Dawson McAllister on Facebook As the off-air rescue shop for the national radio program DMLive (Dawson McAllister Live), TheHopeLine has spoken to literally hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults over the years. We desire to see people released from despair by offering clear thinking and right values concerning the issues they are dealing with at the time. HopeCoaches are available 24/7 by phone or chat. TheHopeLine has partnered with faith-based organizations to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing.

Letting Go Without Losing Control

Ashley Rawls carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. She came from a strict home in which the expectations for success were extremely high. Every year she and her family watched beauty pageants with the hopes that one day Ashley would be the winner on that stage. This pressure to become the beauty…


What Is True Beauty?

Guard Your Heart – TRUE BEAUTY EDITION We live in a body obsessed culture.  Men and women both feel pressured to have the perfect bodies, and we believe so many lies about what a perfect body is and what defines beauty. As I continue to talk about guarding our hearts another way we can protect…

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Nothing is Easy When You Have an Eating Disorder

The Blame Game Mallory Hood, blogger for Finding Balance shares her thoughts: Why do I have this problem? This simple question flooded my brain almost every day for eight years. I couldn’t understand why I saw food differently than everyone else, why it had to be so paradoxical. I loved food so much that I…


50 Shades of…Stay Away

50 Shades of…Stay Away A guest blog post by: Dave Anderson, Director of Rescue at TheHopeLine. There has been much anticipation around the recently released (February 14, 2015) movie entitled 50 Shades of Grey. Some say it is a “love story”, others refer to it as a “couple’s movie”, while still others say it is…

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