The First Steps to Addiction Recovery

Break Free from Addiction

If you live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, to pornography, to cutting and self-harm, I know you must be scared and hurting. But there is hope. There is help. And you can start on the path to addiction recovery.

Recovering from addiction will not be an identical journey for everyone with a history of addictive behaviors. But there are a few “first steps” to recovery that are likely to help you feel more confident breaking free from addiction, no matter your unique story or struggles.

Admitting It’s an Addiction

Admitting that you are dealing with an addiction, rather than just a bad habit or a series of mistakes, is a key step toward fuller recovery. An addiction requires a specialized approach to treatment, support, and diagnosis that is more thorough and complete than curbing an unhealthy habit. There’s a difference between “that was a bad idea” and “this is something harmful to me and others in my life that I want to stop doing once and for all.”

Admitting you have an addiction is a courageous first step that will give you a clearer, more accurate picture of the journey ahead of you, and a more effective set of tools with which you can find greater healing.

Building a Community

Addiction support groups are an effective way to move forward with your addiction recovery. It is helpful to know you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing. When we try to grapple with a major struggle, we benefit from the wisdom of others who are fighting similar battles.
And it’s great to have accountability. Addiction support groups often use a sponsor or peer mentor system so members can hold one another accountable and help encourage each other to say no to harmful behaviors.

Finding a sense of community with others in recovery is also very helpful when it comes to avoiding relapse triggers. You have a group of people committing to enjoying themselves in sober spaces, so you can still have fun without having to grapple with people, places, and substances that may trigger your addictive patterns.

Keeping the Faith

Spiritual healing can be a tremendous help in your recovery. I have been comforted time and time again by reminding myself of God’s love for me, his forgiveness, and his plan to give me a life full of joy.

Not every recovery program has the same structure, but many incorporate prayer and other spiritual guidance and encouragement. Whichever program you decide on, and wherever you are in your faith, you are never abandoned by God, and there is always hope.

Getting Expert Support

One of the kindest things we can do for ourselves when we feel overwhelmed by a challenging situation or problem is to reach out for support.

While it is crucial to let friends and family you trust know your needs during recovery, getting help for addiction requires connecting with people who are trained in recovery techniques. Recovery programs have years of experience in helping people find greater clarity.

A trained addiction counselor has the tools you need for a fuller recovery, and they can advise you on your struggles in ways that build you up emotionally and keep you going strong.

If you’re not sure where to start, or which recovery group would be the best fit for you, we can help. Talk to a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine for confidential support. We are here for you whenever you need help in your recovery, and we believe in you.

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TheHopeLine’s partner, Banyan Treatment Center, helps those struggling with substance abuse and addiction reach their goal of a healthy, happy and productive sober life through an array of professional treatment services.

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