Dawson McAllister on Facebook As the off-air rescue shop for the national radio program DMLive (Dawson McAllister Live), TheHopeLine has spoken to literally hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults over the years. We desire to see people released from despair by offering clear thinking and right values concerning the issues they are dealing with at the time. HopeCoaches are available 24/7 by phone or chat. TheHopeLine has partnered with faith-based organizations to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing.
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4 Ways to Keep Your Friends Safe

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (#SAAPM). That’s why this month, RAINN, a partner of TheHopeLine, is highlighting the important role that friends play in keeping each other safe. It’s about stepping up and showing you “C.A.R.E.” You have the ability to make a difference by intervening in a way that fits the…


A Rape Survivor’s Story

Sarah Kate shares her story of rape, alcoholism, and depression with Unveiled Campaign and then shares how she was able to unveil the lies from the truth and learn to love herself again. Here is Sarah Kate’s Story: (Grab a tissue, you are going to need it.) UNVEILED is a campaign whose aim is to reveal or…


6 Steps to Change Your Life

How to Change Your Life Guest Blog is written by: Susan Gillpatrick, MEd, LPC, CTS with Centerstone (a not-for-profit organization, they have provided a wide range of mental health and addiction services to people of all ages for more than 50 years) The Courage, the Risks and the Rewards Life can be difficult and uncertain, especially…

Self injury


I was cutting every day when I talked to a HopeCoach. It was not a pretty sight. I was dragged down by anyone you could possibly think of. My father was a very abusive man. I would get hurt for just simply being in the same room as him. I attempted suicide and after my…

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