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When Your Best Friend Is Mad At You

5 Sure Tips to Mend a Friendship

One of life’s greatest gifts is having a best friend. If you have one, you are truly blessed. But you no doubt also know how painful it can be when your best friend is mad at you. Many a friend has spent sleepless nights due to a broken relationship with a best friend. best friend mad at you Sometimes it’s difficult to tell exactly what went wrong – if it’s something hurtful you did without realizing it, or if it’s just a misunderstanding. Maybe someone told a lie about you to try and drive a wedge between the two of you.

So what can you do when your best friend is mad at you?

Talk It Out with your Best Friend

When your best friend is mad at you, the first and most important thing you can do is talk about it. Find a place where it’s quiet and tell your friend how important it is to you that the two of you resolve what’s wrong between you.  Ask what he/she is feeling, and give her the chance to truly express everything, whatever she wants. At this point, it’s your job to listen. Really listen and don’t break in with your point of view. The more you can feel what your friend is feeling, the better chance you’ll have of fixing your conflict. Jennifer agreed: The only way to fix what went wrong is by letting your friend say everything that makes them mad. Try to understand why they feel that way. All the effort is worth it.

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Don’t Get Defensive

The worst thing you can do is get defensive when resolving a conflict with your best friend.  Don’t quickly react to what your friend is saying. When you hear your friend telling you what he/she thinks you did wrong, it’s natural to immediately feel like you want to defend yourself. Resist that feeling. Remember, there will be time enough for you to express how you feel as well. Don’t forget this is your time to listen.  This is not a sign of agreeing, it is just a sign of listening!

Ask What You Can Do

Best Friend MadIt may take a while for your friend to express everything he/she feels. Some people have a much more difficult time talking about their emotions than others. As your friend tells you what they’re feeling, make sure they are completely finished before you start to talk. I suggest you start by repeating back to your friend what you heard him/her say. For instance, “Am I right you’re angry that I was unkind to you? Is that right?” This gives you both the opportunity to make sure each of you heard what the other said.

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The next thing you might want to ask is “What can I do to help mend the relationship?” Many times, your friend will have an idea of what they’d like you to do. At this point, you can decide if you’re willing to do what he/she thinks would help to resolve the situation. Keep in mind, your hurt friend may have a totally unrealistic solution to the problem. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. For example, if she says, “I never want you to talk to my boyfriend again.” Don’t commit to that, for it is totally unrealistic, and unfair.

David said, Sometimes your friend has completely unrealistic expectations. You can either decide to find a middle ground, or walk away. Most people don’t know when their expectations are unrealistic. You might find it helpful to say, “I don’t think I can do what you’re asking, but I could do this.” Finding an agreeable middle ground is a great way to make peace with an angry friend.

Be patient, and keep trying to be loving to your friend, even if he or she doesn’t want to respond.

Be Willing To Admit You’re Wrong

If it becomes clear you have done something truly wrong, you need to take responsibility for your actions. It’s easy tobest friend is mad at you
think just saying I’m sorry is enough. But those words can seem very shallow if you don’t mean them, or if you don’t know why you’re sorry. Are you sorry because you got caught? Or are you sorry because you can see how you hurt your friend? If you are truly sorry about something you did that hurt your friend, you need to apologize, and then prove you will attempt to never do it again. Clearly ask your friend to forgive you. Make sure you hear the words, I will forgive you before you assume all is well with your friend.

However, your friend may be slow to trust you again, even after you have apologized. He/she will need to see trustworthy behavior from you over a period of time this will prove to her you really are sorry.

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Give It Time

If your friend doesn’t want to talk about what is making him/her so mad, you may have to just give it time. Sometimes the only way to resolve a problem is by letting time pass. Be patient, and keep trying to be a good friend, even if he or she doesn’t want to respond. A blogger, Pumpkin, said she and her best friend have been friends for nearly 12 1/2 years. We have had our ups and downs but we’re still friends. Even the times she tried to pull away and we didn’t talk much, I made a choice to keep on calling her and trying to help find the friendship we once had.

Sometimes one friend has to make the effort to be there for the friend even when you’re not sure they really care if you’re friends or not. It’s impossible to know exactly why some people hold on to anger and resentment longer than what might seem reasonable. Sometimes all you can do is try your best to seek a resolution. You can’t make anybody else do what they don’t want to do. You might want to read the series of blogs I wrote on forgiveness for help learning how to forgive your friend.

Sometimes friendships grow stronger through the difficult times. Don’t give up on your friend just because you are having difficulties.

Every relationship will hit a speed bump at one time or another. Because your best friend knows you so well, it’s easier for that person to really hurt you. Show your friend you are willing to work through the difficult times of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Sometimes friendships grow stronger through the difficult times. Don’t give up on your friend just because you are having difficulties. Do all you can to make peace. Remember, a good friend is priceless.

Friendships can be really hard, read more about how to make and keep friends, what to do if a friend is mad at you, and how to give good advice to a friend.

If you think your friend might be struggling with something beyond just your relationship, check out our eBook library for eBooks on all types of issues and every eBook has a section on how to help a friend who is struggling with that issue.

This guest blog: The Do’s (And Don’ts) When Your Friend Is Battling Depression is really helpful if one of your friends is struggling with depression.

Also, check out this other guest blog by my friend, JD, about choosing your friends. A lot of times, you do have a choice in whom you are close friends with so choose them wisely. Here’s JD’s blog: Choose Friends Wisely.

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  • Chlo

    Have a question. How long can a relationship hit a speed bump?

  • Adaer

    I have a question when u hide something from your BestFriend and she finds out about it and she ask u about and u still lie about what should You Do ? Ifu want To get Another Chance?

    • Cupcakes

      You shouldn’t do anything like that adaer which means you are not a true friend

  • Alyssa

    My friend just wants to talk it out with me in person and im scared cause what if i say something wrong again and i just hope that she does understand where i am coming from í ½

  • Hi my bestfriend is my younger sister, kristin. I was mad at hear because I thought she doesn’t like me (as a sister). Then I just ignored her every time she talked to me. What should I do? I don’t want us to fight like forever, and it has been three months since the fight. I don want us to end up in a broken fight just because of a sibling (thing) fght. I will also apologize. What will she expect when I do? I’m really nervous, and shy. 🙁 help!

  • Also, she’s a very defensive girl. If I try to make up with her, she might get more mad than before, although I will add up the detail that it was my fault. Right now she has her period and she goes through mood swings…. how will she react???

    • TheHopeLine Team

      Angelica, How about talking to a HopeCoach about what is going on with your sister. Call 800.394.4673 or click on “Get Help” to chat. If you want download our free app to your phone to chat, get an email mentor and get encouraged here is the link to download it. http://thehope.dm/thlmobileapp

  • sandra

    My best friend was mad at me because she felt I was replacing her with this other good friend of mine. We solved it by when she came over to me and said really politely that she was sorry for being so grumpy and mean but said what she felt and basically followed what this website said and thank you sooo much we have made up as friends and I’ll just do abit of mending to make us bffs again. Thank you so much!

  • sam

    iam not talking to my best friend since 2 days
    she is my best friend and i love her i cant iamgin how to live with out her
    she is my person please tell me a way to make her fall for me …. i read all your advises but none of them worked please please help me i really love her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do smting

  • Zephanin

    It did help a lot but, I don’t know what I did that was so wrong, I was at her place with a couple of friends, we were all talking, laughing and playing together, and all of a sudden, she just became really upset, I have no idea why, cause she wouldn’t tell, she just kept saying that she wasn’t upset, and I know she was, I can see it in her facial expressions. Please help me, I don’t know if I’m able to talk to her anymore cause I’m afraid that I’ll make it worse. I’m really bad at wording things correctly. Anyway my confidence just dropped suddenly, now I don’t even wanna talk to my mum about it. Btw I’m 15 and she’s 12, but she looks more mature than her age. Any advice?

    • Agressive-Pizza

      she probably got jealous that you were having a great time with the others.

  • gihan

    you can get for her a gift and a joke i had a friend that dont talk to me from 1 year and i get for her a gift and comedy folder i put a tisseu and i said if you wanna cry there is the tissue and i put jokes

  • leah

    my best friend (Lets call her maddie) got mad at me today because she got a text from her old friend who hated me (lets call her jane) saying that years ago i was at a party and i was talking bad about her with another girl (lets call her chloe). Maddie was chatting with jane today and jane reminded her of the time when i said that (and i dont even remember it and we weren’t friends then so i didn’t even know her) . she just started chatting to me saying oh why did u backstab me and blah blah blah .now shes saying that someone she trusts said that i said something bad about her in the past month. I absolutely didnt and this is really worrying me. when maddie gets mad she like completly ignores u and just hangs out with ur other friends. shes very good at holding a grudge for a long time and we have to work in a group together tomorrow. what should i do? pls answer quick! ;(

  • Nina Andrianidis

    let her know how u feel. come clear. wait for some time (a week or sth to let her think). if she doesnt respond to your “quests” then just move on.

  • daniel

    Hello everyone.I have a BFF(lets call him Ben) and only today we We fought and he’s very mad on me so can anyone please say me wat to do?

  • louie

    I’m a guy, and my friend is a girl. She and I were best friends, until she got in a conflict with my girlfriend an now she hates me. She says I’m a coward for not doing anything. I really want to be friends with her cause we always had so much fun together. She keeps saying she doesn’t want me in her life, but she texted me not too long ago asking how I was. Please help me

    • snowball257

      I have the same problem only my friend is a guy and he brought his ex gf to me knowing we dont like each other and he id telling me to get over it because his ex already has

  • supernova_14

    me and my best friend on she’s mad at me just for me talking to her ex boyfriend but I only ask him a question(like one question because I’m getting weaker on my arm’s muscles) because he’s on the sports team and I need to ask him to help me with my arm strength but then she got really mad at me and hasn’t talked to me for like a week what do I do and I saw her today and she avoided me like I was deadly poison and I feel very sad and guilty and I just want it to be what we were before she got mad at me:'( any advice to give?

    • Miss Know It All

      Don’t feel guilty! You should only feel guilty if you’re going out with him. That’s a no no. (Or if your feeling his arm muscles). I still talk to my friend’s ex all the time.

  • sarah

    what should i do if my friend is mad at me because shes a third wheel in our group? like im always with another friend than her. i dont know what to do:( shes lonely because she doesnt have “the friend” that supports her and helps her with stuff. what can i do?

  • jezebell

    I have known my BFF for for more than 8 years we don’t go to school together and she won’t talk to me I said sorry a lot I mean a lot I don’t know what to do she is my life. She ditched me for a girl she is so mean I am so sad……..HELP!!!!!!

    • SABA Shakil

      omg like 8 years or more is a life line i think give her time or just hangout more !

  • Anonamous

    Me and my friend were playing around calling each other names and I said it to my bff and she freaked out and it was really mean if me and I didn’t know it was gonna hurt her so badly now she said she’s never ever gonna forgive me and is ignoring me. What do i do?

  • Concerned Friend

    I need some help. I have a friend, let’s call her friend A, and I have another friend, Friend B. Friend A has a friend named Friend C. Friend C is toxic, abusive and constantly putting Friend A down. The Friend B and Friend C are good friends. Friend B&C decide to pick on friend A, and it hurts me to see them that way, they’re usually so nice. I try to intervene (I’ve always been a peacemaker) and Friend B & C pick on me in a way that they know hurts me a lot. I got mad at friend B & C and friend B came to apologize. I forgave her and had a talk with her about how she becomes a different person around Friend C. Friend A & B decided to shun her. I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do. Can someone help me? Sorry if this was really confusing. Friend A is too blind to see that her friendship with Friend C is toxic and hurting her. How can I point out the truth (since she’s too blind to see it) without her getting mad at me (She’s sensitive) and how can we, as a group stand up to Friend C? Thanks for all your help. Apologies for the drama and confusion, I’m just really lost. Thanks!

    • Ally

      This is really short but, talk it out, you will never get it over with if you don’t. It’s not like all of a sudden POOF friendship back together without someone doing something about it. That someone needs or should be YOU

  • Yasmin

    My best friend doesn’t trust me. She trust her other “best friend” after everything my family has done for her.

    • Chilli wave

      I have a boy best friend who now says he can’t trust me after it all going so well I’m confused

  • fungirl

    so my bff have not been talking to me and being mean to me idk what I did wrong she only said hi to me and some mean stuff to

  • fungirl

    did the same thing to one of my friends and told her what happen and it was all good things

  • Philippa

    My best friend gets annoyed when I can’t text her, she thinks I’m purposely ignoring her, whereas I’m busy, what should I do?

  • ashley

    I told one of my other friends that my BFF had lice now she is mad at me and said directly at my face THIS FRIENDSHIP IS OVER I cried and I still am how do I get her back

    • Miss Know It All

      That is very dramatic. She ended your relationship because of LICE!! Go talk to her and state the obvious!

  • Autumn Clifton

    Are you And you friend cool now?

  • Anne hailey

    Yes, Samiksha! That is the best thing to do cassidy and also Samiksha , could you give me advice?

  • Guest

    Well Aria, if there isnt a reason then i wouldnt care to be her friend! You have alot more out there!

  • Wolf

    I’ve been best friends with my best friend for over 7 YEARS! I swear we have almost never have gotten into a real fight and if she was ever mad at me, she would always talk to me and be her normal self the very next day. But I discovered today that she’s mad at me?! We returned to school today from our break. I went to my friends locker today after school and she was there and she wasn’t talking and she didn’t even look up at me. She was on her phone and all of our friends were in a group chat and I was sending texts to my friends through the group chat and I peeked at her phone and I was blocked?! I REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! From what I can remember I never did anything to her, I haven’t spoken behind her back because she is such a good friend. I only see her 1st period every other day and I have made many new friends and I see them more often then her. But, she isn’t the known for being the jealous type. I’M VERY CONFUSED AND WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF SOMEONE GAVE ME SOME ADVICE!

  • ThatGuy

    My class is having a plant project for school. It’s being graded but I accidentally ruined his plant by dropping something on it. I’m afraid what to tell him. We’ve been friends and I don’t want the school year to end like this while he’s angry at me. Help?

  • Fofa

    i blamed my friend of a problem and she was travelling to india by the school and no one of the our group didn’t go except her so my friends warned me not to tell her so i don’t ruin her vacation so i told her because i knew that i didi something wrong and my heart keeps pounding and it was i was having a heart attack so my friends kept being mad at me and we were fighting then 2 of my friends forgived me (we are a group of 3) but the other friend was mad at me and kept fighting and in the end she told me that its wrong thing that i trusted you and became your friend so I’m done with her and i don’t care about her and i appoligized to her she kept fighting and tomorrow my friend which is coming back from india is coming and ia m really scared and i don’t know what to do plaesseeeeeee someone tell me what to do ASAP


    Hi so my friend is pissed at me because well… I don’t know why she just sunddenly got moody at me

    • Jesslynne


  • Emma

    me and my friend have been best friends since 1st grade (5 years) and then a new girl came to our school and she was really shy and so i invited her to come hang out with us. but then my friend thought i was picking the new girl over her her so she went and found a new group of friends. and now my so called “best friend” is saying that all I do is disapiont her and that im a horrible person and things like that. I really loved her though and i want her to stop beibg mad at me but i dont know if i should try to get her to become friends with me again. HELP PLEASE!

  • Guest

    Well my best friend isnt mad at me. I have quite alot of best friends but i have 3 mains. One of them is shy but i lnow i can alwaus be with her but sometimes its awkward, the other two are both bestfriends. I was friends with one of them first and we have alot in common but then the other one came along and kindof stole her away from me. They both really like me as a friend but they seem to like each other more than they like me. Basically i feel left out.

  • mjgea

    Helppp? I am teasing my bestfriend by pulling her strap in the back which is her bra and she got mad at me and I said sorry but shes ignoring me. and yes I did a really wrong thing.but iddnt knew that shes going to get mad at me. and I know I am silly that time. please dont laugh at me.but please help thanks.

  • Jesslynne

    Me and my friend got in a huge fight. She refuses to even let me talk to her. I can’t apologize if I can’t talk to her right? She keeps giving me dirty looks and I don’t know what to do!

  • Jesslynne

    Give it time!

  • Navya

    I told a guy that my friend liked her, when she didn’t. I realized I was being mean about this and I shouldn’t have done that. How can she ever be my friend again?

  • Alexis

    Well I told on my friend cuz she was doing something I disapproved of and now she’s mad at me… I tried contacting her and gave her a long message and when we say Olaf it means I love you in a best friend way… And I wrote that at the end and she replied give me sometime… Olaf and the next day we didn’t talk at all to each other so what should I do?

  • Demon_Salyer561

    I have a best friend and her boyfriend is being a d**k mostly to me because, before they went out we WERE friends and now we hate each other and just told my friend to not to talk to her with her boyfriend by her side but i’m going to keep doing what i’m doing. >:)

  • TheHopeLine

    Jayda, I’m so sorry you are having problems with your friend. It’s hard when someone we care about doesn’t return the same feelings and respect. It’s also important to talk to someone about what is going on and to also tell someone about your friend that may be suicidal. We’d like to listen and guide you through this at TheHopeLine. Please call 800.394.4673 or chat with a HopeCoach at http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp. We also have an app you can download to get help too at http://thehope.dm/thlmobileapp


    My best freind forever and she always mad at me for a reason i need advice

  • bubblefun9901

    I feel my friend is ditching me for no reason like I did something wrong. Her other friend told her I did something which I didn’t and I am afraid I lost her to the other friend. I don’t know if she was just a bit cold for a day or she genuinely doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore. Any advice?! Xxx

  • jeanette

    Just dont tell a lie and when she dosent want to talk leave her alone or try to see whats the matter

  • jeanette

    Same here

  • ximena

    My friend is mad because I told her I don’t like her boyfriend because he is really mean to me since we were small and I said a lot of things about him.

  • maddie

    my best friend who i have been friends with since i was born is ignoring me and not answering my calls, and i don’t know if I’ve done something wrong or if she has just moved on, but i can’t get a hold of her, i called her once and her little brother answered, and i could hear her in the background telling him to say she was not there. also, she is very private so i can’t ask her…..

  • Ganesh Salian

    Me and my best friend have recently have hard times.It all started with her not talking to me and I had always found this strange and wanted to know why she isn’t talking to me as she was one of the most closest and most important friends I had. and I have also always protected her whenever she wanted me to and also been with her in her bad times.Then,I tried my level best to know the reason,unforunately she never did reveal it.Few days later,I come to know from her friend that she isn’t talking to me because someone had spread rumors that I was talking bad about her behind her back (I also knew the person who spread the rumors and told her about it yet she didn’t belive me) and I was shocked to know she actually believed.For 3 months,I was in a bad state and was in a state of anger.After that,we met and she behaved strang which forcibly made me to lie about her and which created a lot of problems.I realized few months back that what I did was wrong and should seek forgiveness.I tried many times to get in touch with her to apologize,she never responds.I tried even face to face,but now,I think it’s too late yet I want her back as she has meant a lot to me.At the moment,I don’t have any idea what step to be taken

  • isabel

    My friend is mad at me and she wont tell me why so I got mad at her becomes she is telling all the secrets that I told her to other people what do I do and I don’t won’t to loose her because this is my last year in elementary school and my friend is what helps Me be strong when I feel bad.

  • Mikaela Nicole

    You need to bond with your friend. That way, you had many time together.

  • Mikaela Nicole

    If your friend do not want to talk to you, give her a time. Sometimes, the only way to resolve the item is by letting time pass. Maybe one day, she will eager to talk to you.

  • SpOok

    hey me and my best friend have known each other ever since I could remember. Recently I did something that upseted him, I immediately confronted the issue and told him how sorry I am and what not, at first he seemed kinda pissed but eventually forgave me, however I’ve been hearing roomers lately that he’s been talking behind my back, and that we’ve known each other for a long time and how could I have done that to him, clearly he hasn’t forgiven me, so I was wondering how can I make things right, should I confront him again, will that make things right or worse…

  • Isabelle

    I told this guy that my friend liked him but she meant as a friend. I didnt know she meant as a friend and now she wont talk to me. What do I do???????????

    • Claudia

      I told my best friend’s crush that she used to like him and that she likes someone else some boy barged in on the conversation and told my best friend you like him and now she is mad at me and cried and feels embarrassed what do i do

  • Lucey

    Me and my best friend have been fighting for a while, and it’s almost the end of the school year. After that she’s moving across the country. I afraid we’ll never make up- what should I do?

  • mallory

    I doint know why what to say about it she mad problem I feel emotional how I feeling I say no I doint want to do this anymore I cant take it anymore I want change everything change my name all this memories all about me sad songs makes me crying my heart out want to do this cry my broken heart had enough im done with her

  • amanda

    Im having the exact same problem with my “friend” where I apoligized many times but now she just wants to ditch me for some other people and I think that’s pretty messed up

  • Sha

    My best friend is mad at me now and said that I treated her as a spare tyre and which I dint even think that way…I just have my problems(me and my other friend quarrelling also)and wanted to tell her but I couldn’t find a right timing and just followed her she is a friend who I always shared my problems with and now when she is angry at me she told the rest of my fiend not to be with me…

  • aly

    I hate this one girl my friend is friends with, so i said something really mean about her and my friend got really mad. she said she didn’t want to be friends anymore. i said i was sorry and that i loved her and everything but she hasn’t been replying for the past month. what should i do.

  • Mcmichael

    Hey so my friend and I got in a fight bc I got mad at her bc she was going to stop being friends with me bc I was being mean to her other friend and than I texted her and told her I was done and didn’t care about her and that the biggest mistake I have ever made was being friends with u and said I never wanted her back and she never was a true friend and than her mom texted me bc I made her cry and I felt so bad I tried saying sorry but she told me to leave her alone and she told me to stay out of her life and she blocked me one everything but now I regret saying that and I want her back so much like I miss her a lot I’d do anything to get her back but i dont know how Too get her back and she won’t talk or anything? And I like want another chance I want to start over but how do I do that with her and how do I prove to her that I really care and miss her ???

  • another_person

    my friend and i promised that we would tell each other our secret but ive found i she told most her problem to our other friend and that made me mad. i mean, i told ALL my problems to her. and if anything happens to her, i am not the first person she would tell. we haven’t been really talk like a week and she didnt ask me to sit down and discuss our fight and pretend everything’s fine, and suddenly today she apologized to me. i dont know what to say so i just sighed and kept quiet. are we really friends?

  • Johan le Grange

    well my best friend assaulted me and tried to kill me, after I didn’t stop asking him what was wrong. How is this in any world normal behavior that one can forgive. I am going to leave this “relationship” because friend’s don’t do that!

  • Ally

    hey people! Quick question my friend has forgiven me and um what do I say back?

    • annalynna

      I love you, or hug them or thank you, I missed you like heck… Ally, that’s my ex-bff’s name *cries*

  • Allylynna

    I have a friend, we had someone drive a wedge between us, someone I hated, who lies, and her lies separated me and my friend. We’ve been friends for 2 years, but we know each other so well. We talked every day and every night. Now, we aren’t talking, I won’t see her till October but right now, it really hurts. We haven’t talked in 5 months except she said hi at a public event, but I wasn’t entirely sure if she was talking to me. I miss her, but I hope I can clear the air in Oct. Any advice?

    • TroubledGirl

      I’ve just started the eight grade and my teacher give a lot of homework My closest friend is mad at me cause I don’t text her as often as I used to do. It started this week I don’t what to do. I’ve tried apologizing and it’s not working as I thought it would. She thinks I’m purposely avoiding but I’m just busy now a days. I want her to understand that I can’t text her 24/7. My other friend is also mad. I feel as if they’re talking about me behind my back but I’m not sure tbh. I also had personal household problem is another reasons. But I feel as if they think I’m making up excuses but I’m not. I’ve been in a similar situation 2 years ago but with these group a girls but I don’t want it to repeat. Also on Instagram I’m not that active cause I don’t post much and they expect to like all their pictures and comment and I honestly don’t have the time or don’t really want to. We have been through a lot and have been good to me and invite me to many things and helped me on personal problems. Are they worth it?

  • Allylynn

    We are in a similar place here. The thing is, with me, I lost her, because I didn’t stand up and talk to her. But I still could mend things, I can call her right now, but I won’t. I will see her in Oct. Don’t go out of your way if you are uneasy to see her, maybe at a public event? The last couple of months of our friendship, she left me alone at school for some jerk and then went on to date her brother, which made things worse. I loved her like a sister, that’s why I am going to try and fix things. Just try to recal any and all good times with her. If there are few of these and something doesn’t seem right, she may not be the friend you thought she was. Good luck Kenzie

  • lilly

    I am part of some friend groups. i sit with one group at lunch one group at choir. the group i sit with at lunch keeps asking me to sit with them at choir but i really dont want to and there great friends but i dont know what to do the group i sit with at choir is a little more popular than that group. Im worried they think im going to leave them like i did last year, which was a dumb thing. the tiny bit more popluar group says that if i feel concered about what they think and i feel hurt by them i shouldnt be friends with them, but at the same time they know i cant do that. Im way too nice and there really good friends. I really need help. the one group i sit with at lunch one of the girls sent me something today saying “your such a good friend” i was so confused, and i replied saying “okay?” she hasnt sent me anything since then. i dont know what to do can anyone help me please. thanks for listening.

  • poop

    thnx this did help alot

  • tron

    what do you do when they tell you to stop talking to you and to delete all their contact info

  • Adison childress

    Thnx this really helped me and my friends

  • Lea

    Omg same! I just asked her what she expected from me and she said what she wanted and also admitted that she has done som mistakes. Find the right moment of the day to talk to her (alone).

  • Camber Hood

    Me and my friend have been along our sides for 7 years and I messed up big time and I know none of this will help what do I do now? ;-((

  • medina curtis

    MY best friend is SO mad at me cause im dating and shes a real sassy person and i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Layona

    Me and my bestfriend celeis have been friends for 4 years. She thinks I’m mad at her , but I’m not mad at her. Ive been ignoring her because this boy named ramon sometimes messes with me or play around with me and she’s his best bestfriend. But I tell her , she will get mad at me. So Today I was gonna talk to her , but I don’t know if she wants to talk to me. What should I do? Should I not be her friend or… ????

  • Sienna

    Me and my friend are fighting over sprite cans and sh did net llook at me In school what should I do when I called her I said 5 words and she hung up what should I do ?

    • Luke

      Your friend gets very mad like my friend. U need to give them time. Not to scare u, but that same friend was mad at me for 2 months and wouldn’t talk to me. I doubt that will happen to u

    • PleaseLetLifeBePeaceful

      Just act sorry and say to her what shall I do to make it up to you. It will help

  • Dan

    What do I do if let’s say, me and my ex are trying to me be friends again. Anytime I try to talk to her she will only give me one word replies! I’ve tried asking her friend, what I should do about it and if she could relay dome messages for me. And it seems as if my ex is still mad at me for something! I am ftm transgender and she thinks me coming out was a “way to get attention” and she is still mad for “other things” that she won’t say. So what do I do!! Please reply ASAP!

  • Kenzie

    My friend well she’s a very difficult person to handle. She argues with me all the time I try to talk to her but she just ignores me either that or she’ll just say stuff like get out of my way and stuff she used to act like she cared about me but now I’m sure she was just doing it for attention because no one like her, sadly everyone tries to avoid her cause she kind of says things that aren’t necessary what do I do????? Help me I’m lost!!!

  • Alyssa

    My friend was getting bullied so I told the people to stop it and she got mad and won’t talk to me

    • Lola

      Wow that’s dumb

      • Cassie

        Lol Ikr

  • hailey

    i did something with my friend and our parents found out its super awkward between us and hes mad what do i do?

  • secret

    ok well I would say if she really was your friend she wouldaof stayed. But if you truly belive she liked you I would say don’t stress about it. Don’t let it change your life. stay the positive person you are. If she is your friend then she will realize no one could replace you.

  • mallory

    my friend is really mad at me and my slumber party is tommorow

  • Hannah

    So my best friend and I got into a fight about the stupidest thing. We were in a group chat and I couldn’t take her out and so I told her to stop talking in it everyone else did but her. I asked again nicely and then she started getting mad for no reason and she said I do it all the time do something mean and then expect her to forgive me but she is the one who does that. Plz tell me what to do we haven’t talked in 3 weeks

    • SABA Shakil

      i would say i freind like hers got mad at this is useless
      if she usually get mad then .. shes not worth it

  • alayna

    I have this great best friend and she is super nice so when people are mean to her she cries; when they make up with her those two act like besties. I am the one who is helping her and she acts like I am not there sometimes. I get uper jealous but don’t say anything. then she asks what is wrong I just get really mad at her but don’t mean to. what should I DO?

  • Melanie

    Help please!
    My friend and I fought over some stupid game app which has a so-called ‘club’ and you basically are able to talk in the club with people from all over the place and stuff. She invited her friend to the game as well, but her friend quit after a few months. After a few days, one of my top star member informed me of how she left the club and found a new one due to the lack of member presence, so I decided that I had to do something about it to help prevent anyother situations such as this. And because the club is very competitive (more like I want it to be) I notified everyone in the club who were inactive for more than 3 days (it was also the criteria I set up in the beginning for new members who would join us since I was the club admin and I stuck to the rule) Seeing the attendance tracker including half the members also including my friend, I sent them a notification/message thing on their board informing them of their currect slip of attendance and how they have the remaining hour to follow up on their attendance. After an hour, I deleted those who haven’t done anything about it….my friend includingly.
    In that same moment, I got a facebook message back from an upset friend who refused to go back to the club (which I said that she could go back if she wanted to) and I had to defend my stance by telling her that she could’ve quit the game just like the friend she invited since she must’ve been busy. She responded back (violently) and refused (once again) to decide if she wanted to come back. The minute I bound to apologize, she responds back with “I don’t care anymore” and “I have better things to do then talk to you.”
    A week later, we’ve been ignoring eachother ever since. I would (used to) sit next to her, especially in majority of my classes, and (thank the lord we don’t have assigned seats with eachother) would now find my seat on the opposite side of the room. Also, (if I may) I had Art Club and my other friend had issues as well. Ok….well…let’s start off here: Ehem
    Ah, finally ART CLUUUUUUB!! I flung my backpack at an open seat as I sat down. There’s usually people at the table I sat in but because I came extra early ( happy ) I was first. Then, the trio came (the table buddies I just mentioned) and sat. One of them was my closest friend, let’s just name her friend A, the second one was friend B and the guy friend is friend C. So friend A sat down and began working (she’s a pretty hard worker) and friend B was just a little absent-minded and easy amazed. Friend C was quite the power ball himself, he was very happy-go lucky carefree dude. So, me and friend A were having a good time minding our own business and friend B just watched friend A while friend C couldn’t keep still.
    Friend A went to go get some water since she was working with clay.
    Friend C sneaked to where friend A’s clay was at and began drawing a smiley face on the clay. He then ran back to his seat.
    Friend A returned back with a fresh bowl of water and came back to the smiley face (which made her frown)
    Friend A then stared at me (wow, she really doesn’t trust me) and begins scolding me about touching her stuff.
    Friend C starts laughing as I begin admitting to Friend A that I didn’t do it.
    Friend A goes back to get some paper towels for the water.
    Friend B grabs a part of the clay that’s supposed to be shaped as an arm for the clay figure and she begins looking at it.
    Friend A returns again but with paper towels and sees friend B touching her stuff.
    Friend A says she’s in a really bad mood and looks to everyone at the table, especially to me.
    Friend C throws paper ball at Friend A’s face right after her speech and she gets up, opens the door and leaves the room.
    Friend C admits he went too far.
    Friend B didn’t mean to touch the “arm”
    And Friend A is gone.
    I stood up telling the other two that we had to go look for Friend A.
    I helped save the clay for Friend A and Friend B helps carry Friend A’s stuff.
    Friend C tags along (even tho we told him not to) and we find friend A in the bathroom staring at the mirror.
    Friend A stares back at us from mirror and says “Not Today!” And leaves.
    Friend B calls out that she has her stuff and Friend A keeps moving.
    Eventually, she came back to steal her stuff back and leaves with her older brother. I tried to call her and say “Friend A, wait!” But she quickened her pace and left. Tomorrow is the upcoming book club I have with friend A, and the friend I mentioned in the beginning of this whole thing. I fear that they’ll team up with each other, leaving me like this.

    • Mandie

      Oh dear!!!
      Complicating problems

  • SABA Shakil

    Me and my best friend have almost completed an year of friendship nd because of the 3 friend she had i think shes leaving me i tried asking her what did i do she said nothings wrong !
    and that 3 person was a really good friend of her in her group of friends .
    nd i dont know if she has completly ditched me or no but that 3 person is talking to me totally normal

    i need hellp pls !!!

  • SABA Shakil

    i would say give her time if it was jus a weeks talk maybe she had problems in her family just saying u knoww !!

  • SABA Shakil

    really this is the same story as mine did u try ask her y is she going with the 3 person leaving u like there might me something she likes in her !
    and dont get jealous or mad at the 3 person if u dont know her like if they friends before u came then that my be a different issue soo …
    thats all the advice i could give

  • luke

    I have a similar situation except when I try to talk to my friend he gets super angry I don’t know what to do. If your friend cares about u he or she will forgive u, but give them time and ask what u can do to make it up. Hopefully your friend is easily forgiving, mine is not. I cannot stay mad at anyone, or I get really stressed out

    • Unknown

      Same here. I apologized to my friend millions of times and I keep saying sorry and she doesn’t even care. She keeps saying “bye forever” and “i dont care about you”. No matter what I say, nothing changes…. And I didn’t even do anything tbhv

  • Bryce

    My friend is dating Piper online, he met her at Instagram, and I said to him, he probably shouldn’t do it cause you are dating her online and don’t know her in real life. He got mad and thought I’m jealous and him and his gf wont talk to me, and ?

  • Misssobbs

    Hi my friend just walked in school mad and won’t talk to anyone!! Please help!!

  • Imelda Carmona

    Me and my best friend had an argument but we were still talking then the next day she got mad at me and I don’t Necessarily Know why? she also won’t reply to any of my texts ?Help!!! ??

  • Grace

    my friend got mad at me for having to go when we were video chatting and she was having family problems but she is pissed. I NEED HELP!!!! what do i do

  • kitty

    My best friend for a while now keeps saying she is mad at me and never doing “it” again but i have no clue what it is that i was doing wrong and i asked her if she would tell me but instead she insisted on being an even bigger bitch snd saying oh theirs noting wrong and i will tell you later what should i do

  • Carl

    hey I have a crush on this girl for almost 2 month I asked her out and we have been friends for a while ounce me and my brother and some other friends and her had a nerf war.She got mad at my time for cheating when I didn’t. we haven’t talked in about a while. Then we got over that. Then when me,a friend, and her sat together in class when we were doing our homework from other classes the phone rang and my friend sai “dang that phone sounds like cancer” )not being mean( (and my my friend and the friend (girl) didn’t like each other) then she said “well you need cancer” then I told her don’t talk about it (because my friend’s dog died from cancer like 3 months ago” Then they started fighting.(with words no physical) Then she got mad at me. I looked other places how to solve it then it said I needed to just be patient so yah… now im about to talk to her later but she doesn’t want too. and which one should I pick my best friend (boy) or friend that I have a crush on (we have been having a well complicated friend ship “like we hold hands and stuff” (no kiss yet…) so what should I do!

  • molly

    my friend is mad at me cuz i told my other friend that she likes this other guy whih she told me and she says it was a lie but it prob wasnt cuz she told me int eh art room after chourus

  • molly

    thx 4 the tips

  • Cassie

    My “bestfriend” is being really mean to me, and she is lying to me. She has always talked to me about others and stuff and I heard her talking about me behind my back. I keep confronting her, but she denies.
    What should I do?

  • Cassie

    My bestfriend has been talking behind my back and I confront her but she denies. I can’t get her to tell the truth.
    She’s been spying on me, and she’s still denying.

    • This is such a hard struggle. I am sorry your friend is being so secretive and dishonest. HopeCoaches are here to listen and give great insights – 24/7 Here is the link to connect with us… http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/
      We care about you and want to help.

    • Biranna

      What I think you should do is tell her to tell the truth but dont forget to add I WON’T GET ANGRY. One of my friends did it to me when they thought I laughed at them which I did (whoops :() and then when she said I wont get angry I told the truth.

  • L.

    Ok, I have an issue. I kind of invaded my friend’s relationship. She and her boyfriend started dating about 2 – 3 days ago. I kept a secret to another friend that I said ” Their relationship is not going to last long “. But after I said that to him. I regretted it, today she found out. Because she forced him to tell her what the secret was, I tried to apologies but, she said ” Sorry isn’t good enough “. Also she said ” She said she had enough of me “. Of course I was hurt, back than I was being too judgemental, I still want to be friends and all. But I don’t think she will become my friend again, I don’t want my whole class to find out because they might hate me, also she and her boyfriend is in the same class as me. Please help me.

  • Vball916

    Me and my friend have been BFFs for 9 years. Now she won’t really talk to me or our other friends and I don’t know what I did wrong. How do I start an apology with her?

  • Daniel

    My bestfriend crush sent me a nude and he is mad at me. And won’t talk to me. What should I do??????!!!!));

  • Esther Yeo

    Me n my friend met again after 5 years graduated from high school ~ I realise she was my only comfort friend until I lose her~~ Past 2 years, She alway be there for me anytime when needed ~~
    The reason why I lost her as a friend bec I over protected myself I cant fully trust her bec she ever back stab me before during the past ~ we are good friends again past 2 years ..we used to hang around making fun with each others .. I enjoyed and laughed alot.. but when we fight its reminded me what she had did to me in the past.. I just cant trust her 100% bec she dont even know wat she did to me in the past..until one day we fight again bec I accidentally mention somethings that hurts her feelings but i dont really mean it ~ I did apologise to her after incident ~ but no respond after months i guess she still mad and doesnt want to be friend with me anymore ..I know i shall move on but I miss my friend .. I cant find another comfort like her ..

  • avatar23

    me and this girl were best friends, i mean it seemed like we could talk for hours and hours straight and this guy framed me and she does not believe me and every time i try to talk to her she just walks away. She has been mad at me for 1 month and 16 days and the school year is about to be over and i am moving to California and i just don’t know what to do

  • Azra

    So my friend saw a conversation that I was talking about her because she wasn’t talking to me and I might’ve called and now she’s mad at me what do I do?

  • Juliana

    Just try getting over her because if she can’t see your sorry then forget it.Me and this girl Jessica in my class got into a fight because she thought I said something about one of her stupid crushes.Then she started crying so all my friends would feel bad for her.I lost a lot of friends because she was mad at me.Then she started throwing all her problems on me by saying I started rumors about her.Even though I didn’t.Yesterday I told her I didn’t say something and then she apparently started fake crying again at home and said she lost friends because of me even though I was losing them not her.All her little friends started jumping on me then even her mom texted me.I never told my mom because she will be mad I never said nothing.Sometimes you just have to move on.

  • Cass

    I told her crush/my friend that she likes him. Then, when she found out, I tried to blame my other friend. Now the guy she likes/my friend is mad because I blamed the other friend, the friend is mad I told him, my other two friends are mad, and my half friend is mad because I started all this drama. Now I have to go face the problem at school tmrw. Wish me luck I hope they forgive me for this huge mistake. My boyfriend is gonna be notified of this drama soon (by me) and I hope he doesn’t get mad too. I’ve already apologized to as many of them as I could call from my cell. What can I do?

  • Julia

    My friend and I were hanging out, and then I had to go clean my room, and I said I would call her after, but she didn’t believe me, she thought I would forget. So I went home and was going to prove her wrong but then I had to run errands for a couple of hours, so when I finally called her she got mad at me and I tried to tell her but she didn’t believe me. 🙁

  • Timelordess


  • carol

    my friend thinks I’m a psycho cause I said I would kill her for something she said as a joke..

  • Nicky

    I need help with a lot of things. My best friend called me fake because I was talking about her and her boyfriend. How can I get me an her close again?

  • KT

    My bff thinks I told her crush that she likes him. I told her that I would never do that, but she doesn’t believe me. She’s stopped talking to me, and when she does speak to me, it’s either a threat that she will tell my crush that I like him, or she says she is done with me. We’ve been best friends since 2nd grade (5 years) She is the one person that I know I can talk to about anything. She was the only person I told when my mom had cancer. I don’t want to lose her, so what should I do?

  • Jordan P.

    my best friend from kinder garden(day 1) is leaving me for someone (S) she met last year. they always getting in fight. that girl is ruining our friendship and she doesn’t know it but i do……….. I feel left out all the time because they are ALWAYS laughing and playing together and i be looking all sad and lost. Day 1 is mad at me because S lied on me……… someone help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz day and S are talking about me behind my back and always making it noticable. I cant deal with it no more

  • ksfalod

    Hy i want to know that how can i understand my best friend then other.

  • Mary Gomez

    My best friend is mad at me she’s receiving my messages and reading them but she doesn’t reply. I don’t know what to do my heart is literally broken right now.

  • nya

    I made a fake snap chat account to see if I was a friend bestfriend or nothing to my bestfriend she figured it out and she’s really mad and won’t talk
    What do I do

  • kelsey

    hi my friend is really angry at me for something i did which i feel really bad about and now she is completely ignoring me and ive told her im sorry and everything but i dont know what else to do ? please help x

  • Emme Sullivan

    Me and my friend (i just met him 2 months ago) we are close and he wanted me to do something but i didnt and know he is mad at me. What should I do? This friendship is important to me. 🙁 </3

  • Guest

    None of this will work because when she’s mad at me she won’t talk to me, AT ALL.

  • dazy

    I don’t get it! I made a friend at school and became best friends. she had two old friends which I became friends with too. we started hanging out in lunch together having fun. we trusted each other until. one day I was with one of my friends and then my other friend came with us we were looking for my best friend and then we found her and her instead of hugging me or telling me hi she did that to one of our friends and I felt bad. so they said they were going to the restroom so I stayed with our other friend and we went to the library and then there was our other friend. I told them ‘hey lets go with our other two friends that went to the restroom’ one of my friends said ” I think that when marissa is with angie she ignores us, they both ignore us when there together” and I told my other friend to be honest I think that’s true and then she said yes I do too. so then we started walking and I told them can you guys please take me to the girls lockers ima change for p.e. so they took me and I send my friend angie a message saying ” hey I think its true what Marissa said” but I didn’t really mean to say her name I meant to say our other friends name and thas how everything started!! now there all mad me I don’t know what to do. they don’t trust me and they don’t like me no more! wha sould I do?

  • Joanna West

    I accidenally said something really messed up when I was mad to one of our friends about her and she is hearbroken and hates me. I did all those steps and she still hates me. Her family doesn’t want her to talk to me. She blocked me on several social media sites. What else can I do? I don’t want to lose her. She’s like my sister.

  • Lily

    I like to get my best friend stuff and it makes her really really happy. So I got her something and she wanted to know where I got it. She got mad at me because i told her “I don’t want to tell you because it will give away what it is.” She’s mad at me and I don’t know what to do.

  • Alicia

    My friend is blaming me for some small things and saying that I did something when I was just trying to help (I think this was the biggest thing). My friend was being gossiped about and I told my friend and she texted the person who gossiped about her and the person denied it and said she didn’t say anything. Then I got blamed that I made the story up and frames the other girl.


    hey, so I have a guy best friend since 3 years and recently his other best friend started telling him and everyone that I was spreading wrong rumours about him. The rumour was that he had feelings for me while he was in a relationship. He is not talking to me and believing the other guy, what should I do? The other guy won’t admit he is wrong and my best friend is becoming distant now.

  • Leabeth

    My friend was dating my no1 bff we have Been f for just over a year and he would do anything for me and I would do anything for him so me and my friend went to the cinima and she meet a guy witch was also a friend she loved my bff aloud but likes this guy more when we went home they started dating and she was gonna break up with my bff in the morning when he came over but he hates me and her now he says it’s my fault for not telling him and saying I was gonna tell him face to face and idk what to do I want him back but u can tell he will be mad forever

  • Rossella

    I told our best friend my best friends crush code name but that friend knows Who Is it but didn’t know the code name what can I do:((

  • dy

    hi so i really need help because ive done something stupid to my friend for 8 years and she is really disappointed at me because i conducted an trial with my other friends to ignore my friend (for 8 years) for a day but we realized that while planning the trial, we are already starting it because we didnt pay attention(ignored) my friend (for 8 years) for about a week just by just planning. i really need help because we havent talked for half a month(christmas vacation) + 2 days(school) and one of my friends said that our friendship is already damaged. i tried apologizing a lot of times but she ignored me (friend for 8 years). what should i do???

  • tyler

    hey. so i have a friend who caught me talking bout her with my other friend and its been months since i talked to her what should i do?

  • Cassie

    I yelled at my best friend for telling my sister to run away from me and told her that she needed to stop but it turns out my sister lied. Now my best friend wont talk to me so i cant tell her that i was wrong to do that and that i’m sorry.

  • Cassie

    I yelled at my best friend for telling my sister to run away from me because that’s what my sister said had happened. Currently my best friend is ignoring me so i cant say sorry.

  • Sofia

    My two best friends (three’s a crowd), had a sleepover, without me. And we still have an awkward relationship… they are prone to ignoring me, for 5-45 minutes. Should I still call them my friend?

  • Kate

    Me and my friend haven’t been friends for very long and she is the only one I have so I am clingy and feel left out and hurt when she is with someone else. I tried to talk to her but the words came out wrong and we had a big fight. When I try not to be clingy later in I get more clingy and I feel really bad but she said she’s done. I feel awful. What do I do? I want to give her space but also talk it through as soon as possible

  • Kate

    Me and my friend haven’t been friends very long and she is the only friend I have and I am clingy and when she is with other people I feel left out and hurt. I wanted to talk about it but the words came out wrong and we had a huge fight. I apologized like ten times and she won’t talk to me and she said she was done. I really care about her. What do I do?

  • Mackenzie

    Hey, I have a best friend and we were friends when we were about 2 years old. Its been a long journey together. But we do get in fights. But this one is bigger… she thinks that I don’t care about her anymore. Instead of coming to me for advice or just someone to talk to.. she goes to someone else. She also sometimes acts like she doesn’t even have a best friend around people. I feel offended and sad at the same time. And idk what to do. I’ve gave it time.. and told her many long apologies
    Please help!!

  • Em

    I have a friendship group of 3. Me and 1 of my friends play a lot of video games etc, and my other is more like me when it comes to emotional problems, sort etc. But me and my gaming friend have made her feel left out these couple of days. She was really hurt and I knew she was crying when she messaged us on our group chat to tell us. Any advise for when I see her tomorrow? :c

  • me

    My friend is mad at me and she is driving everyone away from me, idk how to talk to her bc she is always pissed and i struggle to make her smile

  • angie

    and if i wait the things are going to get worse i tell my self that i don’t care but n the inside i actually really care

  • angie

    plz help

  • angie

    i don’t know what to do

  • angie

    hi my friend was really sad because i told her that a true friend would no be so mean to her but she yelled at me and now she is back with my other friends that were mean to her and they always gosip about me

  • Mya

    my best friend yelled at one of my friends for eatting nasty food and when everyone yelled at her back she got very upset and thought it was me.childish right and i dont want to choose sides i want them to both be friends.

  • Jordan Blevins

    My friend and I had conflict today and I called her a fake friend what should I do

  • mimi

    OMG same. My bff told my crush i liked him with my other friend and then they had a HUGE fight about it. I shouldve been mad

  • Guardian Angel Z

    -Wow this got long but there is so 💥much to say- please i need advice!💥
    Me and my friend was arguing today, what happend was that two weeks ago we figured that we could work together on a project (now you didn’t have to but we decided to do it) but i thought it was supposed to be sent in last week so i got really stressed and it was really late and i really forgot that we were going to work together, cause we didn’t say anything about it, so when i told her she got really mad and said how much of a horrible person i was and then she just cut me out and she tried to make me sad and mad by asking our other friend at lunch but ignore me and i didn’t comment on that or what she asked to the others cause i knew she would get pissed and we didn’t talk more at school
    then she called me and i said to her the same thing as i said before that yes it was my fault! I’m so sorry but i don’t know what to do, and i can help if you want. But she said she couldn’t trust me and i told her i have really bad memory and then she said i should go to a psychologist or a doctor so i could figure out why i can’t remember stuff and i was really offended, like so you think somethings wrong in my brain? And then she followed up with “I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, many people go to them to get help” but how many go to a psychologist for memory problems?
    Then she said she had no trust in me and then she continued about me forgeting about the project was like me forgeting her or forgeting to go to school, and the whole time i was crying cause i was so hurt cause all i wanted to do was to help and fix this but all she was doing was going of about me and saying that it wasn’t logical and how she thought i was lying and how bad my memory is and and i’m hurt cause it feels like i’ve just destroyed our friendship and the worst thing is that i tried to fix it and i listend the whole time and didn’t say anything mean but she continued to pick on small thing to try and say i was lying. Then after 40 mins of us arguing (mostly her ranting about how horrible i am) she said it was chill and she could do it and then i said goodluck to her and she pauses for a moment and sais “Eh, ok. Goodbye” like i was telling a lie.
    Btw i drew that picture that we were going to use and i’ll let you use it and then she came up with reasons that i had lied cause, i didn’t want to work with her, that i didn’t like her idea and things like that and i feel worthless, seriously even if i wanted to say something mean i didn’t, i stayed as calm as i could
    I did not interuppt
    i did not get defensive or anything why? Cause i didn’t want to make things worse
    But she didn’t think like that and she did all of them.
    I even offered to help but she dosn’t feel like im trustworthy enough.
    She said that everyone will agree that forgeting about that project that wasn’t even a set group project is the same thing as forgeting her, and she kept pointing that out and how bad my memory was.
    We are/were a small group of four and if she dosn’t want to be near me i can be with the other two.
    i have other friends but i’m never with them like a whole day.
    One thing she also said was “MAYBE i’ll can work with you again but that’s after some time”. Should i just wait? I really don’t feel like talking to her but, have i ruined our friendship? Like she was really REALLY pissed at me and she didn’t say one single thing that i could do to make it better she just continued with “well i haven’t done anything wrong” and “well i would say i’m sorry but i don’t have anything to be sorry about” so what can i even do?

  • Julian Grink

    My friend is butt hurt because i laughed when someone roasted him

  • N

    I came here because
    My friend request at video games and gets mad at me a lot
    I tried to get him to stop and express myself
    He just got even more mad

  • Sweetie

    Me and my best friends all together and we are four best friends and one of them just don’t wanted to be the other two friends we have to be there friend and just by that we have had five arguments going on and when ever we have on it is only me who have to apologies for being there friend .

  • Brinley

    My bestfriend and I got split apart because I told a few people a secret and the new girl that came in got into my buisness and spreaded rumors, the drama is gone now. They said they will drop it. I lied to my two best friends and I want to make them happy and talk to me again. The people they hang out with don’t like me and I can’t go ear them without getting called names and them saying “WE DON’T WANNA TALK TO YOU”. The girl who says that is e “leader” she controls all of my old friends and i want them to realise that they can break free and I aslo want another chance from them. Someone please help me!!

  • sunaina

    my best friend

  • sunaina

    i m having an issue with my best friend for some confidential reasons
    he gets annoyed by my little little things…
    he even doesn’t picks up my phone..
    what should i do…..
    i seriously need your help


  • paigeie2

    My friend thinks i was spreading rumors about her being in the mental institution and making suicide jokes about her amd i didnt and im not sure what to do.

  • sammy

    okay my best friend is mad at me because i had sex with a guy . And when she asked me if i had sex with him i replied no protecting her feelings. side note this was my ex boyfriend no she don’t have feelings for him. she’s really mad because i lied am i wrong after promising her i wouldn’t have sex with him?

  • Abby

    ME and my best friend have the greatest and weirdest relationship. We fight for stupid reasons but at the end of the day we’re not holding a grudge and we’re posting stuff about each other on Instagram. I love my Tori, who is my bff

  • Sharrina Woodson

    My and friend had been mad at me since Sunday night and told me why. She moved in another state but visited in my stat for her mom. But She texted me and said ‘I’m not gonna speak to you for awhile’ and I said wat did I do? And then she told me that I had not once hit her up asking to hang out but she did. She told me that we could go swimming and that her stepdad could pick me up but that couldnt happen cuz I was busy all that week. So now she is mad at me and doesnt text me like she used to. We have been best friends for almost 4 years andndont want our friendship to end because of this. What can I do?

  • Gaby Alzate

    this was amazing

  • Kiri


    So my best friend ( her name is sophia )
    told me things out of confindence but then i went and told other people ive said im sorry so many times and she wont forgive me what should i do help me

  • Kiri

    Kenzie ,
    ( Hi My name is Kiri )
    I am going through the same thing you were it seems to me like your friend was angry with you about maybe something you did to her or said that led to your fight and led to your downfall and then no longer friends so just let it settle in and take some time to think about what went wrong .

    * Can we be friends

  • American Psycho

    I rekindled a friendship with a female friend. Things were going fine, I saw her as just a friend and nothing more. Three months ago she was diagnosed with stage 3 to borderline 4 liver disease. It was devastating news for her and heartbreaking news for me as we have become best friends over the past two years and her calling me her rock.

    Suddenly my emotions went into overdrive. I really starting caring more about her inside and actually had a bout of jealousy when she went out with another guy. Now I have constant thoughts of her on my mind between losing my dear friend to liver disease or to another guy.

    She continues to drink, which even before I felt the pangs of jealousy bothered me but she doesn’t want to seek treatment or feel like she is being judged. I really don’t know what to do. I do care about her, I don’t know where this jealousy is coming from because I truly only see her as a friend but these feelings of jealousy added on to the feelings of her health are just wiping me out.

    Should I tell her I need to back off and take some time away from our friendship due to these feelings? Would this be like I was abandoning my friend? I know this will sound selfish but whether I stick around or walk away I will be heartbroken in the end.