Stop Anger from Stopping Your Dreams: EP 29

Her Anger Gets in the Way

Have you ever wanted to do something big in your life but the people around you told you that you couldn’t do it or that it was impossible? That’s exactly what Jasmine is up against. Jasmine’s mom and some of her friends are telling her she can’t become what she wants to be. They tell her, “You can’t do this.” Jasmine wants to be a social worker for kids in foster care. She’s been there and gone through what they are going through and wants to give them hope. Jasmine’s adopted mom thinks her anger gets in the way.

I believe Jasmine can deal with her anger, get healing and then pass on what’s she learned to those she wants to help. She will be able to speak with the authority of Jesus Christ working in her life. The foster kids are more likely to listen to her than others who haven’t been through the same experience.

Peer to Peer: Messages of Hope for Jasmine

We received some encouraging messages from Mariah, Nadege, Pastor Wes, and Lenny, to reassure Jasmine that she can get help for her anger and follow her dreams.

Share Your Story about Anger

Mariah went through some major challenges. She had a lot of anger and rage because of issues with her family and older sister. The drug abuse in her family really affected her and made her want to spread awareness about drug addiction. Mariah was asked to speak to the Freshman class in the high school she was graduating from. She took the opportunity and was able to share her story, which really helped in her healing process.

Follow Your Dreams

Nadege advised Jasmine to: “Follow your dreams! Follow your heart!” She said, put God first and allow Him to work in you. Then there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. If God wants you to be a social worker, God will help and heal you! You will become the best social worker out there!

Reading God’s Word is your Pillar for Strength

Michelle said, reading God’s word is going to be the pillar Jasmine needs for strength. She shared 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Work on Fear Issues First

Pastor Wes said he adopted 2 young girls who were really struggling. They were dealing with bipolarism, in trouble with the law, and failing in school. He said what they dealt with first was the fear they were experiencing. They worked on the fear of rejection, the fear of abandonment, fear of loss, fear of failure…all those types of fears. After working through the fears, they worked on anger issues. Now, they are grown, one of them is a Guardian ad Litem and attorney and the other works in childcare, both graduated Valedictorians and are leading successful lives. Pastor Wes, said, you can do it too, Jasmine!

Going Directly to God with Questions

Lenny was adopted and didn’t know it until he was 19 years old. Then he realized his parents were not his biological parents. It sent him for a loop and made him do some unruly things. Once he found out all he could about the adoption, and sorted through his emotions, he realized the people who raised him were his parents. Lenny felt God’s pull on him throughout his life but didn’t respond until recently. He’s fully given his life to Christ and has recently been baptized.  Now, he knows whenever he has questions about life, he can go directly to God.

What advice would you give Jasmine?

If you’ve pursued your dreams despite being told they were unobtainable for you then would you share your story in the comments below? What you have to say could be the encouragement Jasmine or someone else needs to find hope in their journey.

Did Today’s Episode Get You Thinking?

Jasmine’s mom thinks her anger will stop her from achieving her dreams, BUT don’t we all have obstacles in our way that can stop us from reaching our deepest desires…if we allow them to? Anger can be destructive, but it can also be a force for good if it motivates you to turn your anger into passion. Jasmine has been through a lot, growing up in foster care. She’s experienced loss and heartache. But there’s hope for her. She can get counseling for her anger, find healthy ways to deal with it, and is she asks, God will help her along the way. She can use her anger over injustice in her life to help others. She can follow her dreams and be a force for good!

Resources for Help with Anger:

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Remember, whatever you do, Never Lose Hope!

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