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mental illness is not weakness


Consider this. In America: 14 million people die of cancer every year 25 million people have asthma 29.1 million people develop diabetes 53 million people have arthritis 61.5 million have a mental illness So I have to ask, if 61.5 million American’s are struggling with a mental illness, making it more common than diabetes or…

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Jai McVay Wins Gracie Awards

Congratulations Jessica! MARCH 22, 2016, BURBANK, CA—Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voice-over services company, announces that the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) will honor nationally syndicated radio personality, Jessica “Jai” McVay with two 2016 Gracie Awards for outstanding achievement in programming. The Gracie Awards celebrate women by recognizing…

on the verge

On the Verge of Giving Up

I always used to listen to Dawson McAllister on the radio…. never thought I would be one to contact them for help… thank you TheHopeLine. I was on the verge of giving up…I talked to a girl last night for about 2 hours. I came to you guys with my problems. My best friend that…