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Are Your Parents Against Your Relationship?: EP 13

What to Do When Parents Don’t Approve of Your Relationship.

Are Your Parents Against Your Relationship?

In This Episode:

What do you do when your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents hate you? What do you do when your parents don’t want you with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This episode answers those questions. First, we start with Calvin, who’s girlfriend’s dad hates him but Calvin feels he hasn’t done anything wrong. Then we go to Erin, she’s head over heels in love but her mom doesn’t like her dating an older guy with a child. Then, we hear from Chris. His girlfriend accused him of rape last time they broke up, so his parents do not want them back together. If you are in a relationship and your parents don’t approve of who you are dating or your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents don’t approve of you, then this episode is for you!

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Did Today’s Episode Get You Thinking?

We’ve heard Calvin, Erin, and Chris talk about their relationships and the issues with their parents or the issues with their boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents. If you are in a similar situation, have you considered the need to listen to the wisdom of your parents, closest friends, and those around you about your relationship? Those who love and care about you are usually coming from a good place. They want to see you do well and make good decisions. They are not always right and I’m not telling you to always follow their advice. What I am recommending for you to do, is to listen to their wisdom and then weigh it against your own so you can make the best choices for your life.

Resources For Help With Parents and Dating:

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Join me in my next episode where I talk with Josh, Sean, and Ameera. Each of them are facing consequences from cheating. I’m not going to beat them up. Instead, I hope to help them learn from their mistakes and make better choices in the future. So many people ignore the truth about cheating, they live their whole lives facing the consequences. Then in my next podcast, we will hear from 3 people who were cheated on and we’ll talk about how to heal and move on from being cheated on.

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