How to Keep My Abusive Ex Away From My Baby?

The father of Candice’s son hit her mom and won’t leave her alone. Candice has a restraining order against him, but he’s called her over 200 times this past month. 

Abusive Ex Won't Leave Her Alone


Dawson: Hello CandiceI hear you have a 3-month-old baby. What do you think about that? 

Candice: He’s awesome!  

Dawson: How’s the father of the baby doing? 

Candice: Not so good, I guess. 

Dawson: What happened? 

Candice: When I was in the hospital having my son, he went crazy and he hit my mom, who was in the room with me. The hospital escorted him out and he got charges pressed on him from the hospital. Before all this, there are so many things he’s done to me, where he would abuse me and everything. It’s bad. He has visitation now, but he’s trying to get more, to where it’s unsupervised. 

Dawson: NEVER in a million years!  What kind of rights does he have to this baby now?  

Candice: He gets 2 hours of visitation on Sunday. It’s supervised at the church I go to. He sits in the church service with my grandparents. He’s not allowed to talk to me. I have a restraining order against him. But he keeps trying to come out to the house and calling. I have over 200 calls from this past month. 

Dawson: Do the police know about this? 

Candice: They won’t do anything. 

Dawson: Why? 

Candice: They said I would have to go through the judge, but the judge won’t talk to me and says I have to go through the cops. 

Dawson: Jeesh! Get a lawyer! 

Candice: I have a lawyer, but nothing seems to be working. 


Dawson: Then get out of town. You get as far away from this clown as you possibly can. Keep him away. He’s such a smooth talker. He’s been using you for so long. I bet your mother just wants to throw up every time she thinks of him. I want to love him. I want to be kind, but he is one sick boy that needs a lot of help and you’re not the one to heal him. We have to figure out how to protect the baby and protect Candice, and let your ex-boyfriend figure out how he’s going to clean up his act and get help. If he’s beaten up your mama, he’ll beat up you and he’ll beat up the baby. Don’t ever go back to him. Don’t put the baby through this. It’s not fair to the baby.  

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