Lying - How does stopping my lying benefit me?

Gretchen Lawson: There are many benefits to stopping a pattern of lying. One is by being a truth-teller, you can build healthy relationships. When we lie in relationships, we destroy relationships, so it's beneficial to you as you were created to be in relationships to pursue being a truth-teller.

Gretchen Lawson: Another benefit of telling the truth is it decreases our stress. When we are lying a lot, it can be really difficult to keep up with all the different lies that we've been telling people, so to really work on truth-telling instead of lying benefits you. It also is beneficial to your health.

Gretchen Lawson: There is hope that you can stop lying. You can learn how to become a truth-teller.

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Need someone to talk to about lying? TheHopeLine offers free confidential live chat with a HopeCoach to help you with forgiving someone. We are here to listen and support you without judgment.

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