Why Say No to Suicide?

I know it's tough. Your pain is real and sometimes suffocating.

So why say no to suicide?

What if there is a way for you to keep facing life? Are you willing to keep trying? I understand that there isn't anything simple about this, but if one of these ideas helps you find a reason to live, it's worth it.

Here are 4 reasons to keep working at LIFE:

1. Do you know for certain what the future holds? What if you miss out on something GREAT?

If you can work through your pain in this moment in time, you might very likely find that on the other side awaits a life full of great experiences and meaningful relationships that you can't even imagine right now.

Life is filled with the potential to get better, deeper, richer, and more fulfilling.

You may very well find meaningful work, and possibly get married and have children. You can begin now writing a really great legacy you'll leave behind...of a person who is a survivor, an overcomer.

Perhaps you are a high school student who is being bullied and doesn’t fit in. You feel alone, awkward, and depressed. Quite honestly, there are very few of us who get through high school feeling cool. It is one rare mix of personality, talents, and looks that finds high school a breeze. For most, it’s a challenge, and the overwhelming feelings many experiences are one of the main causes of high school suicide. But take courage. Remember that these circumstances, and these struggles, won't last. Once you are out of high school and maybe onto college, you will very likely find your people. People who “get” you. Don’t miss out on developing these really cool friendships because high school sucks.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced something traumatic…abuse, rape, death, and it’s hard to pick up and go on. I’m sorry this has happened to you; I know it is hard. But I also know that suicide is preventable with support, and you can overcome your struggles to lead a fuller life. Just like Mariah - I shared her video on my Guest Blog. Click the link to check it out. She was bullied, raped, depressed and attempted suicide, but survived. She has since graduated from college, gotten married, and is loving life. What if her attempt had succeeded?

Be the bold one who fights through your pain and stands up to the challenges of life with grace, confidence and joy.

2. Someone DOES care.

I know you may feel completely alone, but there are people to talk to. On this point, I feel I must challenge the wrong thought patterns of someone who is suicidal.  There IS someone who cares. You just might need to seek them out.

First of all, I care! I wouldn't have done the work I've done for the last 40 years if I didn't care. Second, ALL the staff at TheHopeLine care. Many of our HopeCoaches have experienced pain, too, and that's why they want to chat with you or, if they aren't available, sign up for an e-mail mentor. Get Help!! 

And there are many more places you can go where people will care. It's important for you to look for these places, so that you can talk about your pain. Walk into a local church and talk with a pastor. Or find a counseling center and talk with a counselor. There are many free counseling options if you look for them. And if you have family or if you are living at home. PLEASE talk to your parents.

John said it well:  Whatever the problem may be, just talking about it, can be the greatest help we can get. Just knowing that you aren't alone, and that it has, and can be overcome, is a wonderful reassurance. Just discuss your problems with someone you can trust. I guarantee you the results will speak louder than any gun ever will.

As you work through your struggles, write down your thoughts. Write down your hopes for the future and the people you value in life. Read these to remind yourself that life is important. Keep track of positive things other people say about you, and the good they see in you rather than the negative

3. You can help others and perhaps save someone's life.

There are people all around you who are struggling too. Sometimes taking our eyes off of ourselves for a little bit, allows us to see others who are in pain as well. Perhaps at this moment you need to work on your own healing, but in time, you could be that person that helps others. Perhaps someday you will be able to share your story of how you bravely fought your battle and lived to talk about it and use it to inspire others to hang on.

Brianna wrote:  I just want everyone to know that I have been there and life isn't easy, but death will only make everything more complicated. Everyone has rough patches in life but you just have to push through and soon enough you will come out the other side a new person and you will feel amazing.

One day you might need a helping hand, the next day, you can be the hand reaching down to help pick up someone else.

4. God loves you. I saved the best reason to keep living for last! I believe this reason applies to everyone. God made you and He has a great plan for your life whether you see it now or not. God never promised life wouldn't be hard, but He did promise He would be with you in whatever it is you're going through. It's never His desire that you kill yourself. Don't make yourself out to be the judge, jury, the accused, and the executioner.  It's God's decision when you live and die, not yours.

Mark wrote:  I used to be suicidal, and for the most part it comes right down to having hope and knowing you are loved. Hope is what will give you the strength to make it through until things get better.

What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?

God created you because He wanted you to live a rich and meaningful life. Even though life can seem unbearable at times, with God on your side, there is always a reason for hope. But we can’t do it alone. If you're struggling with thoughts of suicide, prayer can help you find a greater sense of peace and hope.

Don't Give Up

Please don't rob yourself of tomorrow, when tomorrow could be the greatest time of your life. Live today and give tomorrow a chance. If you do that every day, you will live a life of love, hope, and courage. Anyone can quit on life, but life was never designed to be quit on. So don't give up, no matter what! Don't give up!

How did this young man say no to suicide? Watch the video to find out what happened.
"I had my desert eagle loaded in my car right beside me."