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5 Things to Think and Do When you Hate Yourself

Do You Truly Hate Yourself?hate yourself

Self-hate is a dark, black hole in our soul that can be easy to fall into, but difficult to get out of. Last week I wrote about some of the reasons why people hate themselves. I want to give you some things to do when you feel like you hate yourself and you say things like, “I hate myself, I’m no good, I’m so stupid, or I’m worthless.”

The truth is you are NONE of those things. But it’s easy to think you are, especially if you have been believing all these negative thoughts about yourself.

So what do you do to climb out of the dark hole in your soul?

1) Decide what you want to change about yourself

Nobody can make you love you other than you! It’s your responsibility to rearrange your thinking away from all the negative stuff you’ve been thinking, and think more positive thoughts about yourself. It’s often been said, “If I think better, I will act better. And if I act better, I will feel better.”

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Cody wrote: I’ve found that sometimes our greatest enemy is ourselves. And the way we think can hurt worse than any words. And when left with nothing but your own thoughts, and if those thoughts are negative, self hate is born. It takes a real effort to turn negative self-defeating thoughts into positive life-changing ones. But try it! And if you stick with it, you soon will see you’re feeling better about yourself.

If you don’t like something about yourself that you can actually change, start to do that today.

2) Figure out what you CAN change and do it!

IF you hate yourself, is there a specific thing that you hate? If you don’t like something about yourself that you can actually change, start to do that today. Maybe you don’t like your weight you can start eating properly, and getting exercise TODAY! Get involved with a sport or a favorite hobby. You’ll be amazed how good it makes you feel to take care of yourself.

Don’t obsess over what you think are your flaws. Work on what you can change, and ask God to help you accept the rest. Create the healthy life you desire (and deserve!) some people get trapped living miserable lives, not realizing they have the ability to change their situation. Don’t get stuck in that trap!

3) Build up your self-esteem

Make a list of your 10 best qualities.

Can’t think of 10? There are more than you think, but try starting with one. For example, I am a loyal friend or I care about others, or I am in touch with how I feel, or I have a lot to offer my friends, or I am a good listener, etc.

Then add to the list.

Find out what your friends and family value about you. You might be surprised to find out what the people who love you see in you! As you begin to dwell on the good things you offer, your confidence will grow.

Others will take note of it because you will have made yourself more attractive. Betsy wrote: Since I stood up for something, people started to respect me and I was able to find confidence in myself. You can’t please everyone, so focus on making yourself proud before you expect anyone else to be proud of you.

Each day, find something to do that makes you feel proud of yourself. Discover the things you love, try new things, go new places. Make some short-term and long-term goals.

Decide that you will never say the words, “I Hate Myself” ever again. Those words are toxic. Why hate yourself? When in reality there is a lot in you worth loving.

4) Use gratitude as a weapon against self-hatred

You will find people who dwell on the positive things in their life…things for which they are grateful, are usually much happier than those who don’t.

Negative thoughts, mixed with worry, make a person miserable to live with.

So if you are tired of hearing the same old, negative thoughts, make a daily list of the things you are grateful for, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your attitude begins to change.

Challenge yourself to reflect each day for just a minute or two about what you feel grateful for that day…maybe it was delicious pancakes for breakfast, a smile from a friend, nice weather, could be something as simple as the color of the grass, or a good grade on a quiz. It doesn’t have to be what you know you should be thankful for, but something that you actually feel grateful for.

5) Remember God loves you

The most powerful way to overcome self-hate is to focus on God’s love. After all, if God loves you, and He does with all of your faults and hurts, it should make it easier for us to accept ourselves. Let God change what He wants to change, and you’ll feel much better about your life.

God made you very unique. And it’s this uniqueness that makes you special.

Please stop hating someone God loves so much. YOU!!

Angie wrote: It’s very easy to find reasons to believe I am of no value to anyone, or to God. But I am of value because God loves me, even if no one else does. As you start believing in yourself more, you’ll have more good days than bad. It’s easy to find the negative, so look for the positive in each situation. And most importantly, keep your faith in God this will help lead you to the happiness you seek. Please stop hating someone God loves so much. YOU!!

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Don’t stay in that place of self-hate, it’s going to take time to change what you think about yourself but it’s possible.  Check out one of my other blogs about self-hate: What to Do When Your Hate Yourself.

And check out this guest blog to start to begin to change this part of your life: 6 Steps To Change Your Life.

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  • dep

    This is stupid….I still hate myself. Give me something that actually makes.a difference. There is nothing.

    • TheHopeLine Team

      Dep, We want you to know that you matter and you are loved and worthy. How about calling or chatting with a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine? Call 800.394.4673 or click on “get help” to chat anytime 24/7.If you want download our free app to your phone to chat, call, get an email mentor, recieve encouragemet here is the link to download it. http://thehope.dm/thlmobileapp

  • Gene

    Sorry, but I am going to have to agree with dep, I still hate myself too. I don’t get me wrong do love God and knows that He loves me but from all of the things that I have been through in my life and I am wanting to find my other half in life. I don’t want to give up on that but I can’t help but feel that no one loves me and it hurts me to my core that I actually have feelings for someone now and he is offish and there is no one else trying to get with me either so I feel unlovable and unattractive to the opposite sex and i am definitely not gay so…but I get compliments from married men who obviously I cannot have and do not want anyway. I still feel a lot of self hatred for myself right now. I hear people telling me that there is someone out there for me but I feel that I keep having to let go of really great guys so I feel like I am not worthy of a great guy. It makes me think that if anyone comes into my life it is someone that I am not really attracted to that i have to learn to love.

  • santu

    I am not handsomebboy that’s y am I hate my self I fear with girls as they like mevr not rly me wat can I do?

  • anizha

    I tottaly feel now there’s a reason to lovw who i am

  • Dog

    Dont give up god has perfect timeing and just keep praying it gets better

  • seemssohard

    I think there might b something wrong with me in my childhood my step mom hated me and my mother beat me then my dad died and my aunt kciked me out my oldest borther hates me and as far as i can tell my boyfriend doesnt care either… the issue is i dont know what i did wrong in my mind at most im annoying but then everyone iv ever lived with seems to hate me. How can i not know y? I try so hard everyday to make my bf’s life easier and netter to make sure he gets everythung he wants i sold my car to pay bills and my inheritance from my dad dying i clean i make his lunches everyday and for the duration of our 2 year relationship all iv asked for back was to feel wanted such as spending time with me bot all of it i dont want to b needh just like 1 night a week where there aremt any video games and mayb 1 sunday a month but he just doesnt want to then when u get mad and complain i just feel bad like im a b****h and all i do is complain… i think it must b me because so many ppl are like this in my life im just not sure wat im doing wrong i really dont like myself but i also feel like im right when i complain until i start to feel guilty idk i really just am sick of life i miss my dad and i want to feel loved like someone wants me always and i think of that and want to hurt myself but then ppl will b upset with me if i tell them theyl think i just want attention

    • Frenchie

      I really do believe that sometimes you can end up in a situation where you have collected a bunch of negative influences/people in your life without it being all something within yourself. Your request of having one night a week with your boyfriend sounds reasonable. However, sometimes people do not see the sacrifices you are making for them (selling car, the effort you put into his comfort) and sometimes you either have to explain/point out that (calmly! and rationally – and listen to their response and make a compromise if the compromise is reasonable). unfortunately sometimes you have to accept that, if this person cannot acknowledge your efforts or try to find a middle ground with you, you cannot be happy with them.
      You should know that I am someone who believes strongly in internal/personal control of one’s life. I recognize that there are some circumstances that come about that you can’t control but I do believe that you are the only person who can make the changes needed to improve your happiness. I can’t say what’s happened in your life that things are as they are today for you. I don’t know you at all. I recognize that making the necessary changes could be really really hard to make without any other support person to help you. But try to take one small step at time. Try to establish a stable job (recognize that this job may not be something you enjoy and you may have to “wear a mask” while at work. at least until a better option comes along. sometimes you have to suck it up for a bit for financial security/independence). Create a budget and stick to it. Make sure this budget includes setting aside savings. When you have some savings built up, rent a reasonably priced place by yourself (dump the boyfriend if he wasn’t listening the conversation about compromises and sacrifices). Through this process try to surround yourself with things that make you feel positively about yourself: drop in/inexpensive volleyball offered by the city, inexpensive/drop in dance classes, hikes/park walks, see people that make you feel good, photography, read at library, drawing. And I know it sounds bad, but sometimes you have to separate yourself from the current people in your life for a little bit to allow yourself to start feeling better about yourself (and maybe be a little lonely for a bit but we’re aiming for a higher goal – you respecting yourself and finding happiness with someone who respects you). Then when you start reconnect with people you are better able to recognize who is bringing you down and be able to curb that sooner.
      You clearly have been through some pretty terrible treatment in your life and it something to consider that you may do better with counselling (maybe with medication depending on many many many things). I am a huge advocate of cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy. These teach you life coping skills and how to monitor and anticipation the reactions of others to your actions/words and how to respond to people to create the most beneficial outcome of a situation. If I knew what I know now about them when I was younger (and they were free where I live at that age) I would have gone into them. You may have insurance that would cover this or their may be programs available that would help cover their cost of these. A good place to start would be a family doctor or walkin doctor and they should have some idea how to get started wherever you live. If that doesn’t pan out and cost in a barrier for you you could ask at some kind of income assistance/employment office (that’s what we have where I live).
      I am reading that you are concerned that you think about hurting yourself but then feel that people will just think you are looking for attention. To me, that sounds like you are asking for help and wanting a change. And maybe the people in your life are not able to recognized that but a healthcare professional should be able to recognize this. Bad things happen but in the end its up to you to decide how much that past experience with affect you today (by asking for help to try to move passed it if you need to). It will be a process, I am sure. It will take time. It will take small steps. You can do it.

  • frenchfire

    what if you don’t believe in god. while i respect every individual’s choice to their own belief system. i don’t believe in God and recognize that it is sometimes used as an excuse to externalize “blame” instead of accepting the consequences of one’s actions. Can ted bundy really say ‘well, God made me this way and he love me’? – as an extreme example.

    • Steve

      It’s ok I don’t believe in Jesus either, part of me wants too but it’s just too incredible and if I really believed I’d have to do a lot more good for other people than I’m doing now. But He helps me anyway, if you’re ever in a bad way just ask Jesus for help.

      • Gayla

        Steve, God only requires your love, you are under no obligation other than that, I sincerely hope that you will make him your Lord and Savior today.

    • Rikki

      Good question. I do believe in God but respect your honesty in saying you don’t. But if you think about it, even if you say you don’t. ….we are all born with some type of morals. We know rite frim wrong. Even a serial killer! If they didn’t then why would they hide the bodies? And God didnt make them or i ” that way”. Believing that is a calvinistic belief and i struggled with that and their are some very arrogant christians who believe this way. God forbid they ever have to live in pain or watched loved ones struggle with this and feel that they cant change. I’ve always believed God existed. I didnt grow up christian but just accepted Christ four or so years ago. I was sexually physically, and mentally abused throughout my childhood and I struggle with self-worth Still to this day. I used to believe God Wanted NOTHING To Do WITH ME. And if He is such a loving God why was my innocence taken at age four. The answer is SATAN. God gave us the choice to accept Him or deny Him. The ppl who were supposed to take care of me chose to NOT protect me. Free will. Satan is the father of lies. He lies to me everyday and I have to choose not to listen and sometimes I fail. But God has entrusted me with five kids and an amazing youth ministry so I’m choosing to help others and He is keeping good in His promise by working all things out for the good because I love Him. So back to if you don’t believe in God……we still have a choice. And no disrespect cuz I’ve pondered God’s existence and have seriously considered suicide. Because what truly is the purpose of life without God if He doesn’t exist? My answer was, ” I’d rather live like He does exist and die and wake in His presence and spend eternity with Him than to die and be wrong and be eternally separated from Him” .

  • esraa

    good words 🙂

  • Steve

    Pray to Jesus He will help you. He doesn’t like me much because I’m a loser and don’t do what He asks, but he helps when I need him bad, like when I eat too much and start feeling self hatred. He doesn’t make things perfect but He picks me up off the ground, give it a try nothing to lose!

    • Anonymous

      How can u not believe in God but pray to Jesus and still say that he helps u? I am a Christian and love God with all my heart and he has helped so much and I’m only 13. I am glad that when u need him most u pray and ask for help, but maybe you should think about asking God to be your heavenly father so that you can have a more permanent happiness. I am not saying that when u become a Christian u never go through pain or heartbreak because u will, But what matters is the way u deal with things. God loves u he always has and always will, and his heart breaks every time you are in pain or doing the wrong thing. But he will never abandon you, not ever. And remember Christians live by faith and not by sight.

    • Gayla

      God loves you and there is nothing you can do to change that. NOTHING. He hates sin but loves the sinner. This thought alone should change your life forever.

  • dore

    i hate mylife even if im happy

  • TheHopeLine

    Please call TheHopeLine. Our HopeCoaches care about you. Many of them have had similar experiences. They want to listen. http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • TheHopeLine

    Many of us have struggled with anger at God, too. We had to search and find answers to our questions and healing for our hurts. Our HopeCoaches want to walk with you on this journey http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Nicole H

    Exactly what am I supposed to do if the things I hate about myself is unchangeable? I honestly hate mostly everything about myself and I can fix most of it but my skin is unchangeable. I have really bad acne and acne scarring and I’ve tried everything, not even dermatologists know what to do about it. Every time I look in the mirror I just want to cry. Honestly, I’ve always been told I’m worthless and ugly and that I’m never going to be good enough in any aspects. I believe that 100%. I’ve tried to get into groups and clubs, etc, but I’m disowned because I’m so different. Even in my youth group I am. All the girls are so much prettier than I am and I hate myself so much. I can’t change how bad my skin is… I kinda just want to stop trying and cry.

    • Spence

      I read a quote somewhere that says “beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes all the way to the bone.” I really believe it’s the truth. Those supposedly beautiful people who told you those horrible things are uglier than you can imagine. If any of them have a shred of humanity, I guarantee that they feel the weight of their actions every moment of every day. I went from being bullied to becoming a bully in an effort to be accepted and can’t seem to forgive myself. I was a hero when I stood up for my friends but ended up becoming a villain when I joined in the bullying of others. Somewhere along the way, I lost myself. Giving in to the pressure just to take the focus off of myself is one of the most selfish things I’ve ever done. Ten years after graduating high school, I’ve learned that most adults are still stuck in that mindset. I understand looking out for one’s self, but….! A lot of us just need to take a step back and see where we’ve gotten ourselves and how we feel about the people we’ve walked over to get there. That alone makes me feel justified in hating myself. What am I supposed to do about all the stuff I haven’t mentioned in this post? Nicole H, if someone tells you that you are ugly or not worth anything, don’t hate yourself. Pity the ignorant jerk who knows no better and go on with your day with the knowledge that your spirit will easily outshine their short lived looks 100% of the time.

  • TheHopeLine

    Ken, sometimes it takes us awhile to get to and read all of the comments we receive. I hope others will read your post and respond. I can understand how hard it is to see suffering all around you and to question who God really is. One of my favorite characters in the Bible is Thomas. He sometimes get a bad rap being called “Doubting Thomas,” but he was courageous enough to ask the tough questions in order to find the true Jesus. Ken, keep asking the tough questions until you find the real Truth.

  • Crystal mugg

    Thank you for this post. I am going through the end of a very hard relashonship and he is very verbally abusive to me. I always hear how worthless I am, how much nobody wants me around, and that I’m a poor parent. It’s difficult for me because I have been the only one holding a job ( I lost my job a few weeks ago) he will not work at all. And he will not leave. My landlord is for closing my home and I have no Money and nowhere to go. I’ve been searching for work but when I’m home I can only find my self on the couch depressed and wondering why I am here. Nothing I do is good enough for this family in his eyes. And he has tore me down so much my self worth is completely out the window. It gives me hope that God is there and that he has a wonderful plan for me. But it’s so difficult to pull out of this depression and be the best I can be. I am so overwhelmed with losing my home and having so much trouble finding work that I do feel worthless. I try so hard to tell myself that I’m not but he does his best to say the worst things he can to bring me back down. I’m going to work as hard as I can to do the things in this post day by day to better myself and move forward. Thank you for posting and reminding me that I can get through this and despite him I have god and people who love me.

    • TheHopeLine

      We are so proud of you. You are making progress in the right direction. Remember we are just a phone call away and we can provide additional resources, too. Call or chat with TheHopeLine 24/7. http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/ We are here cheering you on!

  • jake

    I never realized my problems stemmed from hating myself and trying to be perfect, been seeing a councilor and its starting to help, I just recently did something stupid and embarrassing again and I hated myself for it and I want to change, I have a hard time in conversation not knowing what to say that has been getting better, sometimes I have suicidle thoughts I really want them to stop, not sure how, sometimes through the day im in outer space in the past or in the future how do I stop this?

  • Yulenchka


  • Deepak Arora

    I’m a boy from India with age 18 and bmi 14.4 and it is the only reason i hate myself because even the dosctors says i cant gain a single kg. I’m scared of the future because i have to look after a family but i’m too weak and i cant accept it and i dont want to accept it. What should you do when your living in such a condition that you cant change but at the same time its impossible to compromise ? Suicide ?? NO!! i’m not a coward but I need a way.

  • Recluse

    i feel I have a very good reason to loathe myself. I am bipolar. Seems like everyone assumes we are crimes just waiting to occur. I am not going to kill myself. Just hide from the world that hates me so much and spend the rest of my life alone. Goodbye, Cruel World!

  • anonymous

    What if i did a lot of mistakes to God? Do i still deserve Him?

    • TheHopeLine

      You are not the first to feel this way. We are human we make mistakes…we sin. God is love and His love for us is unconditional. All fall short, but God freely gives His grace to us. He knows each of us individually and loves us personally. His is a mighty love that has no beginning and no end. If you’d like to talk more about this…a HopeCoach would love to listen. Call 800.394.4673 or chat online at http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp

  • Kaylee Kochanski

    How do you get through it if you’re unsure about God? I can’t pray to him if I don’t understand why I’ve been struggling with this for almost 10 years. I get a little better and then slip back into the hole. I went to church, went through all the Catholic sacraments. Then when I did try to reach out, I started having panic attacks. I haven’t been the same since then – it’s been an ongoing battle trying to function as a productive adult. I’m not asking as a way to spark a debate about religion or the existence of God, but if you don’t believe or can’t believe or are unsure about all of it, what do you do?

  • unknown

    ive been having a rough time lately, I felt like I was disappearing and no one noticed.. but this article and prayer to my one and only Jesus Christ has helped me to see that im here for a reason. I read some previous comments about how if gods real why are these people suffering and other things like it. it took me a while to realize this also, I use to doubt my faith but god gives the hardest battles to the people who are strongest and sometimes he sees there getting weak so he calls upon them.. gods love is always here for you.. that hasn’t been so clear till now.. and if you choose not to believe theres nothing wrong with that because i know where you come from. its not easy finding yourself or what you want to believe in. but if theres one thing you should tell yourself is carpe diem or seize the day, everday is a new start.. be the person you want to be.. its either now or never.. thank
    you for writing this article, reading it really me realize so much..

  • fernanda

    I’m with you. Right now I’m talking to my teacher. I really trust him. and its weird because I barely talk about my self because i don’t want to make it seem like I want attention. but you should really talk to someone who you know wont say nothing about you to other people. he promised me he won’t tell any one. and so far i haven’t heard nothing from my parents nor my counselor. whats wrong? what is bothering you?

  • Silver

    Ive always hated myself.. and I actually have depression and anxiety, so I kinda bit the bullet there. No matter what I try I cant seem to get myself out of this hole in my chest… Ive tried going to church {insert take me to church} and everything so far… my therapist said my depression was situational and wasnt even my fault. My mom pays a ton more attention to my brother, yes hes eight, yes hes autistic.. but he dosent need her there 24/7…

  • Silver

    Ive never been able to find my way out of this hole.. I tried all of these.. in diffrent orders and diffrent ways. but I never suceeded

  • farahtarek

    Really thank u for telling us this words it is really makes me fells better a lot

  • Blake G

    This has inspired me. I get bullied a lot and I don’t like the way I look. I once thought of suicide but those days are long over. I have a few friends I talk to through the Internet and they make me happy. I think I can make it better now. THANK YOU!

    • TheHopeLine

      Thanks for sharing, Blake! Never forget you matter and you are worthy…no matter what. 🙂

  • Skye

    I’m really sorry, z. I have no idea what you’ve gone through, but I can tell you without a doubt that God has not abandoned you. He loves you. He will never forsake you. He is like a good father. He wants you to be able to solve your own problems, but he will be with you every step of the way. Please look up the poem “footprints in the sand”. It has helped me through a lot.

  • Sheryl Johnson

    I hate myself also even though I have a wonderful family and friends. I hate who I am!! Don’t know how to change this. I’m just so sad all the time and have no reason to be. I have no energy!! I feel like Im useless. I lost my Mom to Cancer in 2010 and she was my best friend. It’s getting close to the anniversary of her death and I always get depressed around this time. I have so much to live for but don’t feel like it’s worth the effort. My family doesn’t know how I feel and they would be shocked to read this. I’ve have a wonderful husband that doesn’t understand my feelings. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope, please help me!!!

    • Willow Carding-Allen

      You my friend.
      You need to talk about this to a HopeCoach.
      Like.. Asap.

  • Valerie M Aycock

    I hate my life..I know Christ and love him but I can’t even like myself.I have PTSD from a drunk driving accident. I was an alcoholic before I was even legal..I woke up from colma after being out a month with scars and permanent bumps..I had heart surgery on my 20 birthday..my boyfriend made me drive that morning..the hardest part is everyone treats me like I’m crazy Bc of it..but not moving on and succeeding in life has scarred me most..I have serious trust issues with men prob always will..my mother and me have a bad relationship.. Bc she wants nothing to do with me..I still live with her ..its been years and I’m still at her house sucking at life.. I’m not crazy it just looks like people that seem they care would actually do it..I’m tired of being the joke in my family..I’m really smart that’s what’s so sad..I never had money to get a degree ..I only lack 4 credits..the only thing I have is faith Bc All people will let u down in this cold world.

    • TheHopeLine

      Valerie- It’s never too late to finish school and to start a new path in life. Our HopeCoaches are avilable 24/7 with encouragement and practical resources. We want to help you have hope! http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Willow Carding-Allen

    I am 12. I hate myself. And I am planning on ending it all during the holidays.

    • BT Email

      Please let us know you’re ok! I have three
      Kids and one has considered hurting herself. It’s so terrifying to think of you being in that much pain. You are loved beyond measure and you have so much to look forward to…you just can’t see it right now. It’s like wearing a bad pair of sunglasses…the way you’re feeling is blocking what is really waiting for you.
      Sure hope you’re ok!

    • Angels

      It’s the hardest thing sometimes to love yourself, but remember that life gets better and easier, and you are worth it. Ask for help, reach out and don’t be afraid to talk to someone, anyone, you will be surprised what can come of it <3 Be safe, dear. You're not alone.

  • Amber

    Oh and to top it off, i have very rude neighbors who are loud and abnoxious so i put up a 6ft privacy fence to shut out the world at the cost of $ 22,000 and one built a “deck” that looks into my yard and the other, over 80yards away put a second story balcony and now waves at me when i exit the back door…

  • K.C.

    Thank you so much for this article! Not even half way through I started making a list of everything I’m grateful for. I started to feel a little bit better and began my list of things I like about myself. I may not have been able to reach 10 yet, but every time I think of something new I’ll go back and add to the list. I’ll re-read these positive thoughts about myself even if they’re not so concrete. (Ex. Sometimes I can be funny) I have hope that God will give me strength and that the feelings I’ve been feeling for what seems like a very very long time will soon come to an end. Once again, thank you.

  • BT Email

    You are going to be a strong person and able to help others who have been thru what you’ve been thru. It’s ok to grieve and to hurt. The healing will begin and part of that will be helping heal others. I am so glad you posted. I can almost feel the pain and desperation even though it’s just a post! I’ve been victimized in some terrible ways and have had to make myself keep taking one step at a time FORWARD. It is tough not to look back… I catch myself doing it all the time…but when I look forward and let myself be open…great people and great circumstances cross my path. The same will happen for you.
    You are a gift.

  • Celeste Penetrante

    I thought I finally love myself. But it’s so hard do it when I hear how my parents think I’m not doing anything at all with my life when I am trying. It just makes it worse and I feel like disappearing forever, but of course I don’t know how to do that.

  • Ashley Elizabeth Herrick

    You’re not worthless.

  • Ashley Elizabeth Herrick

    Know that God loves you anyway.

    • Michael Su

      Please have respect.

      • Gayla

        It is the greatest of respect to tell someone the truth!!

    • David

      maybe god hates me. Equally plausible and provable

      • Gayla

        It is neither plausible nor provable!! That is a remnant of something that a person with a bad heart told you.
        The truth is that if you were the only person on the planet, Jesus would have died just for you. There is no greater love that anyone could have for another than to lay down his life for you.

  • Ashley Elizabeth Herrick

    He didn’t abandon you.

  • Terry Stout

    There is no hope for me!! I’m aloser falling deeper in the pit with no chance of coming back up for air……………..Why bother?? no one cares anymore..they just judge me and have to always bring up all of my faults……………. Oh well, what is next. Everyday is a bad day…………;(((

  • Anonymous

    he never abandoned you, In those years of pain did you ever ask for help? get down on ur knees and pray and tell him everything u feel even scream at him telling God u feel like he has abandoned you, I know how it feels to be all alone trust me. But I was actually never alone not once God was always there I just needed to seek him. He loves u with all his heart, don’t forget that. (I’m only 13 and have been through an abusive step-parent, my mums best friend sexually assaulting me and nobody believing me, my real dad leaving me because I wasn’t good enough for him, and so, so, so much more, but through all of that God was there for me I just had to ask for help, and get on my knees and pray he has changed my life for good)

    • Gayla

      Your dad is a foolish man indeed.You are a wonderful person, and with God, you will reach your full potential.

  • Adam

    First four are good points but you lost me at the God one. Honestly, there was no need to include it at all; you may be Christian but that doesn’t mean that all of your readers are. Some of us are Atheist or (in my case) Agnostic, and being told “God loves you” means absolutely nothing to us.

  • Isabella

    Hi ! I am Isabella and I am a foster kid today I was sad and hated myself for no reason at all…?But I read your post and thought maybe I should look at the good things right now ! I am getting adopted in a couple of months I have family I have a singing competition soon! I was told for 10 years by my step dad that I was ugly,stupid and other things and I believed it for the longest time…but sometimes I do but anyway your comment made me happy to see that I am not the only one like this ! Even though I am 14 and your a grown adult but that doesn’t matter !!! ??bye

    • Isabella, I am so excited for you – a new adoptive family and a singing competition! Wow! Wish I could hear you sing. Keep looking up and having hope!

    • Gayla

      ((((HUGS))) Keep looking up, Isabella, your stepdad should have his mouth washed out with soap!! Nobody should talk to a child like that. You are one of a kind, a diamond in the rough. Keep on keeping on & Be blessed!!!

    • Oslavy

      Isabella, I want you to know that you’re not alone in this, I’ve been a Christian since the age of 13 and I am now 48, I strayed away off and on and still struggling, there’s one thing I haven’t been able to let go and that is as a child I was always told by others that I was ugly even grownups would compare me to their kids and tell me how underdeveloped I was, even some family members would say that my olde sister was the beautiful one and to this day that’s what the devil attacks me with, although I look nothing like I did as an adolescent I still deal with this everyday, I’m sure you’re beautiful and graceful because you’re you and no one can be you, if only I can Believe this about myself it would take a huge weight I’ve been carrying around my whole life, remember this the person who tries to put you down usually is not very happy about themselves, God bless you girl you’re going to be huge in life!!!<3

  • willowsprite

    I’m sure there are plenty of feel-good sites out there that don’t bring God into your struggles. The writer of this article believes in God, so they are writing from that worldview.
    I’d suggest the answer to your question would be “Change your mind.” There’s a world full of compelling reasons for the existence of God. He created you and he loves you. Try finding out more of you’re curious…since you asked the question maybe you are.

  • Jonny

    I’m at the point in my life now where I’m trying to figure out reasons why I should stick around. I seem unable to make friends and I seem to be unable to control my behavioral problems wich alienates everyone.I feel like like a monster that destroys everything feel so worthless and hopeless. all attempts I’ve ever made it getting help only get me kicked out of the places that are supposed to help me. you kick me out for the behavior and I’m coming in to get help for. I hate it so much I hate the way it makes people hate me I hate the way it keeps me isloated and on the road. I hate the way people look at me and think its my fault for being this way when I would give anything and everything not to be. even without the behavior I seem to miss social thing and people don’t want to stick around my life and I think part of the behavior is a defense mechanism so I don’t have to hurt and another goodbye. I hate being this way so much.what is the point of living in the world where is all about social and you can’t have any of it. all you have to do is watch people leave over and over again. why stay in a world like this my live at all if you are denied the very pleasures that make human life unique from all others.

  • Secret Girl

    Hi guys do you ever get that feeling when you think you are the only person in the world who only feels bad about themself because growing up as a teen is really difficult and you just put yourself down.

    Nobody tells me im worthless or anything else i just think it myself

    It would be really interesting to find out if any of you guys are in the same situation

  • Die

    Im useless and worthless

  • Robert

    I can’t do any of these. I have tried and tried and there is only one thing left. I just wish my friends and family wouldn’t have to suffer but oh well they never cared.

  • Please don’t give up. At least give us a chance to chat with you. Our chats are free and totally private. http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/
    Here’s a real true story of someone like you who took a chance and contacted TheHopeLine-
    Please don’t give up!

  • I don’t believe other people cause you to be an atheist. I believe this is a choice you have made about your own beliefs. A question to ask yourself might be why do the beliefs of other people bother you. If you want to chat about it, we are here 24/7 http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/ All chats are free and confidential. I hope you are able to find peace.

  • MDH

    I say these words about myself almost every day. Every time I make even small mistakes.

  • When you say you don’t want to change, do you mean you don’t want to stop hating yourself? We have a free eBook that might give you some more answers – http://info.thehopeline.com/selfworth-ebook

  • LostSoul0403

    Hello! I feel distracted and i keep giving into temptations..I’m losing my faith in god.I am confused about everything…and worse, I can’t find myself doing anything to change myself and be better even though i desperately want to..I’m lost and the people around me aren’t making it easy..I can’t even talk to them coz I feel they won’t understand..I am soo confused about the emotions that I’m feeling…all I need is someone to talk to without being judged or put down…

  • I am so thankful you have the support of your Nannie and Grandad. My best friend moved in with her grandparents in high school because her mom remarried. Talking about it can really help. Our HopeCoaches are available 24/7 on chat – http://www.thehopeline.com/GetHelp/ We care about you!

  • I am so sorry you are dealing with this and have felt like this for such a long time. At TheHopeLine® our HopeCoaches have resources for you that can put you on a path to healing. Please chat with us anytime 24/7 http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Bhavya chandan

    Hi!! Today i feel so down after reading ur post …little relief …im alone i dnt know why i live …ma husband is a fun lover,always in parties get together ,night outs etc etc…
    Im very much alone in home .
    But now im planing to do things dat i love to over come ma alone ness…
    Thank u

  • Hoàng LÆ°Æ¡ng Tuấn

    I cant say thank you enough. I really appreciate your advice

  • Emily

    Sad thing is… We both almost have everything in commen :’)

  • Wow, you must be really smart and you are an achiever completing your degree. That is a great accomplishment. Please don’t give up. Let us help you, chat with us anytime 24/7 http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • papi


  • Armstrong

    That’s great! I have a reason to like myself. Sucks that I don’t believe that constantly! I’ve done self-harm. I love pain. Not because I wanted to love it. Just decided that if I can’t escape from something, I’ll make it the best friend I can. My mind curses everything all day. My unintelligent feelings love someone, but that makes everything worse because I can’t open my mouth around ’em. So no one with an opinion that matters like that one’s does, ever reaches me… to throw me into the sky in the middle of a sunless day. GOD! Help me!

    Thank you for the advice and encouragement.

  • Armstrong

    “I am in love with someone who doesn’t love me and it’s my fault he doesn’t love me.” TERRIBLE!

  • azuka t

    i hate myself for being not successful as i thought and not keeping promise for myself. i’ m always discouraging people who cares about me. i’m the worst kind

  • pato

    I am in love with a girl but she doesn’t love me back. She is right who would date an ugly guy like me

  • Lindsey R

    I want to change but there is so much that had gone wrong. I’m doubtful about the future even though God already knows what is going to happen.
    Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Medly

    My entire family hates me, I’ve destroyed my childhood home by bringing pets in here when my mom died 4 years ago. So now nobody comes to visit and they ignore my calls or texts. I wish I had the money to restore the house but it would be so much easier to not feel.

    • I am so sorry you are going through this. I can imagine the pets were a way of healing from your mom’s passing. Maybe we can help you come up with some solutions. You can chat with us anytime 24/7 https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Daisy Sophia

    I am a child from happy family. My friends always say that i have happy life and happy family. Actually, it seems I don’t have problem in my life but still I hate myself. I don’t know why.
    It seems that people around me are better than me. I feel like left alone in the world even I tried to change myself but get off from the track. I don’t know why I can’t be perfect like other people. Many people reject me because of my behaviors.
    I know God does love us because God gives this problem for becoming a person more stronger…
    Just I can’t live in this world. I always think that I wanna commit suicide , I don’t want to live in this world. It seems I have serious mental illness.. But just I want to become like other people. I always judge myself among them.

  • I am so glad this article helped you and gave you hope! We believe in you and want to help. You can chat with a HopeCoach anytime 24/7. It is totally private and free. We are here for you 🙂 https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Seth Wilson Imvu

    yes god love me even win i sins i still repent even win it hard to win i repent god make me feel like not alone this would .

  • Kymberley Osborn

    I try my hardest to ensure I’m kind to others to make sure that they feel like they can trust me and that I’m there when they need someone. I feel that I’m kind to other but it just never good enough, I suppose helping others out is a way of me try to escape my own feeling, I never want anyone to feel the way I do about myself, I never want anyone to contemplate if their life in this world is even worth living. This place this world I live in is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I’m never good enough, I’m ugly, Iworry too much, I’m annoying. I’m this I’m that. I’m I’m just alone and trapped in this unhappiness and I can’t get out. Why me ? I try so hard to do the right thing to be kind to be helpful to be caring and what do I get?! A reflection I dispise/hate and a mind I can’t escape.

  • GodlessGoddess

    It was great for me until the point about god. I’d like to read more from this site, but does it focus heavily on god? If it does, this might not be the site for me.

  • Someone Somewhere

    And what to do when you don’t hate just yourself but whole humanity?

  • kate

    I always thought that I am ugly and worthless and stupid and I always say bad things about myself to friends and a month ago I tried to hurt myself for no reason and all this steps made feEl a bit better thank you so much

  • If you want to know more about what is in the Bible, please chat with one of our HopeCoaches – https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Gayla

    I am proud for you that you have overcome the terrible things that were said to you, NOBODY DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE THAT!!

  • Gayla

    You are still loved by God!! And nothing you can do will keep him from loving you. NOTHING.

  • Gayla

    But the truth is, He does!!

  • Gayla

    Praise God, Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!!

  • Gayla

    Jesus can change your life, please give him that opportunity, by asking him today!!

  • I really appreciate your honesty. It is good to ask questions. I think you might be surprised by how much proof there actually really is about God’s existence. If you want to talk more about we are available online for a one-on-one chat anytime 24/7 https://www.thehopeline.com/GetHelp/ We are non-judgemental and we care about you.

  • It is really important to let someone know about your depression. Are there any teachers you can trust? If your parents aren’t around much then they are probably not aware that you are depressed. You can talk to us anytime https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Thanks for your honest reply. Which premise do you not accept? Do you believe Jesus was a real person on earth? Thanks for continuing the conversation.

  • It is important to read the whole Bible so that you understand the context, events leading up to this statement, and the original Greek and Hebrew languages. Esau rejected and hated God by his actions. He gave away the blessing and favor that was God-given and outright rebelled against God. Additionally, the Greek word translated as “hate” actually just means to “love less” in order to compare how great and large is God’s love and compassion that He still has compassion and love for the one who hated God.

  • Lilly

    I don’t even know why I came to search up this stuff.. I just found myself for more then a year already daying that I hate my life, pulling out my own hair, drinking until I don’t understand anything anymore.. I am a lucky girl, atleast that is what everyone says, I have more then alot of people could even dream of. Maybe that is my problem.. It is not at all that I hate myself or my life, I am just bored with myself and.. I just don’t know

  • Ραφαέλα Α.

    I am Raphaela,i am 15 years old and i am really sad because i hate myself.Not because i feel fat or ugly but because i dont care about myself.For example i dont want to eat or laugh(however if i laugh i just dont like it,i think it makes me stupid)or care about my school grades.i am not special,i am just a person like others.Sometimes i care more about others than myself.I dont have purposes and i dont know what i want to do or be.I also really like talking with people or going for walks.Friends are the most important for me.

  • Lele Bruening

    I’m adopted and I have felt the same way. It’s a lifelong struggle but it is worth fighting for my happiness. <3 I'm doing a lot better now and I totally understand the feeling of not belonging. Band has helped me to feel like i belong, and my family is so much nicer than they used to be. I'm so grateful for having this struggle, it has helped me become much wiser and stronger.

  • You are valuable and God loves you dearly. We care and we are here to listen. Chat online with one of our HopeCoaches at http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp

  • Max

    I have scaring acne I got when I was about 19 before had clear skin, over the years my self esteem has gone way downhill, at first I hardly even thought about it, now I just want to die everyday, I have a dead end job as a desk clerk at a hotel, I have no license or high school diploma, I live in a studio apartment by myself and can’t find the motivation to ever leave besides to walk my dog. I love to cook but suck at it and love beat boxing but I suck at it. I do what I can to improve, seems so hard to get it together with no money but I know money and things don’t matter but I find myself having to spend my checks on things to try to fill some sort of hole, mostly cookware ext. I just wish nobody would miss me. I wish my dog could forget about me and my family would just move on. I’m not going to off myself especially with my dog around. But that’s the only thing stopping me. Idk what my brothers would do. They come to me with everything .. my mom is so sad and my dad is in prison and me n my aunt are the only people who visit and she doesn’t want to do it. If God exists : / and he could give me anything, I would not wish to be happy with myself I would just want the world to forget about me and be happy themselves..

  • Madpetfan

    I am thirteen and I have dispanded my self from everyone ever since I was diagnosed Tourettes and OCD I did that because I thought that I was different and not as important as them because of my flaws I began to be terrified of other people just in case they found out and made fun of me or bullied me because of it I began hating who I was and always screaming at my self (I’m my mind) I was screaming things like why can’t you be normal you stupid worthless girl but reading this helped me get over that I got back in touch with my friends and told them about my problems and they have helped me so much so I just wanted to say THANK YOU you helped me when I needed it the most and for anyone else who hates their selves just remember you are one of a kind and no one can replace your amazing qualities!

  • nayul

    Hi I’m naoual, and I just turned 16
    ..i used to hate myself, but at one point, i accepted myself with all my flaws, and decided to hate the world instead

    Im still suicidal although i didn’t cut in a while, and i started smoking less, but im really not satisfied because of the people and mindsets around me…

  • Madison Hamilton

    Im16, ur usual average girl. I loved a guy gave him my everything.was absolutely in love with him.dated for 2 years. He said he wasnt happy with me and left. Never told me why he wasnt happy. I still have to see him everyday at school. It kills me inside. I hate everything about myself. Yet no one else knows that im not okay.. Fake it till you make it right????

  • T

    Hey, i dont know how this works, but im needing some advice on everything i am!!!??
    For years ive tried to live a righteos life, tryingto uphold a strong family name. But i find myself every now and then making stupid decisions which puts me in a self hating and destructive path.
    A hole i reside in for a couple days!!!
    Lost my mother when i was 10 to a hit and run accident, and my father died when i was 21 and my grandmother, who raised me at 22
    I try to find a reson as to why i do somethings but i know better but cant escape this loop!! Im getting sick of it and just want to be happy!!

  • Hello everyone, this is what I made. Soemtimes I feel depressed, I don’t know if I am… Help me?


    My mom and dad don’t like me like how I am, my brother doesn’t even see me. My friends, let me down when there is a chance. Is it my fault, what am I doing wrong? Sometimes I look in the mirror I see failure, a fool. I never show, but my thoughts kill me already. The scars on my hands are less painful than the words people scream to me. I am too short, too fat, not smart enough, ugly, a drama queen, but can’t you see it? It’s just who I am, I am a short, fat, ugly, dumb drama queen. Unfortuantley people don’t appriciate me, how I am. The only one who can read my thoughts, is pain. The pain inside of my body, the pain inside of my head. They don’t know, but they will.

    • 沖田総悟

      I can relate to you. I’m dumb, fat, short, ugly, unworthy, lazy, tiring, untalented, poor nobody. And a coward, I can’t even self-harm or commit suicide because I’m too scared and cowardice to feel the pain of it.

  • Penelope

    I hate myself and so do my family. I have a problem which I can’t help and whenever there is an argument (there are lots of them) it is brought up and used to make me feel 100x worse. I really hate myself because of it and my siblings use it to bully me. I can’t tell anyone and I’m all alone. I wish I didn’t have it and even my parents use it to make me feel guilty and bad. I need help please.

  • Rahul Tibrewal

    I was reading the comments, and I want to share my problem. I believe in god, and i had a happy childhood, I am not even angry at anyone. I have a good job with a very understanding and well-hearted manager. My parents love me a lot. What i am trying to say is that i can’t pinpoint that this is the problem in my life.
    I just am not happy. Nothing excites me. I am not excited by anything. When i think about women, only thing i can think about is betrayal, money makes me think about it’s uselessness and Consumerization, fame – it’s emptiness, power – it’s brutality, sharing my feelings -to be made fun of.
    There’s nothing in this world which excites me. And then there is small stuff which makes me hate myself. It feels like all my hopes since childhood, big and small is breaking, one at a time(which tells me, we should not watch movies too much). I have realised i am not going to be anybody great, and i okay with it in theory, but everyday i hate myself a little more to not be that guy which i thought i would be. and then i think i will have many small good things in my life, but can’t think of anything good that i would like to happen in my life(already ruled out women, fame, power, and money). What is the profit of living a life when there is no possibility of hope of tomorrow being better than today, and especially if you hate yourself today.

  • Michele Novoa

    I think this is a very helpful resource. I’m atheist and I know that other people of other religions can still find this useful.

  • DNA

    Because of the acne and excessive facial hair it sounds like you may have another medical problem in addition to depression. I suggest you discuss those problems with your primary care doc or gynocologist. As for your weight focus on being the healthiest you can be not necessarily trying to measure up to someone else’s definition of the perfect body.

  • Pedro Garibay

    Went through 3 years of depression 2013-2016, I’m not suicidal anymore. I just keep getting rejected. I want to make friends but people think they are superior than me because I’m deaf and blind. Been deaf and blind since Kindergarten. and I’m a senior now.

  • 沖田総悟

    Why would he put us in special situations? To see how brave, strong and confident we are? Or just for fun? They do say that going through bad things will make you stronger, but, I honestly feel like dying right now. I’m too afraid and I’m a coward so that doesn’t help what I wish to do. I can’t even gather the courage to do one thing, putting me in a special situation didn’t really help much. Even if it will in the future, I don’t want to be alive to experience it, even if it means that I became a doctor or I became more intelligent. I just want to die.

  • 沖田総悟

    I don’t have anyone to share my pain and dreams.
    What if my problems is I can’t achieve my goals that I set for myself because I’m a stupid, lazy, useless person?
    I don’t get how I can love myself.
    The things that are not what I expect is myself.
    My problems are the reason why I can’t do many things like the ones you mentioned.
    Thanks for the encouragement anyway.

  • Asia Hemphill

    I need help i hat myself because i did something very stupid and bad that could have hurt someone and know my family hates me. They never said they hated me they act like it though please help me.I cant go on like this anymore.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guy

    I hate myself because I am not like my family.

  • Annie

    I secretly have a girlfriend and my parents are homophobic and they’re constantly bashing me even though they don’t know it. . . it’s hard not to hate myself for being how I am but I can’t just up and change it.

  • yein

    I always feel like my life is designed to be an anti-protagonist of someone else’s life because every time I do something that think was good is actually bad and to the fact that I make people sad and miserable which leads me to question my self “why did I do this in the first place, I should have not done that and stayed away.” Each time I get scolded from my mom or grandfather I always think to myself “are my problems worth attending? am I worth attending? because all I see is failure! Failure to reach there expectations, failure to satisfy my selfish needs, failure that I can’t do well in school, Failure when it comes to making friends, and failure when it comes to positive thinking! When mess up big time I always say to my self that “I HATE MY SELF, I’m a failure, what is it about me that is worth praising? I don’t see anything that is good about me, why do my family say they love me but I don’t see anything that is worth loving about myself.” I bully my self and think that why should I worry about my problems if my problems are so simple that even Einstein can provide a solution for me, even doe it hurts and my heart feels a lot of pain why should I care about my own personal problems its not like its gonna help other people and besides who would have time to listen to problems anyway, other peoples problems are bigger than mine.

  • nur

    hi! thank you so much for your post. it lifts up my spirit and makes me want to change myself for the better. i sometimes feel so stupid of myself becus of my actions in school that always made me embarassed myself in school. sometimes it feels as if i dont want to go to school to avoid being embarassed again. but after seeing this i realise i should change and appreciate the goood little things that happen in life THANK YOU

  • Keyana

    Hi! Umm im all new to this thing. My name is keyana but my friemds call me keke. So im suffered my whole life telling my self im stupid im not nothing im ugly and other things like that. But what i didnt know is that im stupid. Well at least i think i have 2 bad grades and i feel so lost inside like how did i get a bad grade in health and i rasie my hand but the teacher dont call on me. And in math its just hard. Im in middle school. And all my entire life i told my self im not nothing in this world. But i havent evwn meet the real world i jist meet half of it. Bit i grew up not knowimg my father. Thats why i go to therapy bit it seems to not work.

    • Keke, please don’t let a couple of bad grades define who you are. You are more than your grades and I imagine you have made good grades, too, especially in classes you may like better. Chat with a HopeCoach anytime 24/7 – we want to encourage you and we want to listen. You can click the “chat now” button or go to this link https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp Keke, you matter to us!

  • Bernadette

    Hi.. My name is Bernadette and I suffer from self-hatred. I was bullied for being mixed race and my mother would tell me that I’m a useless piece of trash. I began to believe her and I act like I am that. I lost many friends because of that. Now i am living with my dad and i couldn’t be happier. I was reading the other stories on here and I realized that I have no reason to hate myself and neither do you guys. You all are perfect in your own way, even if it is imperfect to society.

  • Lily

    I know that religon can really help people some time but i find it insulting that “remeber god loves you” is on a list having to do with self hate. A lot of the time the people with the most self hate problems are the people who your Christian god hates. I wish that i could find a place were i can find help without people pushing there religon down my throat. All my life ive been told that im bad and worthless for 1. My mom working as a “unholy” stripper 2.ive been that im wrong no matter what on my opion about god not existing. Every time i look for help i just get bombarded with religious propaganda and im sick of it.

    • Lily, I am really angry that “Christian” people have made you feel like you are bad and worthless. They have lied to you about who God is. Their religion with messages like that is not the real true Christianity. In true Christianity we recognize that everyone has imperfections, struggles, and sins..and no sin is worse than any other. Those who gossip are just as sinful as a stripper. God’s love, grace, and forgiveness is for everyone. Did you know the Bible says that “while we were sinners” Christ died for us. We don’t have to clean ourselves up to come to God and receive His love. Lily, I hope that you come to understand how very much you are loved and valued.
      I really like the book of Ephesians and here is some of what it says, “But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved….. in order that in the coming ages He might show the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God……For YOU, LILY, are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for YOU to do.”
      Lily, you are a special, unique, and wonderful young lady!!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
      If you want to talk more about this our HopeCoaches are here for you 24/7 – click on the “chat now” button at the top of our website or go to this link – https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp We believe in you!!!!!!

  • Helloeternal

    The evidence is now. That life is not easy. But eternal life is. Hurting yourself or others only brings about darkness and God is all about the light. Keep reaching out for the good. Even when things go bad. And if you mess up, you can get back up and show that darkness that you do not belong to it. But only want proof of Gods existance. eep searching and you will find it.

  • Ghoneim

    No, your suffer will end at heaven and god will make you forget your misery. God gives the hardest roles to his best actors.

  • Lee

    Reading this has really helped me I was feeling really worthless.

  • BroFilms

    You should not put god loves you. I don’t think there is a god. Keep it so everyone is in.

    • I appreciate your honesty about your beliefs. We truly believe there is a God and that He does love everyone, so everyone can be in if they choose. If you want to talk about more in depth we have trained HopeCoaches available 24/7. Simply click on the “chat now” button. You can talk about what you are going through right now.

      • BroFilms

        I’m okay, thanks anyway.