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How To Find Sanity In An Insane World

I received a comment on from a girl named Taylor who said something very nice about my show. She said, Wow! When I listen to your show, I feel like it’s the only time I’m sane! Lol Thanks for all that you do!I got to thinking about her humorous comment,

I feel like it’s the only time I’m sane!

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Taylor is right. Most of us at one time or another feel we are going insane or living in an insane world. I looked up the word insane, and it said, not of sound mind; utterly senseless. It’s so easy to feel like we’re losing it because the world around us appears to be utterly senseless.So, how do we stay sane in an insane world? Here’s a couple ideas I came up with:

1. Find a good friend and have a meaningful talk in a quiet place. Everybody needs a quiet place to talk with someone you know will understand. So turn off the phone, ipod, tv, or any other noisemaker that clutters our lives and just sit and talk. You and your friend will feel better and the world will seem a bit saner.

2. Realize it can seem noisy and crazy even at a quiet time. For example, some of the most crazy, wild, and scary times are in our own minds in the middle of the night. At times like that, we need to find sanity by reminding ourselves that things will be better in the morning. That’s why I tell my radio listeners, Never make heavy, big time decisions or commitments in the middle of the night.In the morning, your mind and emotions will be much clearer.

3. Find a quiet place and think spiritual thoughts. Make a list of all the good things that have happened to you from the small to the great. For example, your health, good friends, freedom, a place to live, etc. After you’ve compiled this list, thank God for all the sane and good things He has done for you. A thankful attitude will help quiet you and make you feel better about yourself and your world.

Yes, we live in a crazy and insane world, but I’m glad sanity can be found, and Taylor is convinced my show helps her find it.

Thanks Taylor and have a sane week.

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