How Can I Help Those Who Are Being Bullied Like I Was?

Morgan suffered deeply from being bullied. She’s now in college and has a huge desire to help others who are being bullied.

Suffered Deeply from Being Bullied


Morgan: Lately, I’ve been kind of reflecting on some of the things that have happened, mainly the bullying. I got bullied a lot in school and when I see other kids getting bullied and in that helpless situation, it hurts. It brings back all those horrible spiteful things that were said and done. It’s been years, I forgive what happened, but it still hurts. It’s still this deep, penetrating sting.

Dawson: Where would you see bullying now? Are you a teacher?

Morgan: I’m in college going to school. But I’ll be in the mall getting stuff and I’ll see these girls being horrid to another girl because she can’t buy the Abercrombie and Finch and other things like that. And I just look at them and think, “You have no idea how much damage you’re causing. How much pain. Or I go by a school and see a kid being laughed at and shoved around. I drive by a junior high every day, on my way home from school. I see them and I think, “Why are you doing that? They are human like you. They bleed like you. They cry like you. Why would you want to hurt them and kick them while they're down?”


Dawson: Morgan, it seems to me, you have a calling in your life, and that is to help the downtrodden. You were bullied and terribly hurt, and you could leave it there or just dwell on it and be a professional victim. Or you can get up and say, “Wait a minute, this was horrible but I’m going to make something good out of this. Because I’m going to reach out to those who are being abused and bullied.

Morgan: It’s interesting you mention that, because I’ve been working on a book on what it feels like and how to get over it. And the view of being bullied from someone’s perspective that is – it does hurt. Words are one of the most powerful things. I would have rather broken every bone in my body than some of the things said to me that I can’t say.

Dawson: Morgan, I strongly encourage you to write that book. Put together some talks, and begin to look for ways to love on, encourage, and help those who have been bullied. Go for it! And when you go for it, then whoever bullied you loses.

There Is Help if You’re Being Bullied

If you’re being bullied or if you still hear the things, they used to say to you in high school, you’re not alone. You are not who they say you are. If you want to talk about it, chat with a HopeCoach. A HopeCoach is ready to listen and help you through this!

If you are being bullied.  You are not alone.  Find out what to do if you are being bullied, how to get help, and how to help a friend in TheHopeLine’s eBook:

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