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Every Day Google Directs Teens and Young Adults to

Every day hurting teens and young adults turn to Google for answers to their deepest hurts and every day Google directs 10,000 of them to to chat with a Hope Coach counselor.

Here they find podcasts, blogs, eBooks, videos, and more on over 40 topics offering help and hope. Moving them from crisis to Christ.

But from Dawson’s days on Christian radio…to the digital ministry he has today, the opportunity to connect with a Hope Coach has never changed.

Here are some opening lines from chats* with HopeCoaches in the last month:

Bri - I want to kill myself tonight. I know I am going to do it. I just want to talk to someone first to see if there is any hope left for me.

Kourtney - I struggle with anorexia, clinical depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Last year I tried killing myself twice and failed. I just don’t see the point in being here.

Landon - I’m addicted to pornography. I live a second life, I guess. And sometimes it takes all my energy and attention.

Katie - I never imagined I’d bring this up, but something keeps telling me to ask. Please don’t judge me…I had an abortion.

Her HopeCoach Helped Her Find Something Powerful

Naila - Having guy problems. We started sending snaps and then he asked me if we could meet, and I accepted, and we had sex. But I already knew he had a girlfriend. After two days, he said that we should just be friends. Now he won’t even talk to me anymore. But I want him.

HopeCoach - Oh Naila! You are more valuable than the way you are allowing yourself to be treated.

Naila – And by the way, English isn’t my first language. (Naila is from a Muslin country)

HopeCoach – You are doing fine. It seems to me you are not seeing things clearly.

Naila – How do I see things clearly?

HopeCoach – I want to ask do you have any spiritual beliefs?

Naila – Now I don’t think so.

HopeCoach – Okay. I want to tell you about the way to the truth and light of the world.

For the next 45 minutes Naila and her HopeCoach have an in-depth conversation about the gospel message. Naila asks many good questions…and then this…

Naila - I know every religion has something powerful and I guess I need the power that you are talking about. The power of Jesus Christ. I know many people who feel better because of Jesus. So, I will.

HopeCoach - So do you want to know how to receive him?

Naila - Yes

HopeCoach - Do you know anyone who knows Jesus?

Naila - I have many friends who are Christians.

HopeCoach - So they’ve talked dot you about Him?

Naila - No we don’t talk about these things.

HopeCoach - Why do you think that is?

Naila - Uh maybe because I’m Muslim so I won’t care, but actually I do now.

HopeCoach - The word says that He is knocking on the door of your heart. It is a decision to open your heart to Him.

Naila - Yes. It’s a good decision. Now I know Christianity is the only religion where there is a personal relationship with God. That’s why I like it.

HopeCoach - YES!!

HopeCoach - The Father said, I will never leave you or forsake you…and the way to the Father is through Jesus. Would you like to pray?

Naila - Ok. I’ll start.

Naila - Lord, I did a lot of wrong things in my life. I made lots of sins. And I regret it. I know that I will sin again and again because I'm a human. Humans are not as good as they should be. But you make us good, when you cover our sins. When you are close to us, we feel strong and fearless. And I hope you forgive me and cover my sins so I can feel strong. I need your love because I know it is the only way to be happy. I hope you revive my soul with all the good. Amen.

Naila - I did it!

This generation will turn to the internet for answers. What website do you want them to find?

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