When You Are Dealing with a Lot of Stress and Depression


Stress and Depression

Barry's dealing with a lot of stress and depression. His brother passed away, his grandfather is in the hospital with pneumonia, and his girlfriend has to have heart surgery. How does someone deal with so many hard difficulties? These things make us deeper, real people. Barry, through it all, learned to be a caregiver...and that's PRICELESS! Included in this Dawson McAllister Exclusive 'PraiseUmentary' is parts of Sidewalk Prophets' song "Smile"!

Barry: Dealing with a lot of stress and depression.

Dawson McAllister: Break it down for me.

Barry: Earlier this year, my 16-year-old brother passed away. From birth, he had cerebral palsy, which is brain damage.

Smile (Song):
Lost your way, lost your cool
Then you straight up lost your mind
Tried so hard to stay ahead
But you keep falling behind
Life is gonna pull you down
Make it hard to see
But a little change in your point of view
Could be just what you need

Barry: Now, I’ve got my grandfather that’s been in the hospital with pneumonia and I’ve got a girlfriend that’s going to have to have heart surgery. And I pretty much missed all of last semester, so it killed my GPA.

Dawson McAllister: But you also need to keep talking to somebody. You’ve taken some hits. I’d suggest a minister. Barry, these are life and death issues. Life and death issues are spiritual issues. You loved your little brother so much. Here you are, Joe Athlete, megastar and you’ve learned how to be a caregiver which kept you grounded. Now, you’re looking at perhaps losing your grandfather, perhaps not and your girlfriend with heart surgery. I mean I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. These are all things that make us deeper people, real people. Talk to your counselor, but I would count my blessings. I’d say a lot of good things have happened. My heart’s broken but I had some great years with my brother. I learned how to be a caregiver and that my friend is priceless.

Smile (Song):
So smile

How to Deal With My Dad Dying and My Best Friend Too?

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