How Can I Get a Girlfriend Who Won’t Cheat?

Cory feels it’s impossible for him to have a good relationship. Dawson explains how he’s been dating at the bottom of the pool.

Finding a Girlfriend Who Will Not Cheat


Cory: The first girlfriend I had for about a week, and then I found out she was cheating on me. I ended up moving to a different state and within a couple of months I got another girlfriend. I dated her for a month, and I found out she was also cheating on me. Ever since then, I pretty much had the feeling that I can’t really have a good relationship.


Dawson: So, you are 0 for 2 so you know for sure there is not going to be any future relationship for you, since you are 0 for 2? So, let’s say you are dating girls from 16 to 18 years old. I wonder how many girls, numerically, are out there for that age limit?

My sense is that there’s a lot of them. The problem is that you’ve probably been dating from the bottom of the pool. You’re going too low rather than too high. You need to find someone with better qualities. Maybe the best thing that happened to you is to get away from them, because they have so many issues, they are just going to bring drama and heartache to you. You need to go to a minister, a counselor and start working on going to the pool of women that are going to be kind, loving, and caring rather than messed up.

If you’ve just been cheated on and need more help, Check out: He Cheated On You: 6 Things Not To Do 

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