Addictions?

Did you know addiction is the #1 public health crisis in the United States, costing 500 billion dollars each year? That’s a lot of money. Think of all the good things that could happen if our society had 500 billion dollars to invest in schools, health care, and helping the poor. But it’s blown every…

highs of addiction

Highs of Addiction

Here’s my dilemmaI don’t want this to be just one more blog that warns you about the harmful outcomes of addictions. I don’t want to be that overlooked poster that tells you to Just say no. So many times, people who try to convince you not to get into addiction sound like they’ve gone overboard….


Recovery Part Two: The Basics

Last week, we talked about what to do when you or someone you know makes the commitment to break the chains of an addiction.  When I say addiction, I’m talking more than just drugs and alcohol. I’m talking about any addiction, that activity in our life that owns us, that we go back to time and…

At The End of the Trail

I used to do a lot of trail riding in the Colorado Rockies. From my log home, I would saddle up and have several trails to choose from. One trail was only a mile long. Another ten. And still another, twenty-five. But each trail one thing in common there was an end to it. Life…