Self-Esteem and Body Image, You Are Perfectly Made

Struggling with Body Image Issues? 

When you hate yourself and your body image, it affects every area of your life. Replace the lies that you are worthless with the truth that God loves you and you are perfectly made! It’s amazing when we take our eyes off ourselves, and begin to show to others our inner beauty, how much our depression and our self-defeating thoughts go away.

If you are struggling with self-worth and body image, get encouraged by this exclusive 'PraiseUmentary', including the song, "Perfectly Loved" by Courtnie Ramirez' intermixed with some Dawson McAllister wisdom.

Girl Caller: I have some really, really, really, really bad self-esteem issues. There related to a lot of my image, so I have very poor body image.

Dawson McAllister: What’s wrong with your body?

Girl Caller: Well, I’m thin but I find something wrong with everything.

Dawson McAllister: Well, I guess we all could do that.

Lyrics from the song: Perfectly Loved

by: Courtnie Ramirez

I'm perfectly made
Perfectly loved
You see something great
That you are proud of
When they see a waste
You see a diamond in the rough
You don't make mistakes
I'm perfectly made
And I'm perfectly loved

Dawson McAllister: Have you ever heard of the concept of inner beauty?

Girl Caller: Yeah

Dawson McAllister: That’s where spiritual issues, issues of the heart, kindness, loving, optimistic, caring, sharing, tenderness, peace are. Being picked on, being hurt could make you even more sensitive to people who are like you but they’re hiding behind some big wall. Secondly, it’s going to take some work to really come to the place where you understand inner beauty far outweighs outward beauty. Our culture is so into outer beauty. But when you become kind and loving and sharing and caring, all those things and more…you become beautiful both on the inside, which affects the way you look on the outside. So, I want to encourage you to continue working very hard on your inner beauty while talking out your frustrations about your own insecurity. It’s amazing when we take our eyes off ourselves, and begin to show that inner beauty to others, how much our depression and our self-defeating thoughts go away.

Need someone to talk to about self-esteem issues? TheHopeLine offers free confidential live chat with a HopeCoach to help you. We are here to listen and support you without judgment. 

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