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follow dawson mcallister As the off-air rescue shop for the national radio program DMLive (Dawson McAllister Live), TheHopeLine has spoken to literally hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults over the years. We desire to see people released from despair by offering clear thinking and right values concerning the issues they are dealing with at the time. HopeCoaches are available 24/7 for online chat. TheHopeLine has partnered with faith-based organizations to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing.
possibility in every story

Helping People Live Their Best Story

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In Every Story: How One Guy Is Helping People Live Their Best Story “I sat in the back of a fourth-grade classroom in Kenya and told God that if He gave me something meaningful and purposeful to do with my life, I wouldn’t quit unless it was complete or He said it was time to…

dealing with anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety – You can’t just “toughen up”

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Anxiety Disorders – You can’t just “toughen up” Shelby wrote to us and said: Living with an anxiety disorder (and one as complex as mine) you just have to learn to keep your mouth shut and keep everything bottled up inside because the second you let it out your labeled as “crazy” or “out of…

Pornography addiction

6 Reasons to Cut Porn Out of Your Life for Good

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Guest Blog written by Haley Halverson, Director of Communications for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is the leading national organization opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more.  Find out more and be part of the movement: To Defend Dignity. This is…

cutting and depression

Struggles With Self-Harm

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Self-harm stems from pain so deep it feels as if there is no other way to take away the emotional pain.  Whether you have been abused, hurt, rejected, abandoned, or anything else that has caused you emotional trauma and you have turned to self-harm to cope…we are here for you.  If you feel like you are…

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