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I didn't think I had a future.

Elanor’s Story: Depression, Self-harm, Suicide

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t feeling sad. I hope I haven’t always been, but ever since I was little I used to think there was always something telling me I was worthless and ugly; I thought my brain was broken. When I grew up my brother was going through a hard time…

porn and human trafficking

Pornography and Sex Trafficking [Video]

What if human trafficking and pornography are more linked than we think?  The Role of Sex Trafficking in Pornography Many people justify their consumption of pornography as a victimless indulgence. After all, the thinking goes, the women are consenting adults, this is how they are choosing to make some money? But, what if they’re not…

Dawson's One Word for 2017 is Grace

One Word for the New Year

Finding Focus with One Word Here we sit at the start of another New Year.  365 blank days staring us in the face waiting to be written.  What story will those 365 days tell at the end of this year? That is kind of a daunting question to ask yourself. And yet most people do…

The real meaning of Christmas Jesus Manger scene

What Christmas Means To Me

After all is Said and Done, it’s Still Jesus. Christmas can be crazy and chaotic, but it is also a beautiful and meaningful time of year. I like listening to the classic carols, looking at lights and elaborate decorations, and I also love time together with family and friends. I remember making wish lists as…