At The End of the Trail

Faces of Addiction at the End of the Trail I used to do a lot of trail riding in the Colorado Rockies. From my log home, I would saddle up and have several trails to choose from. One trail was only a mile long. Another ten. And still another, twenty-five. But each trail one thing…

alcohol and abuse

So Who’s An Addict

I have been thinking about addictions a lot lately. It all started when I began receiving so many calls on my show, Dawson McAllister Live. It seemed like 60-70% of all the calls coming in dealt with some kind of an addiction. Not only did I hear about personal addictions, but from people who knew…

The Type Of Woman Your Brother Should Marry

 Dear Guys, I am writing a very important blog post to you because it deals with picking the right partner for marriage. I believe the decision you make as to who you will marry is the second most important decision you will ever make. The first decision is the choice about your relationship with God….

stay away from her

Guys, Stay Away From Her

Why Stay Away? When it comes to dating relationships, there are a lot of guys who never think about dangerous and troubled girls. Some guys only ask the question, Is she hot? And if the girl will go out with him, he considers himself lucky. He has no idea about the emotional landmines that lie…