Abandoned: My Life Now Has Hope


Felt It Was My Fault My Dad Left

When my dad left 5 years ago, I started feeling like it was my fault that he left. I have been feeling like this for a long time. These feelings led to depression and anxiety.

Abandoned Again

Then I started feeling really happy two years ago, when I had a teacher that really understood what I was going through. She made me feel really special and my anxiety and depression started getting better. But 2 months before school ended, she left without saying goodbye to anyone. That really hurt and once again I felt like it was my fault she left. So I started cutting and getting depressed again.

God Rescued Me

I was baptized this year and I feel like my life is starting to get way better now that I’m a Christian. A lot of my mood swings have been really good too, even if I do feel anxious about my past, I know God is bringing about positive change in my life. I moved to a new school this year and it has been really good meeting new people and make new memories. God is helping me to live a better life. I am less anxious and depressed. Thank you Lee for talking to me on TheHopeLine. I really appreciate it! ~ Jackson

Remember...It's Never Your Fault

The feeling of being abandoned by people we love, can lead to many harmful behaviors to cover up the pain that you feel. This blog from Dawson McAllister might help process what you have gone through Dealing With Abandonment. Remember it is never your fault if a parent has abandoned you. You cannot carry the blame for a grown adult’s abusive decision.

And if you want to find the peace that Jackson found please consider this...Learn More About God.

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  1. Always allow God to help you with your problems and you will be in a position to make the wisest choices.

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