How to Get a Kid at School to Stop Messing With Me?

Ivan is being bullied. A guy at school keeps messing with him and is making his life hell.

Bullied at School


Ivan: I’m having problems with this kid, named Chris. He’s messed with me 3 times this year and I’m trying not to get into a fight.

Dawson: How has he messed with you?

Ivan: Well, when I was walking to my bus, he deliberately walked into me, when he could have moved. And he’s saying stuff about me, which I don’t like. I’m trying to ignore it, but he just keeps going on. Plus, he keeps trying to fight me. I told my brother, and my brother flipped out on him, so he didn’t mess with me last Friday. But I think he’s going to try something tomorrow.

Dawson: Why?

Ivan: Because he’s been saying he was going to kick my ___.

Dawson: Gotcha. Isn’t there another way you can go to school besides getting on the bus?

Ivan: Nope.

Dawson: You talked to your parents about this?

Ivan: Yeah.

Dawson: Alright. Why don’t you have your brother ride with you on the bus?

Ivan: I do, but it’s just when we leave the school.


Dawson: That’s when you sit down with your parents and the principal and say, “I’m finally coming clean – there’s this guy that’s making my life hell at school and I expect some help. I don’t need to go off to school terrified. Put it in the principal’s hands, see what he does with the guy.

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