How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays?

Jamie’s depressed and grieving her mom and grandma who have passed away. Her grief weighs heavily on her during the holidays.

Grief and Holiday Depression

Dawson: Alright, Jamie, what’s going on? You get depressed around the holidays. Now, tell me why that’s true.


Jamie: Well, I have lost my mom, and I got really depressed around the holidays without her there because she always made a big deal about the holidays and everything. Then not too long ago, this year, I lost my grandma. And she went all out about the holidays too.

Dawson: The obvious is the holidays remind you of two people you love, who are now gone.

Jamie: Right.


Dawson: What if we said to ourselves, I’m going to talk about my mother and my grandmother to people that I know and love, but in a very positive way, in a very grateful way…celebrating their life, rather than bemoaning their death.

Why don’t I during the Christmas season figure out a way to give to people. When we give, we get our minds off ourselves and our pain. And when we give, we feel better about ourselves, because we know we’ve brought joy to people. If you would practice a little of that, this Christmas, I think it would be amazing how much it would change. So, say this Christmas, I’m going to celebrate my mom’s life and my grandmothers’ life. And I’m going to be like them because I’m going to help people that need help.

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