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I wrote a suicide note

Adeline’s Story: “I Wrote a Suicide Note”

Every morning, I would wake up and ask myself, “Will I make it through today without crying?” One day, I got fed up with it all. With my sadness, with being ignored, everything. I wrote a suicide note, prepared to take my life. That’s when everything flashed before my eyes. I should talk to someone,…

life is worth fighting for

Life is Worth Fighting For

The Enemy is Fighting to Defeat You Written by: Lama-Leah If you were not on this earth, life for everyone else who is still here would never be the same. If you are struggling with knowing your true value, continue to read. Last week I was at a coffee shop with the intention to write but…


Feelings of Depression

Are you suffering from depression? If you are struggling with depression, I want you to know, I hear your pain…I know it’s real…I know you can’t just snap out of it…or choose to be happy. I get it…this depression…well it stinks, and it’s not anything you’ve asked for. So today – I want to share…

in a much happier place

Matt’s Story: Thank you Dawson

Almost 10 years ago, I had first heard this station when I was on tour throughout Tennessee. I was only 16 or 17 at the time, now I’m 27. I have 2 beautiful daughters and in a much happier place. Mostly because of the conversation I had with Dawson McAllister on the air while I was…