Hanging On When Life Is Uncertain


When Everything Is Unstable

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about like how 2020 has just been like the biggest plot twist and how everything has changed from what we knew it was, like this time last year, even. And it's hard because it's like, well, what do you actually hold on to when it seems like everything is unstable and at any moment, anything can change really. And the more that I think about it and like have gone through this whole pandemic and this whole thing, I just remember that like, I have to hold on to truth because at the end of the day, truth is something that isn't going to change. And it's always going to be the same, even if things around me change and are crazy.

What Do I Anchor Myself To?

But then that brought me to the question of, well, what is really truth and what is something that has actually never changed? And what is something that I can anchor myself to when it feels like I'm on a ship in the middle of the ocean and the ship is going down? What do I anchor myself to? And I just realized it has to be God, because God is unchangeable. He doesn't have crazy mood swings, like I do sometimes. He's not worried about the future. He's not changing his mind about who I am or what he thinks about me. He loves me...end of story. And there's nothing that I could even do to change that. So, I've just been seeing the need for myself to need to really chain myself to truth and.

Finding Real Truth

He is true. He is true north. And when it feels like I'm in the middle of the ocean drowning, when I, when I remember God's goodness and I remember God's faithfulness, that's what points me to the surface, and I can take another breath. And I remember that he is with me. And I remember that when everything around me feels like it's crumbling, when it feels like it's going crazy and then there are crazy waves and nothing is predictable, I remember that God has me and that even if it's not okay right now, it's going to be okay because I'm in his hands and in his arms and that's never going to change.

He Never Fails Us

It's the one thing that we can anchor ourselves to, that isn't going to leave us or fail us or be different possibly tomorrow. It's something that we know that we can count on, even when our nine to five job lays us off or our friends disown us or betray us. He's like truly the one thing that I found in life that actually never has left me, has never changed. He has never stopped being stable and real and true in my life.

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