Dawson McAllister on Facebook As the off-air rescue shop for the national radio program DMLive (Dawson McAllister Live), TheHopeLine has spoken to literally hundreds of thousands of teenagers and young adults over the years. We desire to see people released from despair by offering clear thinking and right values concerning the issues they are dealing with at the time. HopeCoaches are available 24/7 by phone or chat. TheHopeLine has partnered with faith-based organizations to provide longer term care and services to those seeking help, advice and healing.

What Does God Say About Who We Are

The Battle of Beach Towels and Droplets By: Jenna (volunteer and blogger for MAM – Morning After Ministries) From the time we are born to the moment we die, the world we encounter is trying to coat our identity with their opinions. Daily, we are told something about ourselves. It may be a friend saying positive,…

black smoke

Starting Over From Nothing

It was two weeks ago today I was at work and working in the same building I lived in when a fire started right where I was. I used two extinguishers to attempt to put it out, but it had raced up the walls and across the attic in seconds. I called my coworkers over…


Jessica 5: Get To Know Yourself

Get to know yourself better – When you know yourself, you know what you want and you know what makes you happy and fulfills you, plus you’re more likely to say no to things that don’t deserve you or your time and less likely to settle. Here are 5 ways you can get to know…


How To Give Good Advice

HOW TO GIVE GOOD ADVICE I am always encouraged by the number of people who reach out to me asking how they can help their friends.  I often direct them to my blog because they can find advice to pass along on many different subjects. However, I realize that even people with the best intentions…

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