put the phone down

Put The Phone Down

 I wanted to talk with you about texting and driving, but if you listen to my radio show you know by now that I don’t text. Period. Which is why I’ve invited my DMLive and DMLateNights co-host, Jessica McVay, to weigh in on this topic. Buckle your seatbelts folks. I’m about to unleash the Kraken….

Suicidal Thoughts

At some point in their lives many have thought about ending their own life. You are not alone. There is hope for those that are having suicidal thoughts just like there was for Sarah, Gavin and Sara. I have been dealing with depression for eleven years, my sister had passed away and after that my…

I was Feeling Overwhelmed and Alone

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? I came across this site by accident but I’m so glad that I did. I have been in a bad place for a while and when I found TheHopeLine.com I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I had no one to talk to because not a lot of people knew what was going on in…

live life on the hard days

How to Live Life on the Hard Days [Video]

You never know until you Live Life what might happen. TheHopeLine has partnered again with Vlogsters, to bring you this video.  Vlogsters is a group of millennials sharing hope through their videos.  This is a great video for those that are struggling, or even those just in the mundanes of every day life…going to school, studying, working, living, breathing…a…