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When An Ex Won’t Leave You Alone

Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend is hard to do. But it’s even more difficult when your ex won’t leave you alone after the breakup. I figure there are at least two different reasons why an ex won’t let go. Either they want to get back together with you, or they are just trying to get back at you.

When they don’t get the message your relationship is over, you will have to clarify again exactly how you feel.

Clarify the Message that the Relationship is Over

When they don’t get the message your relationship is over, you will have to clarify again exactly how you feel. Try notex won't leave you alone to approach this difficult issue when you’re frustrated or angry. However, the more clear and direct you can be, the better. But remember, always be kind. Sooner or later, your ex will get the message.

Clarify the Boundaries.

It is important to establish boundaries for yourself. While you’re working on letting things cool down between you and your ex, try to avoid places and situations where you know he/she might be. If it gets to a point where you are continually made to feel uncomfortable, it might become necessary to talk directly to him/her again. Be prepared to say exactly what he/she is doing and how it makes you feel.

You might even want to take a friend with you when you talk to him/her. You need to be confident in this situation, as your ex might be looking for hope that you want to get back together. This is the time to be firm because
you really want them to get the message. This is not the time or argue or fight. You are merely communicating your boundaries.

You may be tempted to go back into the relationship because you think you remember how good it felt to have somebody.

Get Back into a Relationship with an Ex?

my ex won't leave me aloneYou may be tempted to go back into the relationship because you think you remember how good it felt to have somebody. This is especially true if you have been sexual with each other, or you feel sorry for the other person. If you have one or two close friends, tell them why you are breaking up with your ex and ask them to remind you why you broke up when you start thinking about getting back together again.

Ty says: My bf is an alcoholic, drug abuser and other things. But I don’t know how to break up with him because every time I try to he gets VERY suicidal. I have to stay with him but I can’t because it hurts me too much seeing him like this. I asked him to stop drinking and he said he would, but he hasn’t, and I’m afraid that if he keeps doing this it’s going to get to where he might hurt me.

Act like an adult and firmly end it.

Kalya says it’s been three months since she left her boyfriend and he continues to provoke her. Her advice is priceless: When it’s time to let go, do it, there can be no comparing or second guessing, it just has to be done, especially if you are unhappy and worry all the time. You should not have to babysit your lover.

By communicating firmly and directly, you are acting like an adult. This kind of behavior will lead your ex to increase their respect for you, and finally get the message that you are no longer interested in having a relationship with them.

Are you in danger from your stalking Ex?

If you feel like your situation is dangerous, please tell an authority figure like a parent, principal or even the police. Sometimes serious measures must be taken to free yourself from a troubled ex. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Let me know in the comments below what advice you have for someone who’s ex will not leave them alone.

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  • Franco

    Im with someone who keeps messing around their ex,often doing so in chats on xbox and its getting to me badly. I don’t know if i can be around someone like this anymore. She claims i’m jealous but i’m really not. How she carelessly flaunts total disregard to my feelings leaves me feeling suicidal. This woman doesn’t know how much shes hurting me. What hurts worse is she truly believes she did nothing wrong. What gives? I’m not friendly with my ex. A closed relationship should stay forgotten. Why does she do this to me?

    • Mohamed Ali

      Im gonna give you the best advice. You gotta be a man about this and dont allow your feelings to make you weak. Don’t let your GF take advantage of you like this. Let her know your angry.
      People do what you let them do, if your too kind and considerate to her she will walk all over you and lose respect for you.
      Put down the law no before its to late, dont be really sweet and make exceptions for her because in the long run that will mess the relation ship up more!

    • LaShawn

      She sounds like a classic narccisist to me. My best advice is to look into the disorder/arm yourself with knowledge and fill your life with positive activities/people. Good luck.

  • Kayla

    My ex constantly messes with me, & I can’t stop it. I’ve tried being nice. I broke up w/ him w/o sexual activities. I will be on my way to class and get stopped by him. He calls me everything he can think of and I end up cussing him out telling him to leave me alone & it never works. Especially after school w/ his childish friends. I’m sick of it. He knows the relationship is over. & some of my other friends say he is trying to get w/ them so obviously he doesn’t want me back. I’ve been there done that w/ him too many times. I’ve cussed him out that’s the only thing I can do & he just laughs.

    • LaShawn

      He’s doing his best to toy with you; calls himself getting back at you- why else would he target your friends? He likes when or if you cuss him out. My ex is the same way but I have kids by him so I have learned to just keep it about them and nothing more. If you haven’t already, I would suggest ignoring him. You have better things to do and you arebetter off than him.

  • amanda

    Hi! I’m in a bust right now. I broke up with my ex 5 months ago, and I have a boyfriend now. My ex won’t leave my boyfriend alone! What do I do?

  • Luce

    This is a sad scenario. One of the number one reasons why it is so deeply important to pray always when seeking a mate. If we would consider one another as souls, valuable beyond comprehension in the eyes of God, we would find true success in the command Jesus gives to us to “love one another as I have loved you.” I believe we would be able to see beyond the failures and deeply sinful behavior of others and feel compassion. I have seen many suffer not only as a result of other’s sins, but as a result of their response to that sin and all subsequent behavior. The real trouble comes when people begin to disbelieve in the existence of sin, or perhaps they never did to begin with. If we cannot see our own sick deficiencies, how are we ever to reslove them? Sad world in which we live.

  • pecahh

    My ex thinks he’s doing right by having two girls at the same time.. he manipulates situation. He acts like he is going to kill him self, but then doesn’t. He broke into my house and stole my laptop and other things like that . And movie tickets. He has a problem not to mention he is really sick in the head.

    • Jacqueline Berumen

      Put a restaing order against him.

  • Jacqueline Berumen

    He’s just trying to end your current relationship so you could fall back just for a use. Dont fall for it !

  • fedup

    I am going through hell i have ended a really unhappy relationship with my ex partner who i have 3 children with, he has left the family home but will not stop texting me and ringing his children asking why i am doing this to him , he as even threatened suicide i just do not want to go back there any suggestions what to do ?

  • waterblue

    I agree. I don’t think that people who keep calling/texting after you break up with them and tell them clearly that it’s over are clear-minded and rational, so you can’t really sit down with them and talk calmly. You just have to do it in no uncertain terms and be mean if you have to. Not violent, just totally honest. My ex confused honesty with me being mean all the time – i would hear “why do you have to be ugly with me” and i’d say, i’m not being ugly, just honest, and you need to learn the difference.” I got so sick of the same crap all the time, day in & day out. I ended it last weekend in a way I thought was definitive but obviously it wasn’t because i get a text later, “I’m sorry you hate me” (what this really means is i hate myself) and today congrats that my favorite team won. Sorry excuses just like during the whole relationship.

  • Yes, stalking is a serious matter. Have you read this true story? http://www.thehopeline.com/abuse-in-relationships-can-turn-into-tragedy/
    Chat with a HopeCoach if you need help figuring out what to do. http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Have you read this guest blog? http://www.thehopeline.com/abuse-in-relationships-can-turn-into-tragedy/ It’s a true story and has some resources for getting help. Please chat with a HopeCoach anytime for advice on what to do – http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp
    We care about your safety!

  • charlie

    I have an ex boyfriend, I not only go to the same school as him but we both work in the same work force. I broke things off with him, when I realized that I knew him by lies. He is sexist, racist, homophobic, bias, self-centered. He was trying to control what I do when I do it and who all i hung out with. He kept throwing racist comments non stop. When at work or school he never let me be myself. I have a few family members that I care about that are gay and he would try to make me stop talking to them, i was never a low to spend a minute alone without having to message him or he would snap. Every time I tell him to stop, i need my space, or anything to that nature he would start screaming provanity and attacking the closest thing to him. I was honestly afraid of him. He was bringing back bad memories of my childhood when I lived with my birth father. The only way I was able to break up with him was through message, so he wouldn’t interrupt me.after work one day, we were both schedule the same shift, he tried to force himself on me in the parking lot. I was being resistant. At school the next 5 months he started spreading rumors around about me, saying that I was a slur, a whore, a bitch, and so on. Everyone who knows me knew they were just that. Rumors, I’m still a virgin. Now he’s starting the rumors up again starting at work now. He’s telling people that we did it when we haven’t. Both myself, our managers, principal, school counselor, my friends, my family, and his friends have told him to stop repeatedly. But he doesn’t listen.

  • Thanks for reaching out for help. Sounds like this relationship is really toxic for both of you. At TheHopeLine you can chat with a trained HopeCoach about your situation and come to some healthy solutions for both you and your son. All chats are free and confidential. http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/ Even though your son might miss her, he is also learning an unhealthy relationship pattern by observing the two of you.

  • You should definitely take this seriously. The harrassment is not ok and it reveals a lot about him. Please chat with a HopeCoach to find out what you can do – all chats are free and confidential – http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/ Here is a true story about an ex that wouldn’t leave a woman alone and killed her – http://www.thehopeline.com/abuse-in-relationships-can-turn-into-tragedy/

  • Emma- These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing them here.

  • Donna

    Hi ive been broken up with my ex since 2013 dec. And weve pretty much been on and off most of the time and since our break up just about the same… but he was in a relationship. It wasnt until i got pregnant that i found out and i aborted the baby… still dea
    Ing with that hurts, since i used to feel that was opposed to my beliefs. Ill admit since our break tho, there hasnt been a year that has passed that we wasnt sexual at least once. I loved him i guess and maybe im struggling to let go but make many attempts. Eveytime im almost not ever thinkin of him he pops back up. The last time we were invovled was in January of this year. After realizing i was once again making a mistake. I decided to end things again… i ultimately feel, amongst other things, were just all around toxic for each other. Now he just stopped by after i told him not to come around anymore for the thousandth time. And there we were back and forth arguing for a half hour about why i want nothing to do with him. He tried coming on to me, but his true colors always show. Eventually he left but in my heart i feel like he will be back. I dont want to get the authorities involved. But truly i want to move on and be done with him. We have no children toghether or any other ties, but whenever he has no one to talk to just wants to have sex he comes around. I cant take it anymore and dont know what to do…..

    • It sounds like you have been on a wild roller coaster ride and you are ready to get off the ride. It will take courage, but you sound like you are ready to do it. We can help you brainstorm some ideas for setting boundaries with him. Chat with us online anytime 24/7 http://www.thehopeline.com/GetHelp/ You can do this!

  • Mike

    I broke up with my ex a year ago. we only stopped talking a few months ago as I got fed up entertaining her since I wasn’t ever truly invested in being friends with her (she almost always reached out first and often bombarded me with texts$. it confused me sometimes because being around her made me think I still loved her, but when I was away I enjoyed my life without her and meeting new women. she still contacts me on occasion and though I never respond, will she give up and just move on? I don’t want to be harsh to her but I’ve moved on and don’t see it important to be her friend.

  • Bri

    I broke up with my ex over a year ago. I was with him for around 3 years. I tried for the longest time to break up with him. I finally was able to only with the help of my best friend. She broke up with him for me over the phone. Till this day he still contacts me. I can not get away from him. I blocked his numbers, so then he blocked his number so he can call me. He leaves voicemails. He tried to contact me through social media. I blocked his profiles on fb, twitter etc, so in return he creates fake profiles. He contacts my friends, he has even contacted someone I was dating and now my current boyfriend. I’ve ignored everything but I’m tried of running, it’s not fair. It’s getting to the point were I probably need to change my number and look into contacting the police. I shouldn’t have to do any of this. I don’t want to deal with this the rest of my life. But I have a gut feeling I will. I fear one day he’ll show up in person. He’ll try and stop me from getting married or something. It’s tiring. I need advice. Support. I need a miracle.

    • TributesbyTonya

      I going thru the exact same thing. I keep wondering if this is going to go on for the rest of my life. If I found someone and wanted to get married and he found out would he try to do something stupid. He almost got me fired from my job once. He said he was pissed at me because I was ignoring his texts and calls so he wanted to get back at me. He does that kind of stuff yet is wanting me to get back with him. I’m mean really?

  • kimberlee girolamo

    I broke it off with my ex 8 months ago he yt?has popped up riding around my house n for past few months leaving letters n flowers on car or front porch I’m getting worried because it’s becoming more n more n i told him I’m over him he wants another chance he even went as far as sitting next to me in the church I attend n joining a men’s group I have informed the pastor’s wife about this I told him over n over I don’t trust him or wanna be in a relationship anymore he doesn’t get it .

  • Vidhya, We can help your through this and help you take the next step to move on from this relationship. Please chat online with one of our HopeCoaches as soon as you can. You can chat with a HopeCoach anytime…day or night at http://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp

  • This is really serious. Has your family done anything to make sure you are all protected? When you feel scared please chat with us – https://www.thehopeline.com/gethelp/

  • Tirsa Mazariegos

    HI. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. The reason was he cheated on me six months ago and I thought I forgave him but everything got really messy. I began to feel jealousy I never felt before, lack of confidence and went under massive depression. He obviously got affected by all of it and we decided to break up and we have been going to counseling. However, we haven´t stopped seeing each other and even as much as we try, something comes up and we need to see each other again. I really want to heal and move on and if he is the one, everything will change and he will come back renewed, but if not, he will never do. How can I deal with this?

  • Jennifer Clark

    Mine threatens to hurt meor anyonre im ever to meet. Hes cheated. Thats why were not together. Leaves me horrible voicemails. Telling me hiw stupid iam, and threatening. I have him blocked it still goes to voicemail. How can i stop that

    • Fred

      Jennifer, I’m unsure how to stop getting his voicemails. I blocked my ex on my phone and any social media app I have, but IF he calls, it goes straight to voicemail. Since I recognize the phone number, I just delete it rather than listen to the message because I know what this one will say based on his past ones. Fortunately, he’s stopped contacting me.

  • Fred

    Thank you, Mindy. That’s exactly what I did. I told the family member he’s closest to and trusts the most about what was happening with him. Everything seems to be going well now, as I’ve not heard from him in over a month now, so there’s that.

  • Fred

    The thought of having to go through a divorce is a super scary thought right now. I’m very happy and fortunate now that he never made the commitment to marry me, although I wanted to marry him in the past. I’m glad I didn’t.

  • Way to go! So proud of you for taking a stand and being so proactive to protect yourself. How awesome to save some money on rent in the process, too!

  • TributesbyTonya

    I don’t know what to do either? I’ve tried everything to get him to leave me alone. If I ignore my phone he starts calling my place of work. He keeps saying if I will have sex with him one last time he will leave me alone. This has been going on for 9 months and I’m about to lose my mind. I stay stressed to the point it’s starting to effect me physically. My stomach stays in knots and stays upset now. I pray every night about this. I ended it because he was so jealous and possessive and was too rough. The only thing I can think of to do is too try and find another job somewhere else and move. I’m worried if I lied and said I was seeing someone it might make him worse. I haven’t saw him in 9 months he just harrasses by phone. Im so sick of it I don’t know what to do. It’s making me depressed. I just want to be free of him and back to my old happy self again.

  • TributesbyTonya

    I’m having the same problem and I don’t know what to do either. I wished I could go into hiding.

  • Jayne Heartstone

    My ex won’t stop texting me out of the blue every week or so.
    He dumped me a few months ago because he can’t handle the fact I am going through a tough time mentally, but now he keeps going out of his way from time to time and messaging me.

    Often he is unkind, and earlier today he let his friend use his phone to message me, posing as my ex and asking for another chance.

    My ex has a brother whom I am helping in school to better his education (he has ADHD) and we have become close friends as a result of trust. My ex’s brother helps me mentally.

    As soon as my ex found out me and his brother were getting close, he messaged saying, “what’s going on with you and my brother?” and he was very very rude to me.

    This is NOT healthy for me mentally either.

    What should I do?

  • Demyy

    Im in serious trouble…Me and my ex where together for 2 years…He is a drug addict and I foun out in about 10 months after I met him.We broke up some months ago because he did heroin (he was addicted to coke) so I freaked out and broke up woth him fpr the second and final time.He is bery possesibe and has abused ans bullied me a lot in the past and he didnt hessitate to tell me he will suicide when I left him.I tried my best to calm him down and finally convinced him he should ho to rehab.He is there now and we talk with letters, I try to be cold but he lives in his own world and thinks we will be together wjen this ia over.His mom calls me all the time and talks to me as I am his wife or I dont know what! I care about him but I am hurt, tired and depressive.What can I do? In 2 months he is coming back and I am afraid.for my life what am I going to do..Je is obssesed withe and said to my friend that if he finds out I am dating someone he will kill jim and then go.to jail!!!I am so tired…..

  • Angelblue

    I have an ex… it’s quite complicated though. We were together four years and engaged, I fell pregnant,miscarried and I then discovered he got someone else pregnant. I suffered alone. I walked away, no one ended anything. Then 10 yrs later he came back. Wanting sex, and wanting to celebrate our child’s birthday. In a way I’m glad I miscarried, because the person he is with is a nasty person and she would have made it difficult. I’ve never done or said anything to destroy their relationship, but she will start on me for no reason. I think she is insecure… they have four children now, but he is constantly telling me that it’s me he loves. But still with her… no changes made. I still love him, he is the live of my life. But, I don’t want a family split. And he made all the mistakes.

  • Kristin

    My ex and I dated for almost three years and have been broken up for a little over a year. It wasn’t a very good relationship and the longer we were together the more emotionally unavailable he became. It was a very toxic relationship and he wasn’t very nice and always made me feel like I was overreacting when I got made at him, even though my friends said that i had a good reason to be mad. He still sends me text messages and requests on both instagram and facebook. I hadn’t talked to him for about six months until he showed up at my doorstep asking me to take him back and I said no. I thought he had gotten through his head that we weren’t getting back together because I hadn’t hear do from him for a few months so I unblocked him from everything. Then about three months ago he sent me flowers. I said thank you because I thought that was taking the high road. But now it’s three months after and he sending me text messages again. It’s been two weeks in a row that he’s sent me either a text or request. I don’t know what to do because I’m still trying to figure out if I made the right decision or not and the longer it takes for me to find someone and go on a date or something the more I think I should take him back.

  • Ann Welch

    My 16 year old daughter dated a boy from school for 3 years. He was very controlling and possessive. Two years ago, my daughter broke up with this boy for repetitive cheating on her. Since the break up, they have tried to stay friends but the controlling behavior got even worse and they have been almost constantly fighting and arguing. about a month ago, she finally got sick of it and told him to leave her alone and she doesn’t want to be around him at all. Three days later, we had a false child protective case opened on us by his family. Also, he is stalking her at school and work coming up close to her saying “I will Always Love You” and “You will Always Be Mine”. I’ve talked to her school about him following her around but was told, as long as he doesn’t say anything threatening to her, they can’t make him leave her alone. I don’t know what to do and I’m scared he will do something bad to her when she is out in public.

  • Against the odds

    This article wasn’t too helpful. It would be more helpful to identify signs of stalking. Why wasn’t there a discussion of what to do when identifying and practicing clear and direct boundaries didn’t work? Is it your fault if after seeking counciling and setting boundaries your ex still doesn’t let go? Is it normal that you’ve had the same issue in all of your past relationships?
    These are the issues that should be addressed. Let’s educate not just glimpse over, and maybe 1in 8 women won’t end up as abuse victims from the partners they once loved.

  • Kim

    I broke up with my boyfriend about 6mos ago. I blocked him on Facebook and stopped getting on it for about 5 Mos. When I did log back on I seem a massage in my inbox but it was a reply from my side which I didn’t send only saying( I know right lol) sent to him which I had blocked him prior to me giving fb a break. I went to my activity log and seen I was logged in on a different phone and I changed my password. A few days later I got a texts notification saying my Google account was login on a from unfamiliar mobile device . Which I changed that password. He kept calling and texting me so I changed my phone number. Now his fb messages my family asking about me and trying to find out where I’m at has even showed up at places that that I go like hair salon and diners and he will sit outside my apartment in his car or park up the street a watch for me to leave. What should I do he hasn’t made any threats toward me yet other than before the break up he stated if I can have you no can.

  • LeavingMrObsessed

    Hi, me and my ex broke up a few months ago. We were engaged and have a baby together. I broke up with him multiple times as we always argued a lot and he was taking drugs but always we managed to find common grounds or he convinced me to get back with him. Sometimes I just wanted him to stop bothering me or felt sorry for him as he did talk about talking his own life. Eventually I couldn’t take all the fights anymore packed mine and my babies bags and moved out. We live in a different country now but he continues to email me. Its awful – we start talking about or son, then out of blue he starts apologising for what he did wrong in the past and how he’d want us to be back, of course provided that I would finally “open my eyes and change myself” and then when I tell him that I don’t feel the same and am trying to move on he gets all super upset, angry and talks about suicide. Now I just feel sorry for him and just annoyed really. I really dont know how to go about this. I’d like to be able to communicate with him and discuss only stuff related to our son and have him come for visits so our son has an idea of what his biological dad is like but when he comes up with all these issues and eventually starts talking about suicide and stuff I just want to cut fully contact with him altogether. It just doesn’t feel right because of our son. I really don’t know what to do. On one side I don’t want my son to not know him at all but on the other side I really really do not wish to keep getting emails like that from him time and time again. Plus when he does mention things like taking his own life I don’t know if I shouldn’t inform the police over there?! I messaged his mother to check on him but still I don’t want to be in this position…

  • Antoinette White

    So, I was friends with this guy for a long time, and last year, around May, we got together. Last month, I broke up with him because he was very controlling, and he would accuse me of having relationships with other guys. We would fight because he would lie to me, or he would bring up things from my past, like my exes, or he would just pick a fight with me. It had gotten so bad to the point where he would threaten to confront other dudes if he found out they were talking to me. Every time I would try to break up with him, because he was so emotionally draining, he would cry, like break down in tears. He would promise to get it together, and I would take him back, but he would go back to doing what he was doing. I gave him chance after chance, but it got to the point where I couldn’t take it, and I broke up with him. He didn’t take it well. He would blow up my phone and blow up my brother’s phone. He would follow me around class, and even take me out of class just to talk to me. I was affirmative with him, I even told him that we could be friends, but nothing more. But, it’s getting hard to be friends with him. I don’t know what to do because I really care about him, but I can’t keep doing this to myself. Any advice?

  • Greg

    Can someone help me? My ex has lied about me to my girlfriend and is interfering with my relationship..how can I politely ask her to stop communicating with us because I’m fully committed to my girlfriend and don’t want past (bad) history haunting my current relationship.

  • Christina Ramos

    My ex boyfriend and I have only dated for about 6-8 months ,we hadrank no problems everything was fine ,then he suddenly broke up with me, to get other the break up I pushed my self to be better then I was and I grew up ,and I got over the relationship that I grew to learn wasn’t going anywhere , but after 2 months of being happy again he shows up on my door step of my house that I can’t leave from, and tells me he’s sorry and wants another chance, I didn’t know better and told him I’ll be his friend, that didn’t work because he was, upset and angry as I talked about other men, he’d want to plan dates, he treated me like a girlfriend again and the final straw was that he wanted to be friends with benefits so I cut all ties, my current problemishes is that he has come back to my door step not even 2months later with the same Jamble and I have a new Boyfriend now who I have talk about these issues from my ex and I don’t know what to do I don’t think my ex will hurt me but he won’t leave me alone or take a hint and keeps coming back saying he loves me and messed up. I need help.

  • LoveanStrength

    Ive been with this guy for almost 4 yrs. None of this relationship has been pleasant. He is always fighting and argueing with someone if its not his boss its with me. I cant get him to leave and stay gone. He always comes back. I even tried to move myself just leave but i cant just leave state i have children. I did leave town but he found me. I cant afford to just keep moving. I have developed and heart issue, my blood pressure is always too high. And honestly i am at a loss on what to do next. He is spitting in my face pulling my around by my hair trying to provoke me into hitting him. When i finally just have enough and cant cobtrol my reaction he trys to make everyone around think im crazy and i am loosing my mind. Nobody wants to step in and help. He has run everyone off. Nobody comes around or trys to help. They all think that i let him back.. when honestly i dont ever have never wanted him to come back. I have never let him come back. I come home from work one mornin and ge is sitting on the couch watching tv i ask himhow he got in becuase i was sure i locked the door when i left, i find out he climbed in a window. Please what should i di