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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in social situations, especially around people you’ve never met?  Are you envious of that person who is always the “life of the party,” appearing so confident, and having fun, even in new situations. If you have given up hope that you will ever be less than awkward in a social…


Unspoken But Not Unheard

[Video] Unspoken But Not Unheard Meet Mariah.  She almost gave up on life.  Here is her powerful story and she has an encouraging message for YOU. I’m Mariah. If everything went as planned I would be dead – 4 years now BUT that plan didn’t work.  And I’m here for a reason….actually a million reasons.  Since high…

Overwhelming Sadness and then Hope

Overwhelming Sadness and then Hope

Two years ago my best friend was killed in a car accident.  He wasn’t just my best friend…he could have possibly been my soul mate.  And I haven’t accepted his death, so my head is still stuck in 2013 rather than 2015.  I was in too much shock to take it all in and now…

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Choose Friends Wisely

Choose Friends Wisely Guest blog is written by Jeffrey Dean.  Jeffrey Dean, aka, JD is a motivation speaker and has spoken to over 3 million teens.  He is also an ordained pastor, counselor, and author. NOTE: This is his column Choose Friends Wisely which appeared in Forward & Direction Magazines, Summer 2015. When I met Jason, he was seen as a…

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