Billy Graham my hero

My Hero – Billy Graham

God used Billy Graham to change my life. As I reflect back, Billy Graham was one of the top 5 people that had a dramatic influence over me. This man inspired me greatly. He was a shining example of someone who dedicated his life to reaching people who were searching for real and lasting hope….

Addiction, Boyfriends and willing to rescue a friend.

Tattoos, Cigarettes, and A Friend Using Weed: EP 11

Need Help in Taking the Next Right Step? In This Episode: Worried Her Grandma Won’t Like Her Tattooed Boyfriend Tara’s boyfriend has a lot of tattoos. Her grandmother was already concerned when she found out he had a mohawk. What’s she going to think when she meets him for the first time and sees all of his…

eating issues

Moving Toward Balance: Healthy Goals

This blog was originally published here. It is being republished with permission from our friends at Finding Balance. Are you facing eating issues? Since eating and body image issues are so pervasive these days, it can be difficult to find healthy role models to emulate. Just what IS balance anyway? Well, there are many components…