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Used to cut myself on the arms

Koriander & Ari’s Stories: Help for Self-Harm

  Koriander’s Story Hi.  I’m writing from Brazil, I want to tell my story as a thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, including myself.  I used to cut myself in the arms when I was a teenager…for years. One day, my friend beg me to stop, so at first I did…

5 goals for best school year ever

5 Goals for the Best School Year Ever

5 Goals for the Best School Year Ever The new school year always brings with it plenty of new challenges. Check out this video from TheHopeLine and then read this blog to learn 5 GOALS that will help you have the BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER. Shawn wrote the feelings of millions of students: I don’t…


6 Myths About Forgiveness

Forgiving others who have harmed us is one of the most important things we will ever do. The happiness of our lives, or lack of it, rises and falls on whether we, by an act of our will, choose to forgive. Millions of people are wrapped up in anger, resentment and bitterness toward those who…